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Dawn sat in class scribbling hearts inside of her diary... she was quite a writer, any important and well non-important event you could find in her diary. She also seemed to have every fact about Paul... even though it was freakishly weird since he barely talked and since no one read it but her... it didn't matter. Well, let's clear up some of your questions. No one read it, however it was supposed to be updated every weekend on her her internet private blog. ( Which no one is supposed to be able to get into to.) Why was half of this writing about Paul? Well, let's just say Dawn had a little crush, scratch that... she had like Paul ever since 8th grade when he transferred. And also who is Paul? Well, Paul was one of the most popular, yet arrogant boy in school. He had pale purple hair that came about to his eyes, his solid black eyes, and was serious... very serious... well it seemed like it anyways, and if he wasn't being serious, he was extremely bored or annoyed... Anyways, back to the story.

" Dawn can you answer the question on the board?" Dawn looked up to see a very annoyed teacher, she was probably annoyed knowing that see was being ignored.

" Ummm... -4?" Dawn asked instead of answered.

" Are you sure about that?" The teacher asked while staring at Dawn. Dawn was a very pretty girl, she had blue eyes, and midnight blue hair to match. She had a cheerful disposition in everything, everything that is except math.

' Heck no.' Dawn thought to herself. She mentally slapped herself... he was staring right at her... she couldn't look dumb in front of Paul. She looked over at her friends May and Misty. They just shrugged, obviously they were clueless as well. " Yes." Dawn said finally adverting her eyes back to the teacher.

" The answer is 17. Obviously someone isn't paying attention. Do I need to take that from you? The teacher asked while pointing at Dawn's diary. Dawn was so embarrassed. She looked over to see Paul and his friend Drew rolling their eyes and their friend Ash... well, let's just say he would never get it...actually he was more clueless than everyone in the class... that is why he had a "17 F" on his last report card. She knew this because of her friend Misty and his little " relationship" that hadn't really gotten off the ground since it was proclaimed.. probably because Ash was too dense to notice.

" No ma'am." Dawn said groaning. As on cue the bell rang and Dawn was the first one out of there. She despised that class. Unfortunately she was in such a hurry to avoid her teacher, that she left her diary on the desk.

" Hey." Ash said looking down. Doesn't this belong to Dawn. Drew and Paul came behind Ash both staring at the frilly pink book.

" Yep," Sure is, Drew said snatching the book from May's hands." Let's see what kinds of things she said about me... " Drew quickly flipped through the book. " WHAT!!" He pretty much screeched but if you were to ask he would probably doubt it. " You mean I'm in her class and all she can write about is Paul?" This caught the even Paul's interest. He lifted one eye brow and took the book from his still shocked friend, and his eyes began to scan one of the pages. The second bell then chimed reminding the three boys that they were late. They all went to their lockers. Paul but the book under the ones for class and headed off... hopefully he would avoid a detention.


Dawn went to her next class. Which was Spanish, she loved this class, she was very good at memorizing the different rules, and remembering to put the nouns before the adjectives and so forth. She went and sat beside her friend Misty. May didn't have this class, instead she had P.E. with Drew and Brenden. Her two favorite crushes, she talked about both of them like they were both her boyfriends, when the truth was that she didn't have either of them, in fact she had no one, no one that is except for her two amigas. Dawn reached into her bag to finish up the thoughts in her diary. She felt around at first, and then she peered down into her bag, and the she poured all the contents out onto her desk.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHH!!" Dawn shreiked earning her the attention of everyone in the class including the teacher. Misty tirned and looked at her with a 'What the heck is your problem?!' look on her face. Unfortunately Dawn totally ignored her giving her no signs or anything as she looked at the teacher and asked. " Voy tengo la bana." Dawn said nervously looking at the teacher. Too shocked to apoligize about the sudden outburst and about saying the words wrong. Her teacher just nodded at her as she ran out of the room. She quickly went back to the math lab. She knocked on the door, and before awaiting an answer she pulled the handle. " AUGGGGHHHH!" She shrieked again. Could this day get any worse she said looking around the hallways. Unfortunately for her the lights were off and the door was locked.

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