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"What is with these games that no one knows?!" said Echizen, very pissed off. Everyone shrugged.

"Who cares? This whole therapy thing was stupid anyway," said Kirihara, bored.

"It is 100% certain that this is the last game for this lesson, and it's the last lesson we'll ever have," said Inui and Yanagi. McDonald was still shocked with the policemen, and was starting to lose his mind.

"Nya, it looks like McDonald-san is gunna blow!" said Eiji cheerfully.

"Saa, he might be a robot, and his circuits are exploding into flames," said Fuji amusedly.

"Ore-sama wants to finish this lesson, NOW," said Atobe.

"Usu," said Kabaji.

"Gekokujyou," said Wakashi. Shishido twitched, and then set Wakashi's ass on fire using Elfire.

"Dude, this isn't Fire Emblem. How is that possible in this world?" said Momo in awe.

"You play Fire Emblem?! Yay! Me and Shishido aren't the only ones who play! So KISS MY ASS JIROU! Jirou?" said Gakuto, looking for Jirou. He screamed like a girl when he saw Jirou. Jirou was sleeping on Bunta's lap, with a huge smile on his face. Bunta glared at Gakuto.

"Oh shut up," he snarled.

"Getting close to your fangirls, Bunta?" said Niou.

"Shut. Up."

"Next thing that'll happen is you'll marry all your fangirls, then you'll have babies, then…"

"SHUT UP YOU JACKASS!" Niou bowed.

"Whatever you say, your royal roundliness." Bunta stood up, causing Jirou to fall on the floor.


"That's not bad. The devil's scared of me anyway." Niou pointed at Kirihara.

"Cool! I'm the devil!" said Kirihara, suddenly skipping around the room in cheerfulness. Yukimura sighed.

"Kids grow so fast," he said. Eiji grabbed a chainsaw.

"Kill the devil!" he said, maniacally running after Kirihara. Gakuto picked up Sanada's sword, and copied Eiji.

"Tasukete!" wailed Kirihara. Everyone watched them, until they got bored, and turned away.

"Not all kids," mumbled Yuushi and Oishi. McDonald was twitching like mad.

"This is how you play 'Wall Crash'," he said, terrified out of his wits.

After the explanation…

"Okay, so we run to a wall, and the people in near the wall have to catch us before we touch the wall?" asked Jackal.

"Blindfolded too," added Momo. McDonald nodded, and held up a piece of paper, showing the teams.

Team one: Echizen, Yukimura, Kabaji, Oishi, Ootori

Team two: Jirou, Atobe, Gakuto, Niou, Yagyuu

Team three: Fuji, Jackal, Bunta, Kirihara, Yuushi

Team four: Momo, Tezuka, Sanada, Eiji, Taka

Team five: Shishido, Kaidoh, Inui, Wakashi, Yanagi

"Hey! Why is Echizen the first name in every list?!" screamed Gakuto.

"You know, he's got a point," said Shishido.

"Everyone worships me, even Monkey King," said Echizen sarcastically.

"Ore-sama repents that statement!" yelled Atobe. Fuji and Yukimura burst into fits of laughter.

"Gekokujyou," said Wakashi. Shishido choked him with a liquorice stick, the grossest candy in the world.

"Shishido-sempai! Please stop!" said Ootori anxiously.

"That didn't make a shred of sense, Atobe," said Yuushi dully.

"It does because ore-sama said so!"

"… So now you own the Japanese language?"


"… I wonder why we were stuck with him sometimes…"


"Ore-sama demands you to stop! STOP! STOP!!!" screamed Atobe, running away frantically. Taka finally caught up, and smacked him, sending him flying out of the window. Everyone rushed to the window.

"That isn't logically possible," murmured Yanagi.

"Nothing's logically possible in this world anymore," said Jackal sadly. Yagyuu nodded in agreement.

"Wowie! Look at him go!!" yelled Gakuto. "HEY ATOBE!!! IF YOU END UP IN AUSTRALIA, BRING BACK A KANGAPOO!!!"

"… What's a kangapoo?" asked Bunta.

"Those hoppy thingys in Australia."


"Gakuto, why would you want one of those?" asked Yuushi.

"I want to see if it can jump higher than me!" said Gakuto cheerfully. "… Should I have told Atobe to get a koala too?"


"I want to see if would sleep longer than Jirou!"

"… It wouldn't."

"Who knows?"

"C-could we please start?" asked McDonald. He was literally shaking.

"… Why are you shaking?" asked Echizen bluntly.


"Fine, let's start." Atobe burst through the door.

"Ore-sama is suing all of you," he growled. Then the chicken whacked his face, sending him flying again.

"Nice hit, Niou," said Yagyuu.

"I've been practicing," said Niou, smirking. Shishido grabbed the chicken.

