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Chapter 3: Justice

I stood there looking at the Death Note thinking about what the Shinigami, Light, said. Me…a god…can I really become a- I stopped and got my head back together.

"Wait…" I said then looked at Light once again. "Why are you telling me this…I mean…why did I get this notebook?" I ask bluntly.

Light turned his head slightly, "Huh? Why you ask? Look here kid-"

"My name is Ben!" I shouted slightly.

"Well 'BEN', don't think that you are special or anything of that matter. Most humans who get the Death Note only use it for their selfish needs and gains, it gets so boring. Besides, I still drop the notebook here to see if somebody interesting does something new with the Death Note…better than being at the Shinigami realm, that is for sure. I find much more entertainment in the human world…heheheh." Light explained.

"Entertainment?" disgusted by what he said. "Look! I'm not going to be some…toy for your enjoyment." I stated boldly. I began to look around and saw that it was getting harder to see around the woods. "Look…it has been nice talking to you, but I best be heading back before Grandpa starts to worry about me." I said, then began to head back to the RV.

Light slowly followed behind me, "Who..? Where..?"

I started backtracking my way through the woods, slightly turning my head every minute to see Light still behind me. Damn it, why is he still following me? I said to myself. Then I started to see a dim light and knew it was the RV at the end of the woods.

I reached the end of the woods and smiled, "Finally!" I said overjoyed to see the old rust bucket. Then Light came up right beside me, looking at the RV.

"So, is this where you live?" he ask.

"Will you quit following me!" I yelled.

"Huh? Sorry kid, I really have no choice in this matter. I am here to stay until you either die or discard the Death Note, which ever comes first." Light said.

"So what the hell am I going to say when I come in with you!? 'Hey Grandpa, hey Gwen, this is Light, a Shinigami , he will be with me for the rest of my life.'" I said sarcastically at Light, then continued, "I mean, they won't act normal when they see you."

"Oh, don't worry about that…since you got my Death Note, you are the only person that can see me…" Light answered.

I sighed in relief, "Well, that is good to hear." Then I turned around and began to walk toward the RV.

"But if anybody else happens to touch the Death Note, they will be able to see me as well…heheheh." smirked Light.

I reached the door and stopped at it, not opening the door, from what Light just said. Damn…now I got to make sure no one else touches it, otherwise…who knows what will happen.

I opened the door and began stepping in. "Hey Grandpa, I am back." I said seeing Grandpa beside his bed and then saw Gwen asleep on the top bunk.

"Oh, hey Ben! I was just getting ready to hit the hay." said Grandpa.

"Alright, I'm going to take a quick shower and go to bed as well I guess." I said and began walking toward the bathroom. "Night Grandpa."

Grandpa started to get into bed, "Night Ben."

While taking a shower, I thought about the Death Note. I wanted to get rid of it some much but if I did, then someone else will just get it and who knows what they will do with it. Plus, now I have a Shinigami following me now…I am thinking of this too much, I just need a good nights rest…that is all I need…

I walked out the shower, put on my pajamas, then walked toward the sink to brush my teeth. I looked in the mirror and stared at my reflection. Then it began to change, the eyes started glowing red and started evilly smirking at me. I blinked, suddenly changing my reflection back to normal.

"Man…I really need to sleep…." I said quietly walking toward the door.

I open the bathroom door and saw Light sticking his head through everything in the RV like a stray cat searching for food. He really seem to no respect for other peoples belongings, or privacy that matter.

Light suddenly stopped what he was doing and turned his head toward me. "Hey kid, for a crappy home it sure has a lot of fancy equipment."

I walked to my bed and tried to go to sleep, facing the opposite direction from Light trying to ignore him.

"What? You are going to bed already? It is not even that late…" Light said angrily.

I then put the pillow over my head, and folded it over my ears, trying to ignore him still. I knew if I started to talk to Light, Grandpa might want to know who I am talking to and Gwen would probably make fun of me for talking to myself since they both could not see him.

"Huh?" Light confused from my action. "If you didn't want to talk to me kid, all you had to do is say so-" Then Light stopped and began to laugh a bit, "Oh…I see now why you don't want to talk to me." Light paused for a minute and continued, "Well, I am not going to stay here all night, so I am going to go for a few…see you tomorrow…heheheheh."

