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Tired of the setbacks of her minions King Hippo from the Mike Tyson's Punchout game universe and Eggplant Wizard from the Kid Icarus universe, Mother Brain did not know how she would get control of the Palace of Power and get control of Videoland and become the ruler of it.

"Blasted Captain N," she cried. Mother Brain was the main antagonist of the Metroid universe who was a brain that lived inside a giant bottle.

"Blasted Princes Lana." Mother Brain cried out again. "Blasted Simon Belmont, Kid Icarus, and Mega Man."

Mother Brain looked around the room, moving her eyes in both directions. "Did I forget anyone else to blame?" She thought for a few seconds. "Blasted Captain N's dog for, for……" She trailed off trying to think just what that boy's dog did to her. "For coming along and watching Captain N defeat me."

Mother Brain sighed as she couldn't stand all the setbacks she had encountered after that boy came and helped Princess Lana defend her castle and the rest of Videoland. She almost had Lana and the others if that stupid boy did not come in and defeat her.

Walking from another room, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard were arguing over something, as usual. Mother Brain sighed. If it wasn't for her incompetent help as well, she would be supreme ruler.

"You're an idiot," King Hippo shook his head at his companion.

"I am not!" Eggplant Wizard defended himself.

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

"Not not not!"

Mother Brain had all she could stomach from the two. They were almost like children, fighting all the time. "Shut up!"

Hippo and Eggplant Wizard looked sheepishly at the ground. "Sorry Mother Brain," the two said together.

"Just what in blue colored blazes were you two arguing about?" She wanted to know what they were bickering.

King Hippo cleared his throat. "Well you see Mother Brain, Eggplant Wizard wanted to kill this dog that always laughed at you when you go duck hunting."

"The darn flea-infested thing always makes me made when I miss those ducks," Eggplant stated his case."

King Hippo continued. "And I told him that the dog is there only to make you try harder. That's why he laughs, and Eggplant wants to kill the dog. That's why I said he was an idiot." Hippo looked at Mother Brain and then back at his friend. "You still are an idiot for wanting to do that."

"I am not!" Eggplant began again.

"Are too!"

"Are too!"


Mother Brain interrupted. "Stop it, the both of you! You're giving me a headache. It's not good for my soft feminine skin!"

"Sorry Mother Brain," the two responded together, looking at the ground.

"I swear you two paired together have the combined brain of a dead cockroach!" Mother Brain was sorry she had even asked why they were fighting with each other. "Now get out of here!"

"Yes Mother Brain," the two said.

They started to walk out the door when Hippo pushed Eggplant. Eggplant hit Hippo back as they walked out of Mother Brain's sight. She sighed and began hitting her head on the glass tube she was encased in out of frustration from her hired help and Captain N and his friends. She did not know how she was going to defeat them. She did not have a single idea how to get control of the Palace of Power or how to defeat Captain N, Princess Lana or the rest of the people who always stopped her. She had hoped something soon would happen in a positive note for her, because she couldn't stand always retreating back and losing all of those skirmishes. Something had to give in.

Dimensional Vortex

Kira and Conner were floating around the vortex that had taken them from cartoon universe to another, like a vehicle of sorts they were riding. Both were getting tired of being trapped in the vortex and also the cartoon universes they were traveling to. Sure they helped fight along side some of their childhood cartoon shows, but enough was enough. Not being back in the real universe along with Ethan, Trent, and Tommy was getting to the both of them.

Conner hadn't said that much to Kira in a while. She had snapped at him for something pointless that escaped her. She forgot why she even yelled at her friend. She guessed she was just tired and also scared she would never get back home. She wanted to get back to her life, to her home, see her parents. She even wanted to get back to school of all places.

Conner yawned as he continued to not look at Kira.


"Yeah." He didn't even look at her.

Kira noticed he didn't move his head to look at her. "Look, I'm sorry for yelling at you."

"Yeah." He continued to not look at her. He rather looked bored from just floating around and not being able to do anything.

Kira sighed. "Conner look at me."

At last he did move his head and looked at her.

"I'm sorry, I really am," Kira tried to plead to her friend. "It's just that, it's just that I'm worried we're going to be stuck here for the rest of our lives."

"Me too," Conner sighed. "I can't believe I actually want to get back to school and learn, just because it's something familiar to me."

Kira started to snicker a little which caught Conner by surprise.

"Did I say something funny?"

Kira nodded. "I was thinking the same thing. I actually want to go back so I can go to school."

Conner smiled, knowing Kira and him actually wanted to return to school. "I never thought I would actually want to go to school. When we get back, I need to check into the hospital so the doctors can see me."

