(I can't remember the other Jumper's name

(I can't remember the other Jumper's name, the one with the accent. If anyone knows message me. ) Also this story is disregarding Millie but they have defeated Rolland. Sorry if that disappoints you but you should still read it. If you don't like it you can always stop.)

Chapter 1: Running Away and Date rape:

All I remember from my first Jump was waiting for my father to strike his hand across my cheek once more and then suddenly I could feel lots and lots of air rushing past my face, whipping my hair into my eyes and then I was at work, to be specific Wal-Mart. I was only 18 years old at the time and had no idea what I was doing so quickly I thought of my room and then I was there. I latched the lock on the solid oak door and dug beneath my small bed for my old duffel bag. I threw my small memory box and as many clothes as I could find in first then several books and DVD's. My laptop went in quickly but not quickly enough to hurt it, I scrambled to my small surge protector; I yanked it from the wall as my Dad began banging on my door. I shoved the whole thing, cell phone, chargers, and all before grabbing my purse and then 'poof' I was gone right as my dad threw down the door.

I wandered down the streets of Chicago finally stopping at an old Super 8 Motel. I walked inside and wandered to the front desk passing by the now empty Complimentary breakfast room. I smiled to myself as I asked for a room. The woman behind the desk gave me an odd look but handed me a key and told me a price. I paid and quickly hurried to my room. I threw myself on the bed and then tossed my crap on the second bed. I gave a sigh before heading back outside. I tugged my jacket tighter and pulled my pale blonde hair out my face and away from pale blue eyes. I stood on top of the slide at the old now abandoned playground several blocks from the hotel. There was no one around so I decided to practice. I focused on a bare spot in front of a large maple tree.

"Damn" I moaned as I collided with the tree. I felt my forehead and cringed. I could feel the lump already forming. I tried several more times and smiled. I had done it, without hurting myself! I rushed back to the Motel. I sprinted inside and prepared for what I was going to do that night.

Several hours later I finished unpacking and turned on the mini fridge across from the bed. I turned on the T.V. cranking up the volume quite loud. I closed my eyes and gripped the duffel bag tightly. I thought of the safe room of Wal-Mart and felt the floor shake beneath me. I opened my eyes and found myself in the safe room of Wal-Mart. Quickly I rushed around throwing bills into my bag until it could hold no more. I flipped back to the hotel and dropped the money on the floor. I went back to Wal-Mart and grabbed a cart. I headed to food throwing in anything and everything. I dropped that off and then headed back grabbing a second cart. This time I headed to Movies and clothing. By the time I was done I had every movie, CD, series, and article of clothing I could ever need. I was back at the hotel and in the process of unloading when someone banged on my door. I opened it tentatively and not enough for them to see in as I asked, "Did you feel that earthquake?" The woman looked confused and walked away quickly. I smiled at my trickery as I closed the door and continued to unload everything.

1 Year 23 Days Later

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a Jumper. My name is Katy Love. I am now 19 years old and have jumped to every country imaginable.

I woke up with a yawn and got dressed sluggishly. I had moved into my own apartment in New York and jumped from place to place every day. I headed down stairs grabbing a picture of Greece of my nightstand in the process. I stopped in my tracks as I came upon a boy perched on the edge of my couch. His hands were flipping through a magazine, my magazine damn it! I Jumped to the place in my picture only to find that he had appeared behind me. Frightened I asked quietly, "What do you want?" my voice came out more like a squeak as I backed up slowly.

"To help" He replied running a hand through his short brown hair. I watched as he not-so-subtly looked me up and down, all the way from the deep black V-Neck and bay blue cami to the short faded and frayed mini skirt and baby blue High Top Converse.

"Prove it" I snapped. I watched in awe as he Jumped from the step we shared to several steps up then several steps below then and back. I stood in shock but quickly regained my confidence. "I'm Katy. Katy Love." I said several minutes later.

"I know. I'm David." 21 year old David replied smiling.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Me and my friend have been tracking you."

"Oh. WAIT! You've been tracking me?" I asked appalled.

"Yes." He replied nervously biting his lip.

"Why?" I asked half glaring at him.

"The Palladins are back." He replied simply. Not wavering under my glare

"The who?" I asked utterly confused.

"They're a deeply religious organization who is hell bent on killing Jumpers. From what we know we're the last ones left and 2 years ago we thought we killed their leader but apparently not because they're back." he explained fidgeting around on the steps, over-looking the sea, which we were currently standing on.

(The Steps not The sea)

"Oh. So you're here to protect me?" I asked smiling.

"Well, sorta, yeah I guess. We're trying to find all the Jumpers so that we can take down the Palladins…..again." he said smiling back and giving a quiet nervous laugh.

"Ohhh, see now that makes sense." I said laughing with him.

"So how did you follow me, you know get here?" I asked still slightly confused.

"I went through your Jump Scar." He replied his look almost looked like he wanted to say 'duh!'

"Ohhhhh" I said nodding still confused.

"It's the residue left in the air after you Jump." He said explaining further.

"Okay this time, I actually get it." I said smiling. He was very cute, the short brown hair, beautiful eyes, and the muscular arms outlined by his gray wool trench coat.

"Come with me?" he asked still smiling. I nodded and took his hand allowing him to Jump me away from the beautiful steps overlooking Greece. Moments later I found myself in a three bedroom apartment. I noticed one room that seemed half empty and I smiled. "So I'm going to assume this one's mine." I stated walking towards my room.

"You assumed right" he replied walking after me. I smiled before taking his hand and Jumping him back to my apartment quickly. We were in a small room with no door. I began pulling out duffel bags labeled with various countries.

"I used to have a room like this." He said as he began loading the U.S. bag as he talked.

"My came with the apartment. It was all patched over but I found when I accidentally ran into the wall in the dark." I answered laughing at my own clumsiness.

"I thought this address was familiar. This has to be my old apartment!" He replied laughing with me.

"No way!" I said smiling as I looked at him absentmindedly shoving Euros into their bag.

"Yeah, this is too funny" He said shaking his head before he Jumped us back to the apartment. I Jumped back landing in the half empty room several minutes later. I struggled to shove the dresser I had grabbed from my old home against the wall before I jumped it there with a grunt. He appeared behind me several minutes later. My hair swayed in the breeze created by his Jump and I smiled before I Jumped back to the living room computer in hand. It was about 1 P.M. and that was my usual computer time. I sat on the couch curling my feet underneath me. He gave me an odd look before sitting on the other end of the couch.

I began to scroll through an E-Mail I'd gotten from a website full of useless facts. "Did you know that 91 of unwanted pregnancies come from date rape?" I said un-amused and un-phased.

"Uh, no I didn't." He said obviously confused.

"DATE RAPE!" I shouted unexpectedly.

"Fuck," he shouted actually jumping off the couch and landing on the floor, "What was that all about?"

"Just trying to see if I could scare a Jumper, and apparently I can." I said grinning like a child.

"I hate you" He grumbled.

"No you don't. You just want to hate me." I replied still smiling.

"So" he mumbled again like a child. I just smiled and gave a happy sigh.

"You are so weird. Do you know that?" He asked mocking me.

"Yes, Yes I do." I replied smiling still reading.

"Maybe I should've left you there." He said more to himself.

"Nah, I'm just too cute."

"Maybe." He whispered changing the channel.

"I heard that" I said in a sing-song kind of voice as I playfully kicked him.

30 Minutes Later

"DATE RAPE!" I shouted again. He jumped off the couch again and landed on the floor glaring at me.

"Seriously, stop it!" He said rubbing his butt in fake pain and laughing.

"Maybe I will. Maybe I won't." I replied grinning.

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