My fingers absently knead the hem of my skirt as I wait, anticipation building at an intense rate. Oh Light, I've missed you so much! My heart jumps into my throat as the door swings open. You are more perfect than the last time I saw you if that's even possible. Your caramel eyes sparkle radiantly, your mouth curves up into a grin reserved only for those few of us that know your secret, and your beautiful brown hair is framed by the sunlight streaming in through the large windows casting a halo above your head making you look like the God that I know you are.

"Misa," You sigh out my name and I can't stay still a moment longer. I launch myself into your grasp and bury my face in your chest. You seem surprised at first but after a long second I feel your arms encircle me. There is no warmth in your touch but just being this close to you is enough to satisfy me. The embrace is too short for my liking but I relinquish my hold on you as you gently push me away.

"I have to keep this short today, Ryuuzaki's waiting," you turn to glance back at the door which you passed through and your smile softens, just a fraction but it is enough. You turn back to face me and your eyes take on a whole new light. I can tell you're moving on to business. "Misa, I need you. I need your help with this. I need those beautiful eyes of yours," you run a hand down my cheek and I want to weep. Oh, how I wish there was love in those words, in that touch! But I know that you only need my help to carry out your plans of bringing justice to the world. "I need you to pass judgment on criminals while I can't. Do you understand? Without you this new world, our new world isn't possible. Misa, if you do this I will love you forever." Tears actually well up in my eyes this time, your love is all I could ever ask for! But I know there is no truth behind your words. I am not as dumb as you seem to think. I saw that gleam in your eye when you mentioned Ryuuzaki. I see how you make excuses to spend mere minutes with me only to spend the rest of your time with him. I can feel you yearning for his attention, his praise, his touch. It is clear in your eyes every time you see his face.

But that's alright. You may crave his touch but I'm the one you come to to satisfy your desires. I'm the one you entrusted with your secrets and I'm the one you claimed. You may not love me the same way you love him but I will do everything I can to make your words true my Light, my love, my God.

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