Kira started giggling. "It's nice to see you still have some humor in this kind of situation. To tell you the truth, I needed some cheering up. Thanks."

"Hey, no problem," Conner was happy to brighten her mood up. "Like the song says, that's what friends are for."

There was a small stint of silence between the two before Kira thought of something else to talk about. "So we've been in the Inspector Gadget universe and also in the Real Ghostbusters universe. Wonder which cartoon universe will be in next?"

Conner did not know which one they would end up in. "Rainbow Brite maybe?"

Kira's eyes snapped wide open. "I used to love that show. You remember that one time where…"

Conner interrupted Kira's conversation, not trying to be rude but trying to make a comment. "I never saw the show Kira. I wouldn't know what you were going to talk about anyway."

Kira looked dumbfounded. "Oh."

Conner saw Kira trying to hide back, her eyes escaping to something else other than him. "Rainbow Brite was never a show I got into. It was designed for girls, not for guys."

Kira had to agree with him on that. "I guess you're right."

"It's about as absurd of an idea of me liking Rainbow Brite like you liking something designed for boys, like G.I. Joe."

Kira's face nearly shriveled up when he mentioned that name. "I never liked G.I. Joe. That show was designed to sell toys and nothing more." Kira thought of something else that bugged her in that show. "And how come they never showed Cobra's face anyway? Was he deformed or something?"

Conner shrugged his shoulders. "I guess the same reason animators never showed the face of Doctor Claw. They wanted him to remain mysterious. It worked though."

"Until they made a movie about the cartoon show and showed Rupert Everett as Doctor Claw," Kira hated the fact there was a movie that messed up the beloved cartoon and actually showed the face of what Doctor Claw would look like in the live action movie.

Suddenly a crack in the dimensional portal they were trapped in suddenly appeared.

"Here we go again," Conner said as he looked at the tear in the vortex.

Suddenly the two rangers were floating towards the open crack in the dimensional limbo they were stuck in. As they had before, they went into the rift and disappeared from the dimensional vortex they were in.

Somewhere In Videoland

A light appeared before a few creatures walking on a road. Suddenly two people popped out of the crack that showed the light and flew several feet to the ground. Both landed on the ground while the two creatures ran away in a panic not wanting to see what had appeared right by them.

Kira grabbed her had and started to massage it a little. She looked at Conner to see if he was alright. "Conner, you okay?"

Conner slowly got up from his right side which he landed on and looked at his traveling companion. "Other than breaking my right side, I think I'm doing pretty good." He attempt at sarcasm was showing.

Both rangers looked around at the bizarre land they were in. The area itself seemed to go on forever. The sky was a blackish purple with some stars filled with some light purpled color blinking. There were also some wispy clouds also colored in light purple. Several buildings adorned in the background that were strangely designed, almost alien like in nature. There was nothing in memory from Kira or Conner that they recognized in the world they were now in. They looked at the ground, all covered in black with no grass or any other plant life. The path that was on the ground was decorated in light purple color that matched the stars and the clouds that complimented the sky above.

"Where are we?" Conner looked around.

Kira had no idea where they were. "Beats me. Never remember anything like this in the cartoons I watched."

"I can't recall seeing this in any of the cartoons I watched as a kid either, assuming if we're in another cartoon universe," Conner gazed around the area. "Perhaps we should follow this path."

Kira looked at each side the path, not knowing which way they should go to or where which side would take them. "I guess we should start here and see where that takes us."

Conner started to follow Kira walking along on the direction she had decided to go. "Road to nowhere, just like the song."

Kira looked back at the red ranger. "What song are you talking about?"

"Road To Nowhere," Conner responded. "A song from the Talking Heads, a group from the eighties."

Kira smirked. "Thought Doctor O was the only one that would know songs from way back when."

"Hey," Conner smiled, "just because I'm a jock doesn't mean I don't know a good song. Besides, I know good stuff from your singing."

Kira smiled back at Conner, thanking him about the compliment he made regarding her music being good.

The two rangers continued to go about on their journey on the path leading them to parts unknown.


Mother Brain was basking in the emptiness she was feeling from all the defeats mounted against her. After King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard had left, she just sat by herself. With the room empty, should could hear herself breathing but nothing else. It was quiet, very quaint and peaceful, and Mother Brain hated it but somehow being by herself helped her to organize her thoughts and try to figure out why she always lost to the N team. She also took the opportunity to come up with a plan to get control of the Palace Of Power and take down Princess Lana.

