A/N: This story begans a week before Valentine's Day. Just thought I should clear that up.

Disclaimer: I'd say I owned it, but I'm scared of what Mandy might do to me if I do.

Billy came up to Mandy one day to ask her a question.


"What is it you idiot? Can't you see I'm trying to relax?" she reached over for her iced lemonade which was on a table next to the chair she was in.

"I know dat mandy." Here he stops talking to pick his nose and flick his finger at the ground where the booger lands on their cat milkshakes. The cat just shakes himself and walks away with an irrated meow "But I'm curious about something."

Mandy rolled her eyes and put down her lemonade. "When are you ever NOT curious about something Billy?" she asked sarcastically.

The boy put his hand to his chin and screwed up his face as if thinking real hard about something "Hmm...I dunno!"

"Whatever you have to ask just spit it out already!"

Billy grinned hugely and jumped up and down excitedly "Oooh yeah, now I remember! I was going to ask you why you hated Valentine's Day so much."

Mandy shrugged putting her arms behind her head to get a bit more comfortable. "I guess it's because I don't believe in 'falling in love' or any or that sappy dribble."

He blinked stupidly "Do you HAVE to fall in love or like someone in order to celebrate Valentine's Day?"

Mandy sat up glaring at him in annoyance "Yes you dimwad. The whole reason for Valentine's Day is to do a bunch of romantic crud like finding a date for a dance or giving someone flowers and chocolates and all that other crap."

The extremely hyper boy clapped his hands and laughed "That sounds like fun!"

The mildly irritated girl snorted "If you like that kind of stuff I guess."

"Hey Mandy! Will you be my date for Valentine's Day?"

This question surprised her greatly for she was not prepared for it. A wide-eyed look of bewilderment crossed her face for a moment before it became nonchalant once more "I already told you that I don't like Valentine's Day. Why would I even have a 'date' or anything?"

"Ah come on, it'll be fun!

Mandy sighed and decided for the sake of her sanity to give in to Billy just this once.

"Well...alright. I guess it wouldn't kill me to go to the dance with you."

Not paying any attention to her less-than-excited tone Billy cried out "YAY!" and skipped happily into his house.

Mandy just shook her head at his idiotic display and thought to herself 'As if I could ever have any romantic feelings for that moron.' but then another very small part of her thought softly 'Ah...but if going to the dance with him next week doesn't matter to you that much, then why did your heart start pounding so hard when he asked you to be his date?' This question so rattled and stumped Mandy that she could only reply to it with an angry 'Shut UP!' and try her hardest to block out the voice with angry thoughts. She would never in a million years admit that what the voice had said was true...she had a reputation to protect after all, and besides...she REALLY wasn't ready to face her own feelings head on just yet.