Author's Note:

My Ben 10 fanfic, Ben and Gwen are 13 almost 14 and the intro is rather short to me but this is my first fanfic so feel free to review and correct me if I made any small or big errors. In this fanfic so far, Ben is not wearing the Omnitrix anymore, he decided to take it off to live a normal life right before he hit 12 years old. Thanks and enjoy.

Chapter 1: NoteBook

"Ben…oh Bbbbeeeennnn…" my mom said quietly while she turned on the lights in my room. "Time to wake up Ben, you don't want to be late to school," she said standing there by the door waiting for a response from my lifeless body. "Today is your last day."

"Just ten more minutes mom," I mumbled as I took my blanket and threw it over my head to block off the light. "I was up all night finishing my project and…" but I soon cut off by the sound of my door hitting the wall.

"UP NOW BEN! If you are late to school again, you will be spending your summer with us!" she yelled while she walked toward my bed, took a hold of my blanket, and tugged it off of me and threw it onto the floor along with me.

"OK! OK! I'M UP!" I moaned angrily while I laid flat on my back on the floor facing straight up at the ceiling saying to myself quietly, "Today is going to be a long day."

"There are some leftover pancakes in the kitchen," she was saying rather quickly while rushing out my room, "after you are done eating, I want you out the house so that you don't miss the school..." her voice fade away but I knew what she said without having to hear the rest.

"Ok mom." I said as I got up from the floor to get ready for school. "Hhhmmm, what should I wear to school today?" I went into the closet and quickly picked out my green jeans with a plain T-shirt and put it on. Then I took my green watch and put it on my left wrist where the Omnitrix used to be. It been almost two years since I had the Omnitrix taken off my wrist. I mean, I wanted a normal life and that what I got, right? Even when I went with Grandpa places, we would sometimes run into an alien bad guy or a criminal which some either broke out of prison or the Null Void. We took them down easily tons of times but I hated it when they took up my time, putting me, Grandpa or other citizens in danger. I just wish they was a way to get rid of them once and for all…

"OH CRAP!" I looked at the time and panic, it was 6:57 am and the school bus was going to be here in three minutes. I quickly put on my shoes, grabbed my backpack, and started running toward the door quickly saying as I ran, "Bye Dad, Bye Mom."

"Wait Ben, I forgot to tell yo…," she shouted but it was too late, I was already out the door and running to my bus stop. "Oh, never mind, I am sure Gwen will tell you," she sighed.

"Thank God! I made it!" breathing heavily as I got into the school bus. "Oh Gwen, what are you doing on the bus?" I said, she was reading one of her magic spell books.

"Hey Ben, my parents had to go into work early…anyways, in case you didn't know, Grandpa wanted us to meet up with him at his place after school is over," she said to me then quickly got back to reading her book.

Else Where…

Hey Light, where is your notebook?


HELLO! LIGHT! I'M TALKING TO YOU DUMB… WAIT! Let me guess, you dropped your notebook again…didn't you?


Heheheheheh…this is like what? Your tenth notebook… I don't know how you manage to get that many notebooks and why you always drop them in the human world…Just what are you trying to accomplish?

………I'm going to leave now

Off to the human world now? Oh well…have fun…heheheheheh

Going Back…

"ALRIGHT! Only five more minutes until the bell rings," I screamed out of excitement. "I can't wait to start the road trip with Grandpa, gonna be like old times…well…maybe a little." I kept on looking at the window, then the clock, then the door and repeated 20 times and then I checked the clock the 21st time to realize that I had four minutes left of class. "ARG, this is got to be the longest four minutes of my life," I said looking out the window out of boredom. Then something caught my eye, a black figure falling from the sky and landed on the grass. I looked around the class to see if anybody else noticed it, but by the way the class was talking and goofing around, I assumed no one was paying attention. "I wonder what that was?"


Finally, the bell rang and everybody went rushing out the door screaming in excitement! As I walked outside the school, I saw Gwen outside waiting for me.

"Come on Ben," said Gwen trying to speak over the crowd of students, "lets go meet up with Grandpa."

"Hey Gwen, I have to pick up something real quick," I said while turning around. "I will be back in five minutes," I shouted as I started to run.

"You better be back in five minutes or I'll leave without you," she shouted.

I ran to the spot where the I saw the "thing" get dropped. "I could of swore it was dropped here?" I quietly said while looking through every inch of the grass. Then there it was, what appeared to be a black notebook laying on the grass facedown cover first. "Huh, a notebook? I wonder if someone dropped it?" I turned it around to see if there was a name on the front cover and then I saw the words, the text that read:


End of the first chapter…