Suddenly an alarm right by her went off. Curious, she moved herself over to the control panel to see what the scanners had picked up. Perhaps it was the N team approaching her, though they had never done that before. It could have been something else wandering in, making its way to the floating world Mother Brain resided in.

As Mother Brain tapped a few buttons, her eyes nearly jumped out of her sockets as she was reading the information that was being presented to her.

"Oh my sweet cranium! What have my eyes bestowed upon me?" Mother Brain continued to look at the information for a few moments. "Looks like something has crossed over to Videoland, something with enormous power that needs to be exploited. And who better to do the exploited than me! I can use that power to finally take over all of Videoland and throw Captain N and his misguided miscreants out of my hair for good, if I did have any hair.

One of Mother Brain's tentacles punched another button to open up a com link. "Egg face, king fat-butt, report to the control room on the double!"

A voice from somewhere in the floating land of Metroid came on the channel. "Oh Mother Brain, do we have to?"

One of Mother Brain's tentacles slammed the control panel. "Yes you have to, not unless you want me to make you two zip-heads my main ingredients for the stew I'm supposed to have for lunch!"

"On our way!" King Hippo replied with much new enthusiasm.

A few moments later the two bumbling incompetent brain-dead henchmen came strolling in to the control room.

"You called your motherliness brainless!" King Hippo saluted.

Mother Brain slapped Hippo upside the head with one of her tentacles. "It's you two who are brainless! Now shut up and listen to me!" She started to talk about the situation. "Something just entered Videoland that has enormous power, power which can help me conquer all of Videoland and get rid of the N Team for good.

"Yes ma'am!" Eggplant said.

Mother Brain's tentacle this time wacked Eggplant Wizard upside the head. "I thought I told you to brainless simpletons to shut up!"

Eggplant was about to say something while rubbing his head but didn't want to get knocked in the head again.

Mother Brain continued. "I want you two to find out about this power source."

"And then?" Eggplant looked at his master on what she wanted them to do.

"And then I want you to steal the power," Mother Brain stated. "What else would you do?"

"Yes Mother Brain!" The two henchmen said in unison. The stood around for a few moments before being hit on their respective heads again.

"Why are you two nincompoops standing around for?" Mother Brain glared. "Get into the warp zone and get me that power!"

The two idiots managed to find the nearest warp zone, jumped in it, and disappeared. Mother Brain just shook her head and muttered the phrase 'why me' over and over again.


Conner and Kira continued on their trek through the vast world for which they did not know where they were. Both started conversations about different things, occasionally wondering where exactly they were and trying to recognize anything they were passing. But nothing was clicking in their minds on where they were.

As they continued on their journey, a portal opened and King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard stepped out.

Hippo sneezed, spreading his germs on his companion. "That warp zone sure gave me the sneezes."

Eggplant Wizard wiped some snot off of him. "Thanks a lot." He turned his attention to Kira and Conner whom were looking at the two villains.

Conner raised a curious eyebrow. "What the heck are you two supposed to be?"

"People who want your powers," Hippo said. "Now give them up!"

"Fat chance of that happening chubby!" Kira mocked.

The remark caught Eggplant off guard and he started to laugh at the expense of his friend. Hippo punched him in the left arm and glared at the two. He started to tap his boxing gloves together, trying to intimidate the two. "Get ready for the knock out of your life girly!" King Hippo ran towards Kira aiming his gloves at her before being tripped up by Kira and falling on the ground.

Eggplant Wizard aimed his staff at Conner.

"What are you going to do with that?" Conner asked.

"This!" Eggplant's staff shot out a couple of sparks at Conner's feet. Conner quickly moved out of the way before moving over to Kira.

"That's just for starters," Eggplant Wizard aimed his staff at the two again.

There was only one thing that Conner knew what to do in this kind of situation. "Kira, run!" Both teenagers moved their feet and ran away from the two minions. Eggplant grabbed King Hippo and the two started to chase after Kira and Conner.

As they were running, Kira turned her attention to Conner. "Who are those guys?"

"I don't know but I sure am not going to give my power to them," Conner answered while continuing to run.

As they continued to run, a bright flash of light appeared a few feet in front of them. It was a warp zone but Kira and Conner did not know it.

"That can't be our ride home," Kira had stopped, now looking at the portal. "We haven't saved this world from anything yet."

Suddenly a spark hit the ground next to the two rangers. Both looked back and saw Hippo and Eggplant a few feet away from them.

"We've got no choice," Conner wasn't about to die in the hands of those two. "Come on." Conner and Kira both got into the portal and disappeared.

