"A sleepover?" Steve raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah!" Natsuo giggled. "You know, watch movies, play games, eat a lot of sugar and don't go to sleep till 6."

"Yes, but… here?" Steve looked around. "With two older men?"

"Where else would we have it?" Youji smiled. "We have nowhere else to live."

"Where are your parents?" Yoshi asked.

"We don't have parents." Youji answered bluntly.

"Well unless you count N-"

Youji covered the burgundy haired boy's mouth giving the two officers a huge smile. "We don't have any."

"Then is this man your guardian?" Yoshi asked.

"Soubi?" Youji snickered. "No."

"We're just living with him for a while." Natsuo added.

"He's he family in anyway?" Steve asked.

"Well…" Natsuo looked up at the ceiling with a finger under his lip for added cuteness in hard concentration. "No… But I guess in a way he is now."

Steve was floored. This kid, this little boy was living with a man that wasn't even family to him and he was okay with it? Not to mention the fact there was a kiddy pool and pudding everywhere with little kids in the house.

"Okay." Yoshi sighed. "We're going to have to take you all in for questioning. Now if you will please fallow me kids, Steve will deal with the adults."

"That won't be necessary." Youji stepped in front of Yoshi. "First of all," He licked his dry lips giving the officer a mischievous look. "I don't go anywhere with strangers until I know they're safe. So I'm going to need your full name and any other information you've got."

Yoshi sighed reaching into his back pant pocket. "Here's my police ID." He held out a fold with a silver police shield and a photo of officer Yoshi trying to look all official and shit.

"Looks legit." Youji nodded. "Natsuo you check."

His partner walked up beside him checking only the name on the ID.

"'Yoshi Sushi.'" Natsuo leaked the name with a spell as it fell from his lips.

The now puppet of a man stood in front of the Zeros as stiff as a dead man can be. Completely held and at the mercy of the Zeros.

"Now Mr. Sushi."

Youji snickered. "Sushi."

"Shhh…" Natsuo elbowed his partner tried to hold back his giggles. "But seriously," He gave in and laughed heavily. "Sushi?!"

The two boys laughed for a bit before regaining their composer and became serious again.

"'You and your little friend are going to walk out that door'" Natsuo pointed at Soubi's front door. "'And take your asses home, never to speak of us again.'"

"And have sex with each other!" Youji added noting haven't the abilities of spells.

Natsuo held a hand over his mouth laughing so hard now. "'And have sex with each other.'"

Yoshi didn't say a word. He walked over to Steve, took the man by the collar of his shirt and dragged him out the door as Kio and Ritsuka watched in shock.

"Come on Ritsuka!" Natsuo grabbed the boy's hand. "Let's go see them off!"

The three boys ran out the door and onto the metal stairwell that Soubi's apartment lead out to.

"What the hell Yoshi!" Steve was yelling, still being dragged by the shirt.

"Bye!" Natsuo waved.

Ritsuka grinned mischievously. The pole Youji was talking about was right on the stairwell just begging to be swung on. Now Ritsuka wasn't the type to leave a defenseless soul beggin'. So he being the kind hearted person he was grabbed the pole and began waving goodbye to the two men as he hung loosely on the pole.

"Bye bye!" He waved.

"Ah sweet!" Natsuo cheered grabbing onto the pole himself. "BYEZ!"

Youji joined in, leaving poor Steve to wonder what the hell was going to happen to him. Not the mention what the hell happened to Yoshi.

"WoOt!" Natsuo howled as the cop car drove off.

"Awsome!" Ritsuka swung around the pole a bit.

"That was the best!" Youji laughed. "Yoshi Sushi!"

They all squealed and giggled as they danced, swung and hung from the striper pole on the top stairwell.

All this while Soubi and Kio watched in shock and amazement as to how all of this could have unfolded in just a matter of a few hours. This was going to be a long night.

"Well don't just stand there." Nastuo placed a fist on his hip smirking at the two men. "Let's dance!"

Suddenly ((Like magic! I don't know how it happened!)) lighting streaked across the sky and rain poured down from the weeping angels in the sky. The three boys roared with laughter holding their hands up to the heavens. Rain soaking them instantly from head to toe.

"Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" Ritsuka spun hanging from the pole. "Rain to dance in!"

"Not to mention we'll get the pudding off of us." Natsuo spun around in a circle splashing in the rain.

"You mean not to mention, wet T-shirts!" Youji ran his fingers through his hair.

"YEAH!" They cheered.

"You kids are just like sorority chicks you know that?" Kio chuckled.



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