Three days passed since that day, and no sign of Light. I began to wonder what happen to him but at the same time, felt happy and relieved that he didn't show up. I haven't used the Death Note since then but I still couldn't get my mind off that day. We didn't do nothing much those last three days until early Sunday morning, when Grandpa decided to visit one of his friends. Grandpa was outside talking to his friend while I stood in bed, then Gwen got up to eat breakfast.

Grandpa walked into the RV and quickly at us. "Gwen, Ben, we're going to church today."

"Aaaaawwww, come on Grandpa…do we really have to?" Gwen moaned.

"No buts, we're going and that is final." he answered starting the RV and began to drive off.

I felt glad that I was going to church for once in my life. All my good vibes were coming back to me slowly as we headed to church. Then out of no where, the RV came to a sudden holt, causing me to fall off my bed and Gwen to bang her head on the table.

"OW!" Gwen screamed, "Damn…can you stop any harder!?" she said sarcastically.

"Sorry about that guys, anyways, we are here so get ready and meet me in the church's lobby." he said, then walked out the RV.

"There he goes again, in a rush…where does he get the energy from?" Gwen sighed.

Once we got ready, we met up with Grandpa in the church lobby like he said. There we saw him with his friend that he visited earlier his morning. From there, we went into mass and I tried to keep my mind clear of any thoughts so that I can at least relax. Then Light showed up without any warning.

"Hey! There you are…I have been looking for you. Where the hell have you been?" ask Light.

Damn it, he comes back now and in the worst place…No…I won't let him get to me now…just ignore him. I said to myself taking a deep breath.

"Huh? Wait? What are you doing here?" he ask looking around the church. Heheheheh…I guess you can stop going to church, you can't go to heaven now since you used the Death Note."

"WHAT" I yelled looking at Light. Then I realized that I was still in mass, I turned around and saw everybody looking at me. "I'm…I'm going to the restroom…" I shuttered and began walking quickly.

I stormed into the restroom and walked toward the sink. All the pieces of myself felt like they were falling and I couldn't make them stay. Then Light came in from the wall, smiling.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T GO TO HEAVEN!?" I yelled glaring at him.

Light stared at me, afraid of sudden mood, "Well…people who use the Death Note…can neither go to heaven or…hell."




"Well…no…I don't think s-"


I then turned around heading my way out the restroom and there I saw Gwen a few feet from the restroom door.

"Ben, are you ok?" she ask. "I heard you yelling and-" she paused and looked around the lobby, we were the only ones here, then looked at me and arced her eyebrow. "Ben, just who were you yelling at?"

"Oh…no one…look, I going to back to the RV." I said, then started walking toward the exit.

"Wait…Ben! What about-"

I paused for a second and looked at Gwen, "GWEN PLEASE, JUST…just leave me alone…" then turned around once more and stormed out the church exit.

I came into the RV heading my way to the table and sat down on the seat, then slammed my forehead onto the table and mumbled softly, "Why me. Why…me…"

"Wow kid, you are pretty scary when you get mad…heheheh." Light said and then slowly walked up to me. "You're surely the first human who cared so much this…but I still don't get the big deal anyways? Why do you even care?"

"I have no after life now…" I said quietly with my forehead still on the table. "If I would have know about it, I would of never used-"

"If you haven't used it, you and your family would have been dead." Light stated seriously. "You're thinking too much of the negative and not the positive. With that notebook, you were able to save your life and your family. Sure you don't have an after life but you still got a long life ahead of you kid. Why not use it to help others, you did say you were a hero. You can make this world a better place for others to live in." He then he began to whisper in my ear, "With this notebook, you can take justice into your own hand and pass righteous judgment."

After Light spoke, fifteen minutes of silence passed by and I didn't move a muscle. I just stood there, thinking of everything Light said to past events from the day I got the Death Note. I then got up, walking toward my bed and grabbed the Death Note from my backpack.

I took it and walked back to the table, and placed it on the table. For another 5 minutes, I just stared at it.

"Well kid, what are you going to do now?" yawned Light.

I opened the Death Note to the first page, "Write!"

Light suddenly stopped spinning in circles and started smiling "Oh!?"

I then placed my pen on the Death Note and began to write criminal names that came to my head. Those criminals who had hurt or killed other, those who had a life or death sentence were all dieing one by one.

"You are right Light…about everything you said…I was afraid at first…but now, I know what I want to do!" I shouted, writing down names. "I want to help people, and with this notebook, I can help people…save people! And in the end, people will begin to see me as,"


It looks like I've done it! This was too easy…It is only a matter of time now…heheheheheh.

End of chapter three…