Tetris World

As quickly as the two rangers disappeared, they quickly reappeared and got out of the warp portal. They looked around trying to figure out where they were. Both Kira and Conner noticed the ground was covered in colored shapes, red, blues, yellows, greens, pinks, and blacks. Some shapes were blocks. Other shapes seemed to be a cross of some sort along and another shape looked like a capital L.

"Where the heck are we?" Kira looked around to see a more alien world than what they saw a few seconds before.

Suddenly King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard appeared from the warp zone.

"Surrender yourselves to us," Eggplant replied.

As Conner and Kira looked at the two, they suddenly felt the area they were in shake.

"Is that an earthquake?" Kira wondered what was going on.

Conner looked at sky above and saw several pieces moving down towards them.

"Kira move!" Conner pushed her away and dived from the shapes coming down. A loud thud echoed the ground where they were where the shapes were now on the ground.

Conner liked at Kira. "You okay?"

Kira wouldn't have seen those shaped figures coming down on her if it weren't for Conner. She could have been a pancake. "Yeah, thanks." Her heart beating was returning back to normal.

On the other side of the shapes were Eggplant and Hippo, being blocked by the shapes that flew down. Another set of shaped figures were about to go down and on the two henchmen as a matter of fact. They both got out of the way as the shapes flew down, building a blocked wall in between them and Kira and Conner.

Convinced they weren't going to cause anymore problems to them, Conner and Kira walked away from the chaos they were in and tried to find safer ground. As they walked a few feet, another warp zone portal appeared and the two rangers disappeared in it.

King Hippo's mouth nearly dropped when he saw the two teens leave in a warp zone. "Mother Brain is going to furious with us once she knows what happened."

Unfortunately for them, Mother Brain was watching from inside her control room. Her face appeared in the confines of Tetris World. "You two are about to have your heads cut off by me personally!"

Eggplant was a little scared to answer back at his boss but was also somewhat irritated that she always yelled at them when she never does any of the work. He theorized she would have a hard time getting things done if she went out on all the hair-brained schemes she sent him and Hippo. "Oh Mother Brain, we just ran as fast as we could to get these two kids. They have the power you're looking for."

"I know that vegetable brain!" Mother Brain yelled back at Eggplant. "You two couldn't catch a cold even in the dead of winter!" Mother Brain moved forward in the conversation. "Get back to base pronto. I've lost track of those two brats." Her face disappeared after she finished sentence.

Hippo looked at Eggplant. "I hope they didn't make it to the palace."

Mother Brain's face suddenly appeared. "If they did, you two are going to be fed to a Skulltulas!" Now her face disappeared finally.

"Skulltulas?" Hippo looked at Eggplant Wizard for an explanation.

"A giant spider with white boney plates in the Zelda land," Eggplant informed his bulky companion. "Real nasty creature too."

The two left Tetris World through a warp zone.

Palace Of Power

Kevin Keene, the teenager that came from his world, the real world to him, through the ultimate warp zone from his television to Videoland after hearing the cries from Princess Lana was petting his dog Duke who also jumped inside the television and entered Videoland. "That's a good boy Duke, good boy!" Kevin was scratching his dog's stomach.

Simon Belmont, the famed vampire killer from the Castlevania world, was nearby the two sighing in disgust. "Ugh, can't believe you do that to that mutt of yours!"

Kevin glared back at the man. "How is stroking my dog no different than you stroking your ego? You both like it!" Kevin shot a smile back at him for which Belmont shook his head.

"My ego does not need to be stroked," Belmont replied in defense. "Why I'm just like everyone else, except better looking." He pulled out a hand held mirror from one of his pockets and started to look at himself. "Just take a look at this cheek bones. And take a look at my teeth. You can't get that kind of dental work where you come from. And my hair is nice and fluffy."

Kevin sighed and continued to scratch his dog.

Suddenly a warp zone appeared in the room and Conner and Kira came out. Duke jumped up and immediately started to growl. Simon nearly cried out in surprise while Kevin got up on his feet and slowly approaching them.

"Who are you two?" Kevin asked.

"They're probably more spies sent from Mother Brain," Belmont replied as he got his whip out from the back of his backpack.

Kira looked at the man and shook her head. "We're not spies."

"And who is this Mother Brain?" Conner was curious what that creature was. He had to deduce that she was the villain in this cartoon and sent Eggplant and Hippo after them."

"Ha!" Belmont cried out. "You know who she is. Don't play dumb with us!"

Princess Lana, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus entered the room after they were hearing the conversation from the next room over.

