Blind Target Epilogue
(Well, sort of epilogue; like the original, it'll explain some of the skipped scenes from BT 04 as well)

The White Fang soldiers ran through the hall.

"Quickly!" Ralph urged, motioning with his hands towards their craft in the hanger. "We don't have much time until detonation!"

Ralph turned around to see the secretary of Relena. "Chris…"

They shared a long look.

"That's it! All done. All that's left is to disappear in the blast," Duo chuckled as he ran down to corridor to meet up with the rest of the pilots, Ralph, Relena, and Chris.

They quickly said their farewells.

"Everyone, take care," Quatre said.

Trowa nodded, his eyes softening. "You too," he said, resting a hand on the diplomat's shoulder. Quatre looked up at him and nodded, smiling.

"I'll make sure Relena and Chris get to be conference safely," the blond told the rest, nodding at the two mentioned women.

"Sere, where are you heading?" Duo asked.

Usagi shook herself from her thoughts. "… I…"

Heero stared hard at her. He had automatically assumed that she would stay with him. What was holding her back?

Quatre peered curiously at Usagi's troubled face. "Is there something on your mind?"

Usagi's indigo eyes raised to meet his light blue ones. Everything was happening, and happening now. Heero, Relena, and the constant danger surrounding each of the gundam pilots…

Something needed to be done to resolve these problems. And the last thing she wanted to do what touch anything that had to do with her heart. Besides, Heero deserved someone who was pure, untainted. Someone who would bring him into the new era of peace, not someone who would remind him of the wars.

How ironic that a month ago, before all this happened, before it became so evident that Relena still harbored feelings for Heero, she had complained that they kept running from their past.

"I'll help Quatre in protecting Relena, as well as arresting the Century Discover President."

Heero's gaze, previously fixed so intently on Twilight's pilot, suddenly turned away. The rest continued to stare at her, but now with slight shock. They had expected her to go with Trowa, Ralph, and Heero to expose Sogran.

"That way I can watch out for Quatre too," she added weakly.

Duo frowned. He was positive. Something was going on between his sister and Heero Yuy. Something wrong. "Well…"

Wufei abruptly turned and walked away. 'The onna's right… we can't afford to go soft…'

"Eh?" Duo began to run after him. "Wait up Wufei!" Once he caught up with the pilot, he paused to through a wave over his shoulder. "See you guys later!"

Heero emotionlessly gazed around at the remaining persons, except Usagi. His eyes avoided hers at all costs.

Trowa got the hidden message in Heero's glare. "Ralph, let's get to the shuttle." The two men turned and headed towards the hanger, but not before Ralph whispered a sweet farewell to Chris.

"Miss Relena, we should be going too," Quatre said, beckoning. He tugged gently on Relena's elbow, pulling her in the direction of their shuttle. Chris quickly followed. "We'll be waiting, Usagi."

"Heero!" Relena called back.

Usagi refused to look up from the tiled floor. Heero finally turned his gaze onto her face, searching in those blue eyes for anything.

But he found nothing. Only distraught.

"You should go," she whispered hoarsely. "There's little time left.

Heero's face hardened at her rejection. "Hn… Take care…"

"You too," she said in the same quiet manner.

He stepped towards her, placing a gentle hand under her chin, and lifted it. "Don't worry about me. Worry about yourself."

Usagi tried to bite back the sob. "I'm sorry Heero… I thought… Everything… I…"

Quickly drawing her into his arms, he hugged her. "Shhh… You're a strong person. You can overcome anything."

She pushed away. "I'm sorry, Heero. I can't… Relena… she'll… you'll…"

"Relena? What does she have to do with anything?"

Usagi shook her head. "It's dangerous for us to be together. I thought, when everything was over, we could move one… Oh Heero…You and I… and Relena… I realized something today Heero. Relena is pure, moving beyond the wars. We are remnants, and reminders of a hard past."

"What are you saying?"

"I don't know!" she burst. What was she doing? "We have a duty!"

Heero recoiled. All right, if this was how it was, he could push away too. She's right. With the presence of uprising, he can't afford to have weaknesses.

