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I watched the girl jump off the cliff. This was going to be all too easy.

She landed in the cold water with very little splash, maybe it would be enough for her to go unnoticed.

Perfect my chance was coming!

Then that smell. That horrible smell. As if it could have really caught me off guard. I had been watching this girl for weeks now.


I knew it wasn't going to be easy to take her with them lurking around here. But before long she would loose consciousness and I could move in. Now if only I could get to her before the boy.

I could see her body now. It was slamming up against a rock. Had that boy spotted her yet?

I made my movements quick. I had to get to her, I needed to. I could feel the revenge bursting through my crimson eyes. This was going to be so easy and incredibly perfect.

I got only feet away from her. The scent of werewolf was growing strong, I knew I had only a small window of opportunity and I was damned if I wasn't going to take it.

I grabbed her from the rocks and took off to the forest. Those wolves would be on my scent quick. Now all I had to do was move fast far and throw them off my path.

Her body was limp, dangling in my arms. Her face was nothing extraordinary I have seen so many humans, she was so plain. What could have possibly been so special about this one that made him love her so much? My face crinkled at the thought of loving a human. What was she some sort of pet? It didn't matter, I had her now.

I ran for a whole day never tiring. The thought of having my prize gave me extra strength to carry on. I would avenge James, he took him from me now I will take her away from this world.