Conner was struck with Lana's beauty. She couldn't be more than his age, maybe a year older than he was. She was a beauty that was unmatched from any of the other girls he had seen before. But he had to remind himself that Lana was a cartoon character and wasn't real. He was real and so was Kira, but she and everything else in this world wasn't. Still Conner was enamored by her nevertheless.

"What's going on?" Mega Man noticed Conner and Kira in the room.

Kid Icarus gazed his eyes at the two teenagers. "Who are you twoicarus? We've never seen you before?"

"First tell that man to put his whip away," Conner saw Simon Belmont ready to hit him and Kira before they had the chance to explain.

"I will do no such thing," Belmont continued to pose his defense against the two."

Princess Lana sighed. "Simon, do it. That's a command by your princess."

Belmont did exactly what Lana wanted him to do but muttered his displeasure at the idea. "Don't say I didn't worn you if they start attacking."

After watching Belmont put his whip away, Lana turned her attention to the two. "So who are you two?"

"I'm Conner," the teenager said. "And this here is Kira."

Lana smiled at them, trying to show they were all friends here at her palace. "My name is Lana. I'm the princess here in Videoland."

"Videoland?" Kira still didn't understand all what was going on. "That includes that Tetris land Conner and I just came from."

Lana nodded. "Yes it is. You see Videoland has many different worlds. You have the Castlevania land, Tetris, the warp zone that takes you to the Super Mario world, the world to Mega Man, to Metroid, everything.

"You mean to tell me all of those worlds exist in this place," Conner couldn't believe he just heard all of those old games he used to play as a kid. He saw Lana nod her head.

Kevin decided to extend his hand for a handshake. "I'm Kevin. I was brought here after playing Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. I came here to help Princess Lana." Kevin gestured their attention to his dog. "And this is Duke, my dog who followed me here."

"The man over there with the whip is Simon Belmont, from Castlevania," Lana continued.

"And I'm Mega Man."

"I'm Kid Icarus."

Kevin continued. "All of us help protect Videoland and the Palace Of Power from Mother Brain and his forces. Together we form the Captain N Team."

"Captain N Team?" Conner said. "So that's where we are."

"Beg your pardon?" Lana wondered what Conner meant by that.

He shook his head. "It was nothing."

"Those two that were chasing us must be working for mother brain," Kira said. "Once was a boxer and the other looked like some sort of vegetable."

"King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard," Mega Man responded. "They're mega bad and mega dumb too."

"Do you know why they were chasing you?" Lana asked.

Kira decided to answer her question. "They said something about some sort of power they thought we had."

"Power?" Belmont was curious. "Just what kind of power?"

"I guess they were trying to get these," Kira held up her left wrist that had her morpher on it."

Kid Icarus went over to study the device. "Just what exactlyicus is that anyway?"

Conner held up his morpher as well. "This is a morpher which allows us to morph into power rangers, superheroes to help people out and stop our nemesis Mesogog."

"Oh wow," Icarus responded.

"Just what we need, more heroes," Simon complained after hearing the explanation of what power the two newcomers possessed. He looked at Kevin and shook his head.

Kevin caught wind of it but brushed Simon's usual complaints about him. Same old banter he always had for Kevin. "Well you're safe now here in the Palace Of Power, except for Simon's rudeness."

Simon groaned and walked away, not wanting to be in the conversation.

"And his whip too," Kevin added. A giggle from Lana was let out.

"I heard that," Belmont yelled from another room.

"I'll take you guys to get something to eat," Kevin gestured for them to follow him. "Tell me more about what you guys do."


"I can't believe you two misfits let them get away from you," Mother Brain was yelling so loud that the shear power of her voice might crack the floating world of Metroid.

"But Mother Brain," Eggplant tried to squeeze out an explanation.

One of Mother Brain's tentacles came out of her tube and knocked Eggplant on the head again. "Didn't I tell you two earlier in this story to shut up? Now I need to use all know braininess to come up with a plan to get those two kids and steal their powers, leaving me to over power Princess Lana and the N Team and take over all of Videoland and have all the new appointed slaves to adore me and tell me I'm the most beautiful thing they've ever seen!"

Hippo leaned over to Eggplant and whispered. "I thought that was our job?"

She went over to the control panel to see if the computer would be able to scan for the power signatures. After punching a few buttons, the computer was able to trace where the newly found power was. "I can't believe it!"

"Believe what your beautifulness?" Hippo wondered what she had found.

"You morons," Mother Brain started, "those bratty kids and their powers are now with those miscreant Captain N losers."

