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Edward POV

I looked up to the cold and gray sky. Not even the sun could smile on a day like today. My world had ended, such a long time ago, even when I thought it was going to restart that ended too. It was all lost. The clouds above moved closer looking so dissatisfied but the heartless win kept blowing.

My path has lost all direction, the reason for my existence was gone and my family knew just like I that my existence in this world was going to end soon. They won't leave me alone not even for a second. Alice is still grieving but is damn to make sure nothing happens to me.

Those two days were such hell. The memory still fresh forever burned into me. Everything I did wrong replaying over and over. All the things I could have done but didn't and I can't take it back.

A scream of agony filled the forest walls, filling my entire being.

Alice was sobbing uncontrollably, each scream more piercing than the last. No one moved, to shocked to realize what happened. We didn't want to believe it.

My love. My angel. My life.


Lying in front of us, still and so cold.

I couldn't fathom why it didn't work. I looked down at my angel. She was so peaceful, so beautiful except my failed attempt to save her. I brushed her beautiful mahogany hair back more from her neck and face. Her neck now branded with my teeth, my venom. It was a faint shade of red where I attempted to damn her to our life. Very little blood seemed to have surfaced and I couldn't bring myself to actually taste her, I could not do that to her. I owed it to her.

And there she lied motionless as if she had never been bitten in the first place. She had already been to dead for it to have done anything.

I was jolted out of my memory by the sobbing of Alice. We hadn't left Bella's grave since the service yesterday. Standing here was all that could connect me to her; I knew her body was down below never to see the sun or sky again. But her spirit, her soul the thing I tried to protect so dearly is in its rightful place. I know she has to be looking down on me; it's the only thing keeping me through this moment.

Charlie had known of Bella's kidnap but had no idea she was dragged across the country. We got her body back to Forks but told Charlie it was best that she had a closed coffin wake and that even he should not look at his daughter but to remember her as she was. Our family had even picked out a mahogany casket just like the color of her hair. The service was the very next day. People had been ready; they all had known that the search for Bella was going to end badly.

It seemed like the whole town had turned out for her service. The sky was dismal and bleak with rain that looked like it would threaten any minute. I looked on from a distance, I did not want anyone's sympathy and I could not look into every individuals face after reading their minds.

The service was as beautiful as one could be. A few people spoke, my father among them. Charlie attempted but couldn't finish, he broke down and did not say another word from that point on. Renee was even worse than Charlie and her sobs were mix with the same sentence: my poor baby girl.

The sadness from everyone seeped into me, and I knew I was the reason these people were gathered in this circumstance. She should have had a long and happy life but no I had to disrupt the balance of things and now an angel is dead. The ground below grew colder as I watched them put her inside and the heartless wind kept blowing. The rain had decided to find its way to the ground.

And in that moment I never knew what it was like, to be alone.

"This will never get easier." Alice spoke quietly as her sobbing began to slow.

"No." My voice was short and dead.

I stood at the edge of the square where the fresh dirt pile was staring at Bella's grave stone. Alice had settled herself to the side of her grave stone leaning on it slightly as if it were to turn into my angel sitting there.

"Has it really only been three days?"

I knew she was trying to make conversation to distract both of us but it was more of an annoyance than anything.

"Yes." It had only been three days, though it seems like it had already been five lifetime. This agony could and would never go away until I could end my own life. The decision had been made for three days now.

Alice began to cry again. Only then did I realize she saw my life ending.

"Edward, please I've already lost my best friend. I can't lose my brother too. You owe it to Bella not to do that. Please. I'm begging you don't. At least not right now."

At least right now. That was going to be my safety net. In short time I would ceased to exist in this world also.

Carlisle approached us but neither Alice nor I wanted to move and he knew that.

"Son, I know this hurts but you have to leave sometime. Please come home your mother is worried sick."

I stood unresponsive, I didn't want to move or leave or blink afraid I would miss something.

Carlisle continued. "Alice, darling please, you can come back, it will be only for a little while."

I could see her debating her options and she slowly stood up. Her head hung low as she walked over to Carlisle. He cradled her as they set off to his car.

"Son, please. Just a few hours. Then you can come back I promise."

I looked up to the sky as if it were Bella giving me some sort of answer.

I was weakly defeated. "Okay."

I turned to join them at the car when my eyes locked with a pair of deep brown almost black eyes. They were just on the edge of the forest beginning. The russet skin immediately popped from the greenery.

And there stepped out Jacob Black.

His eyes were sharp and angry. I knew what he was going to say and stopped him before he could start.

"Look I'm sorry, I know you are furious, actually that can not even begin to cover it, but I'm truly sorry. I did not mean for any of this to happen."

Jacob's eyes hardened more. You know you're not the only one who loves her.

"Yes, I'm aware of that but she was my soul my reason in life. You can not even grasp how that being taken away is like."

Please, just give me some time alone with her, that's all I ask.

"It's the least I can do Jacob, the least I can do."

I set off toward Alice and Carlisle but not before one quick glance back. Her angel statue that pointed toward the sky was revealing a patch of the clearest blue I'd ever seen. I knew my Bella was up there looking down on me.

Hold on my love, I will be with you soon.