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Maximum Ride – Twilight Crossover

Chapter 11: Talk About Whaaaa?

(Max POV)

Imprint? Were we still speaking in the same language??

It must've showed in my face that I wasn't following so she began to explain. "Imprinting is like finding your other half for us. We imprint only once. Our imprint will be the only important person to us. Nothing else would matter," she lowered her voice even more; "We'd break others if we had to. We would put that one person above everything else that once counted, making them irrelevant and forgotten. Sort of like the, That was Then; This is Now concept. (Anyone heard of this book? THAT WAS THEN; THIS IS NOW?? It's really good. It made me cry…not a lot of books can do that to me.) They forget you…They forget how they once felt about you…And only feel pity because you're the one suffering for something HE did…"

I had a feeling she wasn't just talking about the whole wolf-imprinting thing. Hmmm, seems to me that Leah had her heart broken. And broken baaaaad.

"I used to mean everything to him…Now I'm just a bother to his and Emily's relationship." Emily? EMILY Emily? The Emily that clearly—so, I've noticed, watching them—belongs to Sam, the pack leader? Whoa. And I thought I had issues having my best friend possibly in love with me and me hiding the fact that I too am madly in love with him. Wait, wait. I said whaaaa?

Voice—Jeb—WHATEVER! Stop putting words into my mouth!

How many times do I have to tell you that I am not your father? AND I am not putting words into your mouth either, Maximum…That was ALL YOU.

Stupid annoying Voice.

I was sooooo focused on my issue that I hadn't realized I had been backing up. And—get this—I TRIPPED. I mean, sure, we all had experienced face plants during clumsy lands, but NEVER, have I, Maximum Ride, TRIPPED OVER PIECE OF TWIG. I started falling back, but instead of hitting the piney ground, like a expected…I hit something soft, at the same time hard, and warm…(Let me know if you thought it was Fang…or Seth. Heheheh) Alright, more like BURNING hot!

I quickly righted myself and whipped around, ready to kick butt if I had to, to face an unfamiliar face. (HA! It's neither of them!)

Leah sucked in a breath and swiftly jumped to her feet. "Jacob," she growled. (Ooh. JAAAKE is back!) So THIS is the Jacob everyone's been talking about.

He ignored her, looking at me curiously and asked quietly, "Who's she? Leah, I never saw you as the kind of girl who would actually have female FRIENDS to chat with…Usually, you're the kind of girl who pisses everyone off so she could be alone…" He broke into a grin.

Leah growled again. "What game at you playing at? You nearly had Billy reeling over the fact that Seth had heard you, but you RUN away. AGAIN. Why can't you just face your problems and get it over with, without having us to suffer for you?"

I stepped away as Jacob stepped closer to Leah. "I'd like you ask YOU," he jabbed a finger on her chest, "the same question." I mentally winced. I remember, a few weeks back, how Fang had done the exact same thing. It hurt like hell—not physically, but in the inside.

Three entire seconds had passed.

"Speechless, I see," mumbled Jacob.

"You jackass."


"Are you finally going to stay and I can tell Billy the WONDERFUL news?" Leah's voice dripped of sarcasm. "Or are you going to run again?"

"I'm staying now."

She huffed. "Very hilarious, Jacob."


"Tell it to the dogs."

"As a matter of fact, I AM."

"You mutt."

"Takes one to know one."

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