She was now in despair. Her plans in getting that power seemed to be fading from her grasp. However in all things, she started to form a plan of action. "I've got it!" Both tentacles of Mother Brain came together and rubbed against each other. "I'll use a warp zone and transport my beautiful self into the palace along with the army. I'll seize control of Princess Lana and her forces, get that power from those kids, and become the most powerful person in all of Videoland." She started laughing at the though of her and her army overtaking the N Team and the rest of the security. "Oooo, ooo, and then I'll have every slave adore me with compliments on how pretty I am!"

As she finally stopped talking about herself, Mother Brain looked at the hired help who remained silent and still throughout the plan Mother Brain was going to carry out. "Why are you two idiots still standing around? Go to the control panel and locate the nearest warp zone that can send me to the palace."

The two went over to the control panel and started to press some buttons. After a few moments, the computer came up with a location of where such a warp zone was that led to the palace.

"The computer has something," Eggplant started to read. "There's a warp zone that connects to the palace from the Ghosts N Goblins land."

Mother Brain was delighted. "Perfect. Now all we have to do is go to the palace with my army and get that power and capture the N Team."

Palace Of Power

Conner, Kira, and Kevin were walking in the corridors of the palace.

"So you know those video games too?" Kevin was surprised and also astonished to hear that both Conner and Kira played the same games as he did when he was living at his house. "The game I just got was Super Mario Bros. 2," Kevin continued the conversation. "I just started to play the game but found it to be a challenge. It's so different from the first Super Mario Bros. game."

"Well the game is regarded as the black sheep in the Mario Bros. series, but it's still a good game," Conner added his own opinion of the game.

As the three walked into the thrown room, they met up with Lana, Simon, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, and Kevin's dog Duke.

"You sure do have a pretty palace Princess," Kira smiled at the young woman of royal descent.

"Thanks Kira, and please call me Lana," she said. "No need for formalities."

Mega Man looked kind of blue, sitting close to the princess. Lana took notice of this and wondered what was going on. "Mega Man, is there something bothering you?"

Mega Man looked at the young lady. "I have a feeling that Mother Brain is going to do something mega bad. She knows those two have some sort of power that could help her gain control of the palace."

Simon got up from the chair he was sitting in and agreed. "If Mother Brain does try to come here, we'll be ready. But first, gotta check to see if my hair is still pefect!" He pulled out a mirror and started to look at himself in the mirror. "Simon Belmont you are one handsome devil, you ol' sly you!"

Kira leaned forward and whispered into Kevin's ear. "How can you put up with that guy?"

"He's useful when he uses his brain every now and then," Kevin winked back at Kira.

"Anyway Kira and I are going to explore the palace some more," Conner announced. "If that's okay by you Lana?"

The Princess nodded. "Of course, go on guys. The palace isn't that big."

Kevin glazed his eyes. "As if. I got lost trying to locate the bathroom the first time I was here and ended up seeing Simon not wearing any clothes except for those heart shaped boxers."

Belmont glared at Kevin. "I thought I told you not to say what I wear boy!"

Lana, Mega Man, Icarus, Conner, and Kira were caught off guard and started to laugh, though Simon wasn't happy he had become the butt end of a joke. Conner and Kira decided to take the opportunity to go and explore the rest of the palace.

Ghosts N' Goblins Land

Mother Brain was ahead, moving along with the bottle supporting her tied down with some tank tires that helped her move about freely. Behind her were her army of soldiers. Several feet behind them were Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo.

The Ghosts N' Goblins world itself was a land consumed of darkness with no light except the moon shining from above. Dead trees adorned the scenery along with a rotted picket fence that was colored white with chipped paint coming off. Crows were in the dead trees watching Hippo and Eggplant, eyeing their every movement.

"This place gives me the creeps," Hippo said.

Eggplant had to agree. "I wish I was back in Metroid!"

As the three continued on their trek to the warp zone, they came upon a graveyard. As they were moving through the graveyard, several hands started to grab Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo, but not Mother Brain who continued to move.

"Hey!" Eggplant cried out.

Bodies now emerged from the gravesites and started to try to eat Hippo and Eggplant. Hippo punched one of the zombies in the face. "Get away from me!" As Hippo was now free, he helped Eggplant escape from one of the zombies. Once Eggplant was free, they ran as fast as they could to join Mother Brain who was at least one hundred yards ahead of them.

She looked back at the two minions and yelled at them. "Why are you two slugs running?"

Eggplant was catching his breath as he answered. "There were the zombies that were trying to grab us and….."

Mother Brain rolled her eyes. "If you're going to lie, at least come up with a good one! Now come on you two, we're nearing the warp zone."

