This is my very first KND Fan Fic and though I think that I managed to keep the two members in the story in character you may point out any mistake here or there. Enjoy!

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A Quick Game

KND member Numba 4 - or Wally as his real name was - was bored. VERY bored. The KND operatives hadn't had a single mission that day. Not even from that toilet-whatever-his-name-was evil guy. Numbers 1 through 5 were in the treehouse just relaxing for a change, but Wally loathed every single non-actiony minute of the day.

Currently he was watching some cruddy show on the tv and wasn't really paying attention to what was going on, on the screen. He was getting pretty sleepy and was starting to drift off to sleep when he heard a voice call his name "Numba 4?" He opened his closed eye lids all of the way and found himself gazing at his KND comrade Numba 3 - or Kuki as her real name was - "Wadda ya want?" he mumbled grumpily. Kuki smiled dispite wally's less than happy tone and giggled a bit, a habit of hers that Wally outwardly disliked, but inwardly thought was very pretty, and replied "I was wondering if you wanted to play with me." "Not if it's some cruddy girly game!" Wally said instantly on his gaurd. The few times that Kuki had managed to get him to play a game with her it was always some girly thing that Wally as the tough-guy-wanna-be that he was wouldn't be caught in a million years playing.

"I just wanted you to play dolls with me." Wally now saw that Kuki had two rag dolls under her arms and his eyes widened in horror "No WAY I'm playing a sappy game like that!" He shook his head hard "You can go find Numba 5 and play it with her." Kuki pouted "But I REALLY wanted to play with you!" "Well I am not playing with a cruddy DOLL, so there!" he crossed his arms firmly as if to say that the discussion was now over, but Kuki was relentless and just continued to get him to play with him. By compremising now.

"Okay Numba 4 if you play dolls with me I will play whatever you wanna play." "Nu Uh! Nothing that you say will get me to play with one of those stuffed things." Kuki's eyes watered and she looked like she was about to cry. Wally nearly panicked at seeing her get all teary-eyed. "Okay! Okay! I'll play with you. But not THAT game. Alright Kuki?" Kuki smiled immediatly cheering up at hearing him say her real name and because he had agreed to play with her. "Yay! Okay we can play another game. How does doggy sound to you?" Wally slapped a hand to his forehead and groaned. 'Doggy' was a game, that Kuki had made up where someone had to pretend to be her pet dog and carry her around on their back until she - or they - got tired. He was about to object when he saw her crying face in his mind making him change his mind at once.

"Alright, alright. I'll play the stinkin' game, but just for a little while okay?'' Kuki nodded vigurously and then waited while Wally stooped down.

Then Kuki hopped onto his back and he ran around on all fours while she clung to him laughing happily. Her long dark hair whipped around her face and she held onto Wally for protection to keep from falling off, enjoying every second of their playful game. Wally for his part was also enjoying himself, content to listen to her joyful chortles as her hands gripped his shoulders firmly. Soon though, he started complaining that she was too heavy and so the game ended with Kuki climbing off of his back and giving him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek which startled him greatly and made his cheeks turn a deep red along with an energetic "Thank you numba 4!" before she skipped out of the room, leaving him greatly flustered, but strangely happy.

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