But not before he knew if she cared.

"I'll go now…" she whispered, walking past him to reach the shuttle where Quatre, Relena, and Chris were waiting.

Heero grabbed her arm. He smirked at her startled expression. "This is familiar…" Drawing Usagi towards him, he leaned down…

To impart one sweet kiss…

And he knew.

* * * blind target epilogue * * *


"Well, let's finish this…" Duo hit the switch on his detonation device. Neither of them bothered to watch the billowing clouds of the destroyed MD factory. "And this brings things to an end…"

"I don't think so," his partner shot.


"Why do you think Tsukino is so reluctant to stay with Yuy? We may have managed to avert it this time, but the same thing will occur once more." The Chinese warrior walked towards one of the shuttles. "Evil never dies."

Duo grinned. "You're such a pessimist. Think happier thoughts; the people aren't idiots after all. They've had the chance to taste the pain of war."

Wufei kept walking.

* * * blind target epilogue * * *


Police officers kindly escorted the Century Discover president away from the premise, in hand cuffs, of course. Usagi, Quatre, Relena, and Chris watched as the president shot one last hateful glare at them before being shoved into the police car.

"How are things?" Relena asked, meaning the peace conference.

"Well… Things are still a mess, but they've all agreed," Quatre replied with his usual smile.

"Good then. These troubles are over."



"It's not over. Treize and Milliardo… they've failed to turn the people away from war." There was a horrifying smile on Usagi's face, one trying to cheer herself up, but failing miserably. "Maybe Dorothy was right. We can never rid ourselves the desire to fight."

"Usagi!" Quatre exclaimed, shocked. "You can't think like that! We can't let everything we've done be in vain."

Distress could not be removed from Usagi's blue eyes. "But what if it was all in vain? What if we were wrong? Do have to constantly be vigilant about insurgents?"

"Usagi…" Quatre shook his head gently. "We can't expect everything to be moving so fast. These people, the ones who resist the idea of peace through demilitarization, they never understood what the Eve War was really about. They are too caught up with their ideals to understand the terrors of war. But the new generation… they will learn… they are our new hope…!"

* * * blind target epilogue * * *


The wind ruffled Ralph Kurt's chocolate hair and his trench coat. "Well then, Trowa. I'll just make my exit now…"

A miniscule smile appeared on Trowa's face. "You should stay a while, have some coffee or tea…" he invited.

"Stop it," Ralph declined. "It's best if I don't intrude any more than I already have."

"What will you do now?"

The former White Fang soldier shrugged. "Who knows? It looks like I'll have to get used to the idea of a world without war first… Besides, I'm not alone…"

Trowa raised an eyebrow ever so slightly. "Is that so…?"

Ralph thought of a certain blond secretary. "Yeah…"

Catherine runs out of the brightly colored tent. "Trowa!"

Ralph grinned. "Go, there is someone you must protect." He turned around and took a few steps forward before pausing and glancing at his one-time comrade over his shoulder. "Trowa… Be careful. If you chose to use the name Trowa Barton, you'll be found out eventually… You can't keep it from them."

Trowa nodded, thanking him almost, for the warning. "Yeah…"

"Welcome home, Trowa!" Catherine ran up to him. "You're not hurt?"

A soft smile spread over the stoic pilot's face. "I'm home, Catherine…"

"That's so like you…" she said. "But it's good that you're home, safe and sound.

"Didn't I say I'd come back for sure?"

A bright smile broke over her face. She wiped away the tears of happiness. "That's true."

The pair watched Ralph walk away.

"He seems to have changed…" she commented.

"He has," Trowa affirmed. "His battle has finally ended."

Catherine stared up into his green eyes. "And has yours?"

Trowa stared at the retreating back of Ralph Kurt. "I'm not sure…" He glanced back at Catherine's worried visage. "But I'll always come back here."

Author's Notes:

I know, I update like… never…

And! Not a really satisfying ending for BT, but I need Heero and Usagi away from each other for some time, and with the idea that I'm developing for BotP, they need to be treading troubled waters.