After a few moments, they finally got to the coordinates of where the computer showed where the warp zone was and sure enough, the warp zone portal opened.

Mother Brain's eyes widened with delight. "Oh my lucky stars, I'm about to become queen of all of Videoland." She rolled herself in the warp zone and the rest of her army followed her in.

Palace Of Power

Simon Belmont was looking at himself in the mirror while Kevin, Duke, Lana, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus were talking.

"I still don't believe those two are from another world," Belmont was admiring himself in the mirror while smiling. "I bet they don't have any of that so called power they told us about either."

The others looked sharply at Belmont and ignored his remarks. Suddenly a warp zone entered inside the palace which caused everyone to jump up on alert.

"What the heck!" Mega Man wondered why a warp zone just appeared. "There's never been a warp zone that has directly led to the palace before."

"I wonder whoitics is in the portal?" Kid Icarus said as he and the others continued to look at the warp zone. Suddenly to the dismay of Icarus, Mother Brain and her army appeared.

"Surprise!" Mother Brain started to laugh.

"Oh my god," Princess Lana stared in shock. "I don't believe this."

Mother Brain smiled back the princess. "Believe it sugar cause' I'm here and I'm going to defeat your precious team of do-gooders and take over all of Videoland. Now where is that new power I detected here?"

"What new power?" Kevin asked, trying to keep Mother Brain on the fence. At the same time Kevin was keeping his dog from attaching the villain.

Mother Brain's enthusiasm turned sour. "You know what power I'm talking about. Don't play dumb with me boy!"

"Never seen this new power you're talking about," Simon responded. "Maybe that brain of yours isn't working."

Hippo moved over and started flashing his boxing gloves at the vampire killer. "Better not give another remark like that again or I'll be sure to dent that pretty little face of yours."

Mother Brain looked around the room briefly. "I know there are two other ninnies here and I want to know where they are so I can steal that power of theirs."

Princess Lana moved over to Mother brain, not giving into her demands. "We're not going to tell you anything!"

Mother Brain showed a devious grin to her. Although it wasn't the answer she wanted, somewhere it did seem better to hear Lana say that and stand her ground. "Well it's too bad for you then, because I now declare myself queen of all of Videoland and all of you are now my slaves." She looked at the others and finally back at Lana, smiling. "Ain't that so grand!"

Several soldiers pointed their swords at the N Team's backs, reminding them that Mother Brain was now the boss and their lives were now over.

In the distance Conner and Kira were watching safely behind several vases. They recognized Hippo and Eggplant and both finally got to see Mother Brain in all the ugliness she conceived. They knew they had to step up and help the N Team, as it would also be their ticket in getting out of that particular cartoon world and either somewhere else or possibly back home.

Kira shook her head and turned to Conner, wondering if he had something planned. "Conner we got to help those people. We can't just let that Mother Brain creature take over and turn everyone into slaves."

Conner nodded. "I agree and I got a plan." He grinned at her and started to move away from the vase and into the main room where everyone was at. Kira followed though she hoped the plan of Conner would succeed.

"And another thing you will now do as my slaves," Mother Brain continued, "you will throw praise at me every time I ask you to, which will be every second, even when you're asleep." She continued on down the list of what her new acquired slaves would be doing. "Further more……"

"Further more, how about you shut that mouth of yours," Conner walked up into the room pointing his finger at her and the minions she hailed as her army. Kira was at the side of Conner showing Mother Brain that he wasn't alone and that they were ready to defend themselves and the rest of the N Team against her and her forces.

Mother Brain cocked her head at the two. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

"It's the two brats we were chasing to steal the power from," Eggplant jolted out.

Mother Brain was delighted with endless amounts of glee. "So you two gave my two henchmen a run for their money, eh?"

Conner smirked. "Not really. They couldn't catch us and just gave up."

"Some army you have ugly," Kira added.

Mother Brain's smile turned south and her skin turned a shade of red. One of her tentacles came out from her tube and tried to grab the two. "You're going to show me that power you have or else!"

"Or else what?" Kira's eyes glared back at her, not being intimated by Mother Brain's threats.

"Or else I'll kill you two annoy brats and take your powers," Mother Brain responded. "in fact, I might just do that anyway!"

"Not if we can help it," Conner nodded at Kira. "Dino thunder, power up!" Both shouted in unison. Suddenly they morphed into their red and yellow respective suits. "Power Rangers!"

Mother Brain's eyes nearly fell out of her sockets as did her army and the N Team.

"Whoa, neat trick!" Hippo smiled.

"Do it again, do it again!" Eggplant started to clap.

