I don't own Power Rangers

I don't own Power Rangers. The story is about Tommy and the Dino Thunder team landing in various 80's cartoons in each chapter. So kids, if you're not familiar with 80's cartoons, do brush up on them………..Oh and to also get into the 80's spirit, listen to some 80's music while reading this story, like Simple Minds, ABC, Huey Lewis, Pat Benatar, etc……Enjoy!!

Reefside High School

It was the last period of the day, the last day of the week, Friday. It was towards the end of the year and both students and teachers were getting restless. Both parties had been in school for too long and were looking forward to a long two month summer vacation.

For Doctor Thomas Oliver, teaching was an absolute delight. Although he never pictured himself as a teacher, his first year teaching science at the high school was a good career path for him. Normally it was a make or break situation for first year teachers, as some of them made it through the first year with few problems. For others it was a horrible experience they wanted to see end fast.

But Tommy also did something he never thought he would do again, become a power ranger. First he had three students become the red, yellow, and blue Dino Thunder Rangers to defend the city and world against Mesogog, a dinosaur madman who wanted to revert the entire planet back to the age of dinosaurs. Along the way Tommy became the black ranger, his fourth color with the other three being green, white, and red respectively. Then Trent joined as the white ranger, although for a time he was evil, but under the influence of evil that came with the white dino gym. Though Tommy swore he would never dawn spandex and become a super hero again, he did get an power rush every time he morphed and enjoyed fighting the forces of evil. It was like the old days, though he wasn't with the original power rangers or the Zeo or Turbo teams.

Tommy was writing some notes on the chalkboard for his students to copy. Although his past teachers, especially at Angel Grove High School wrote on a black and white chalkboard, the board Tommy was using was made for markers, which made it easier for teachers since they did not have to deal with getting chalk on their hands.

He turned around and addressed his students, though some of them seemed to be buried in other things other than his lecture, like texting people on their cellular phones, something Tommy hated. He never did see the value of parents giving kids a cell phone. He never needed one when he was in high school nor did any of his friends. My, how times have changed, Tommy thought.

"Will!" Tommy had a stern voice at the kid who was texting.

Will knew he was in trouble and put up his phone. He looked at Tommy with an innocence that accompanied that of a child or an animal.

"Mind telling me why you're not busy paying attention?" Tommy asked.

Will shrugged. He was at a loss for words.

Tommy now addressed the entire class as a whole. "This is a warning. I don't want to see any cell phones out in my class. Is that clear?

He looked sternly at the entire class, sharp eyed like a hawk looking at its prey. "It's bad enough you all have cell phones around the school. We never had that when I was in high school."

The class just sat in their seats taking in the lecture.

Suddenly the bell rang. The end of the day and just started and that meant Tommy's class was finished.

The students started to get out of their seats but were stopped.

"Everyone hold on," Tommy said. "Please review your notes over the weekend. There might just be a pop quiz waiting for you all on Monday."

The students started to groan which made Tommy smiled.

He raised up his hand to the class still smiling. "Have a good weekend!"

Tommy enjoyed the little punishment of knowing that he assigned them homework over the weekend, studying, although they did not know if they were actually going to have a quiz or not.

As the last of the students left he turned back to the board and started to erase his notes.

Twenty Minutes Later

Tommy had managed to get all of his papers in order and walked out of the high school through the front doors to get to his car. He did not have papers to grade and did not have any plans for the weekend. It had been a week since Mesogog's last attack and Tommy thought the villain might try to attack the city again. But if not, Tommy was going to rest up and do nothing for the weekend, except doing a small workout Saturday and Sunday morning. As he approached his jeep, Tommy looked at the sky and noticed it was fairly shaded dark blue. He then heard thunder and saw a lightening strike in the distance. A storm was about to approach the city.

Tommy's House

Tommy pulled his jeep next to his house, which was secluded away from all the other neighborhoods and on the outskirts of town. It was a good thing too since Tommy was a ranger and had a command center underneath his house. It would have looked weird to see rangers coming out of his house if it were in a residential neighborhood and people seeing the rangers riding their vehicles to defend the city from the latest monster attack. Everyone would easily put two and two together and see that Tommy and his students were rangers.

Tommy went inside and out the briefcase he took to class and some notes on the coffee table next to the couch and recliner.

