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Lightning flashed and thunder crashed outside of the treehouse.

Poor Kuki was tossing and turning in bed, trying to drown out the loud, scary noises, but to no avail.

Even pulling her pillow over her head and humming really loud did nothing to cease the terrifying sounds of the storm.

Finally she realized that she would get no sleep that night if she stayed in her big, dark room all alone and so she decided to go to one of her friends room's to see if they would let her sleep with them.

Now she wasn't going to go to just anyone's room, oh no. The only person that she knew who would calm her nerves right then was her blonde, australian team mate, Wallabee Beatles.

The jap crawled out of her bed and walked out of the room, clutching her rainbow monkey tightly to her. She walked down the hall until she came to the room that she was looking for.

Just as her hand reached the knob, a particulary loud clap of thunder boomed out, and poor Kuki let out a frightened cry, and gripped the handle, pushing the door open.

Quickly, she dashed into the room, and slammed the door behind her.

Instantly, a yellow mop of hair appeared from under the covers of a bed, and soon after a tired, irritated face followed.

Wally blinked groggily at the direction that the noise had come from, and the dazed expression in his eyes soon faded away to reveal surprise and annoyance.

"Kuki wot are you doin' in here? Your supposed ta be sleepin' now!."

Kuki said nothing, just shuddered and stared at Wally with a scared, pleading expression on her face.

After a few seconds she spoke in a low, trembling voice.

"The storm is so loud and my room is so dark. The thunder keeps going 'boom, boom!' and spooky shadows keep appearing on the walls. I can't sleep because I'm too scared. Can I stay in here with you?"

A look of something that might have been sympathy flitted across Wally's face, but it was gone as soon as it had come,
and a look of annoyance soon replaced it.

"If your so scared of a little storm like this, go bother someone else. I aint havin' no cruddy girl sleepin' with me, an' that's, that!"

In the blink of an eye the emotional girl burst into tears and started sobbing loudly, and Wally jumped out of bed and put a hand on her shoulder trying to pacify her.

"Alright, alright! Ya can stay in her with me, just stop cryin' already!"

Immediately her tears ceased and she put a bright smile on her face.

"Thank you numba 4."

She chirped, skipping to his bed and hopping on top of the wrinkled covers.

"Don' mention it. EVA."

Wally muttered irritably, as he got into bed next to her.

Kuki snuggled up close to him, and put her arm over his waist.

He tried to object, but found that he really didn't mind. In fact he liked the contact. A lot.

Unconciously the aussie moved his head close to hers so that their cheeks were touching each other, and let out a soft, contented sigh.

Kuki giggled and closed her eyes enjoying the precious moment with her best friend and comrade.

She no longer cared that the thunder was striking against the sky or that the room was dim. All that mattered was that the person that she loved was with her. And that meant more to her than anything in the world.

Within minutes the two operatives were asleep, and outside the storm began to cease.

In her dreams, Kuki imagined that Wally rescued her from getting struck by lighting, and afterwards he whispered lovingly in her ear,

'I love you...Kuki.'

It was a dream that she'd love to come true.

The End. Though not really. Wink, wink.

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