Mother Brain knocked Eggplant upside the head with her tentacle. "Shut up you stupid morons and get them!"

The army started to charge at the two rangers. "Let's power up!" Conner belted out and the two rangers ran to the army to fight them.

Conner and Kira were having no problems with Mother Brain's soldiers. They might have been big but they weren't that smart and couldn't match the martial arts the rangers displayed against the soldiers swinging their swords at them.

One of the soldiers tried to stab Kira with a dagger but she kicked the dagger from the soldier's hand. She then punched the person in the face as hard as she could and sent him on the ground.

Kevin, Simon, Mega Man, Kid Icaurus, and Duke decided to get in on the action as well, seeing how Mother Brain's army wasn't handling itself well against the power rangers. Kevin grabbed his power gun from his holster and started shooting at several soldiers. Simon Belmont grabbed his whip and started using it to grab various soldiers and spinning them around where they couldn't stand on their two feet anymore. What Mega Man lacked in size, he was able to use all of his muscle against the soldiers and defended himself from the would be attackers. Kid Icarus used his arrows that he obtained from the skill of archery and started to shoot the arrows at several soldiers.

Mother Brain, seeing her forces go down one by one by the power rangers, was starting to panic and thought she wouldn't be able to conquer Videoland much less get the powers from the power rangers. In a last minute haste, she grabbed Princess Lana who wasn't looking. "Drop your weapons or the princess here gets it!"

Forced to comply, the N Team had no choice but to drop their weapons and surrender themselves to Mother Brain. The power rangers on the other hand also dropped their blasters on the ground and did what Mother Brain wanted.

"You may have won the battle fools, but I have the princess, which means I've won the war!" Mother Brain said with much delight on her part. She knew the others couldn't do anything for Lana now.

But she didn't know about the rangers special powers.

Kira used her power she obtained from the yellow dino gem and screamed at Mother Brain. Her screeching was so loud that it caused Mother Brain's tube to crack. She also lost her grasp of Princess Lana which caused the royalty heiress to fall. Luckily Conner ran at full speed to grab the princess and get her to safety. The loud screaming from Kira caused the rest of Mother Brain's army, Eggplant Wizard, King Hippo, and herself to retreat to the warp zone from which they used to get to the palace. They disappeared from the palace a few moments later.

Satisfied with the end results, Kira and Conner powered down from their superhero status costumes to their normal attire. "And that's how we do things ranger style," Conner hi-fived Kira.

Lana hugged Kira and then Conner for helping her and the others defeat Mother Brain. "That was great. Thanks guys."

"You all have some really neat mega powers," Mega Man replied.

Kid Icarus placed the rest of his arrows back in his bag. "That was awesomicus!" You all really do have super powers."

Kira couldn't help but smile from the praise she and Conner were receiving. "It's all part of our job."

Simon walked over to the rangers with a somewhat smug look on his face. "Though it's not my style or how I conduct myself in these types of situations, you two kids really did good on your part." He stuck out his hand and shook the rangers hands respectively.

Kevin was grinning the entire time when he was the last to speak. "I don't know what kind of powers those are, but they sure are something."

"I guess they could out you out a job as the saviors of Videoland, right Captain N," Belmont knew how to push Kevin's buttons when the moment did not call for it.

With ignoring Simon's remark, Kevin spoke again. "Thanks for helping us. I don't think we alone could have stopped Mother Brain and her forces."

Kevin's dog barked in agreement with what his master said.

As the group were about to continue their conversation, another portal appeared in front of them. Kid Icarus shook his head. "Mother Brain just doesn't know when to give up, does she?"

The group was ready to defend themselves but after waiting for a few moments for something to come out, nothing happened. They all looked around to each other with a bewildered look on their faces.

"Okay, why is this portal here?" Mega Man asked to no one specifically.

"I think this might be our ride out of here guys," Kira wasn't for sure but stated her opinion. She started to hear some voices coming from the portal. She recognized Ethan and Trent's voices as her face lit up with excitement. "This is our ride out of here."

Conner turned his view towards the N Team. "Thank you all for your hospitality. It's been an honor fighting with you all."

Lana hugged Conner and then Kira. "I hope you two get back to your home."

"Yeah, it would be a real mega bummer if you two didn't," Mega Man added.

"Thanks," Kira turned her attention to Conner. "Let's go."

The two rangers walked into the portal as they looked back at the Captain N Team and disappeared altogether. Sadness was all the team in the palace could show. Though they had only met Conner and Kira, they had made some new friends and wished them all the best of luck in trying to get back to their home.

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