He loosened his tie, unbuttoned the top two buttons on his dress shirt and sat down in the recliner closing his eyes. He let out a huge breath of happiness as he was trying to rest in the tranquility of quietness that surrounded the teacher.

Until the doorbell rang………………….

Tommy opened his eyes and sighed. "Who can that be?"

He got up from the recliner and opened the door. He saw Connor, Trent, Kira, and Ethan, the Dino Thunder team who were also his students.

"Is there a reason why you're here on my doorstep on a Friday afternoon?" Tommy did not want to be interrupted, even if they were his teammates and students.

"Come on Dr. O, let us is!" Connor pleaded.

"Yeah, I think it's about to rain," Ethan said.

Suddenly, rain drops started to fall, striking the teenagers.

"Correction, it is raining," Kira interjected.

Tommy sighed but decided to let them in, even though he wanted them to leave as soon as possible.

All four students walked in.

Trent, the white ranger, looked at Tommy. "Thanks Dr. O".

Tommy shut the door and turned to his friends. "Mind telling me why you four are here?"

"Well, with Haley out of time and the Cyberspace Café closed in her absence…" Kira was explaining.

"You wanted to come here and hangout," Tommy deduced.

"Yeah," Kira smiled at her teacher.

Ethan moved by Tommy's stereo and turned it on. "What are you listening to Dr. O?"

Tommy was getting a little annoyed. Who cares, he thought.

Suddenly the song "All The Things She Said" by the 80's group Simple Minds started to play.

"Who is that?" Connor looked at his teacher.

Tommy rolled his eyes and moved over to where Ethan and Connor were. "It's a group called Simple Minds." Tommy then turned off the stereo. It's one of the cds I have in my collection.

Connor and Ethan were drawing a blank. "Who are they?" The two said in unison.

"A band from the 80's," Tommy answered.

"Oh cool, I love retro!" Kira got into the conversation.

Trent grabbed a remote from the coffee table and turned on the television.

Tommy eyed Trent. Why did you turn on my tv? Tommy reacted in his mind. Please leave.

But Tommy did not want to be rude to the four teens.

Trent sat down as the other three proceeded to sit down as well and look at what showing on the television.

The cartoon of "He-Man" was showing.

"Hey, its, its……" Connor was drawing another blank.

"He-Man genius," Ethan scolded the red ranger.

"Hey!" Connor did not like the abuse he was receiving.

Trent was looking at the cartoon with a somewhat passionate gaze. "I haven't seen this show in years, not since it got dropped off on the Cartoon Network."

"That was the newer version," Tommy said, who seemed very familiar with the newer one that came on cable a few years prior. "This is the cartoon that came out in 1983."

"How do you have this then?" Trent pondered.

"I bought the series on dvd." Tommy answered.

"Ooooo, more retro!" Kira continued using that slang term.

Tommy shook his head. Kids, he thought.

"Hey didn't they make a movie out of this?" Ethan was curious.

"Yep, back in 87," replied Tommy.

"Hey, what if they remade the movie, but using cgi?" Kira asked around. "That would be awesome."

"No CGI!" Tommy looked at Kira thinking she was stupid. "CGI looks horrible compared to technology put into movies ten plus years ago. CGI looks like the effects put into video games."

Kira looked down. "Sorry," she quietly said to herself, embarrassed she even brought up the subject.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck nearby. Accompanying the lightning was a loud roar of thunder.

Connor opened his mouth. "What other old shows do you have Dr. O. Saved By The Bell?"

"Head Of The Class," Tommy said sarcastically, though the four couldn't tell. "I watch it every day to see how Howard Hesseman got through the day with his class."

"Head Of The Class?" Trent now looked dumbfounded. "What is that?"

Tommy was about to explain the show but stopped. "Nevermind."

Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck Tommy's house.

The power in the house shut off then turned back on a few seconds later.

The television itself started to flicker.

All five looked at the television set.

"I don't think it's supposed to do that?" Kira had her gaze looking at the tv.

Suddenly electricity bolts coming from the television started to flicker, hitting some of the objects in Tommy's living room.

As the five were about to get out of the room for safety, the bolts hit all five and they disappeared from the living room.

Next chapter has some of the rangers helping He-Man defeat Skeletor and his cronies' plans to capture Castle Grayskull!