"Can Ritsuka sleepover?!"

"Can Ritsuka sleepover?!"

The Zero's jumped around Soubi while he was on the phone with his little sacrifice. They had been asking all day and every time he would ask why they wanted him to spend the night so badly they would just say, "No reason." Soubi didn't believe it but if you had to listen to these brats all day you would finally give in as well.

"Soubi!" The raven haired neko-jin freaked out. "That's not appropriate to ask."

"Ritsuka, I assure you it is not what you think." Soubi smirked at the boy's reaction to him asking if he would like to stay the night at his place.

"Oh sure..." Ritsuka rolled his eyes even though he knew Soubi couldn't see. "Then what is it then?"

"Natsuo and Youji want you to spend the night with them." Soubi answered him. "And since they live here I'm sorry but I will be here also."

"Why are you apologizing?" Ritsuka shrugged. "They can't really do anything if you're there."

Soubi couldn't argue with that except for that one time Youji kissed the poor boy when Ritsuka had snuck in and played video games ((In the manga)). But Soubi was able to keep an eye on them and kick Youji out. So now a sleepover really didn't sound as scary as he had fist worried.

"So can you?" Soubi asked after a few seconds of silence.

"What do you mean, 'can I'?" Ritsuka huffed. "Of course I can, I don't have school for a week you know."

"I mean, will your mom want you gone?"

Ritsuka paused for a minute then answered quietly. "I'll tell her I'll be staying the night at Yayoi's to study for a quiz or something."

Soubi nodded. "Okay Ritsuka, give me a call when you get an answer and I'll come pick you up."

"Kay." Ritsuka agreed. "See ya."

"Okay Ritsuka," Soubi smiled. "I love you, bye." Before Ritsuka could protest the "love" word Soubi hung up his phone.

"So…?" Youji asked.

"What did he say?" Natsuo grinned.

"He'll ask his mom." Soubi answered.

"What?!" Youji huffed. "What a baby."

"Yeah," Natsuo giggled. "Who asks their mommies if they can do anything? He should just do whatever he wants."

"Not with his mother." Soubi told them.

"So he'll get smacked around a little." Youji shrugged. "It's not like it's anything new to him."

Soubi smacked the back of the boy's head even thought he couldn't feel it.

"Youji be nice." Natsuo wrapped his arms around the mint green haired boy. "And Soubi don't hit Youji or we'll call the police and tell them we're being held here against our will."

Soubi growled. Damn the internet for teaching theses kids about ways to get him in trouble.

"No one will believe that a guy that's not our father is keeping us here just because we have nowhere else to live." Youji grinned evilly.

"Yeah… They'll think you're molesting us." Natsuo giggled.

Before Soubi could yell at the two boys and ground them from the computer his phone rang. He took it out of his pocket. It read, "Ritsuka" like he knew it would. He opened the phone quickly and left the room.

"So did you get everything?" Youji asked his partner.

Natsuo nodded trying not too giggled softly so Soubi wouldn't hear. But he couldn't hide his huge grin. "Oh yeah! Tonight is going to be fun."

They threw their heads back and laughed evilly.


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