"That's mine," he growled. Niou grabbed the back of Shishido's head, and smashed him against the wall.

"Let's start the game before things get nasty then."

"What's your problem?!"

"I didn't like the way you spoke to me." Yukimura glared at them.

"Play nice you two," he said, with an eerie smile. They stopped fighting.

"Ahh, I wish I had that kind of powers with sadism," said Fuji.

"I wish I had more power with sadism," said Yukimura, smiling warmly. The sadists laughed. McDonald fainted, and Jirou woke up.

"What happened?" he asked, yawning.

Team one

"I wonder when they'll allow us to start?" said Echizen, bored out of his brain.

"When they stop exchanging pleasantries, I suppose," said Yukimura amusedly. They had taken their blindfolds off, and were watching Oishi and Ootori talking for forever and a day.

"You're a buchou, why can't you tell them to stop talking, and start playing this stupid game?"

"I'm Rikkai's buchou, so technically I can't force them to start." Yukimura was twirling Fuji's Inui juice gun in his hands.

"You're a sadist."

"I'm already on it." Echizen raised his eyebrow. Yukimura giggled. "You know you want to do it." Echizen watched the twirling gun.

"Damn it." Echizen grabbed the gun, and walked towards Oishi and Ootori. They realised what Echizen was carrying, and started running for their lives. They ran for the wall, and Kabaji, thinking that the game had started, flung his arms out. Unfortunately, his arms had hit Oishi and Ootori, who were rendered unconscious.

"That's an interesting way to play the game…" said Yukimura, before bursting into laughter.

"Game over," said Echizen, drinking Ponta that he took out of his cap.

"Usu," said Kabaji.

Team two…

"Monkey King, want to make a bet?" asked Niou, a cunning smile on his face.

"Ore-sama is listening," said Atobe.

"I bet Yagyuu's the only one who's going to make it to this side." Atobe looked at the three at the other side.

"Jirou isn't as sleepy as you think. And Gakuto will probably make it."

"Don't count on it." Atobe didn't have much confidence in his team mates, but he was competitive.

"… If I win, you have to go naked for a week."

"Deal. But if I win, half of your savings."

"We're ready!" yelled Gakuto.

"Hurry up already!" snapped Atobe. "Get running!" Yagyuu and Gakuto were already running to them. Jirou was busy eating pocky. Atobe facepalmed. Then Gakuto did a replay of the spiral track, and fell. (Refer to the spiral race in the PoT special show 'Atobe's Gift', the best special in the world.)

"Loser." Atobe glared at Niou, who was holding/hugging/raping Yagyuu. Yagyuu removed his blindfold.

"Please, Niou…" said Yagyuu quietly.

"Ahh, just enjoying the moment, Hiroshi. I get half of that idiot's money," said Niou, smirking. Yagyuu sighed. "Bet you can't do this with Tezuka, right Atobe?"

"… HOW DARE YOU INSULT ORE-SAMA!!!" screamed Atobe.

"Heh, Atobe's throwing a hissy fit!" said Gakuto, finally arriving at the other side. Atobe glared at him.


"YUUSHI!" he wailed, running out of the room.

"Masaharu… Why?" asked Yagyuu.

"Relax, I can finally afford that golf club you wanted," said Niou.

"… Okay then."

Team three…

"You going to tell him?" asked Kirihara.

"No," said Bunta.

"Ask him."


"Ask him, you know you want to!"

"PISS OFF, BRAT!" Yuushi was listening to them, not having a clue what they were talking about.

"Fine! I'll tell him myself!" Kirihara began walking off, and Bunta grabbed Yuushi by accident.

"… Wrong person, Marui," said Yuushi crossly.

"Uwah! Sorry! Where are you, brat?" screamed Marui, forgetting to let go of Yuushi. Kirihara had forgotten where the walls were, so he kept smashing into them. On the other side, Fuji was giggling and Jackal moaned.

"Ah, Marui-san is so cute," whispered Fuji.

"You guys ready yet?" yelled Jackal.

"NO! MUST. FIND. BRATLING!" screamed Bunta, still dragging Yuushi. Gakuto burst into the room, with his blindfold still on. God knows how he actually made it there.

"WAH! YUUSHI!" he hollered. He smashed into Kirihara.

"I'm not Oshitari, you idiot!"

"WAHH! I WANT YUUSHI!" Gakuto hugged Kirihara


"Oh, this is such a fun game!" he said. Jackal twitched.

"You're as bad as Yukimura-buchou."

"Thank you!"


Team four…

"Nya! We're coming!" said Eiji, smashing into the wall totally opposite.

"BBBBBBBUUUUUURRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!" screeched Taka, following Eiji into the wall. Momo followed for no particular reason. Sanada stared at them.

"Your team is totally insane. I can't believe we lost to you," he said. Then he heard his fellow team mates screaming:

"Go Echizen!"

"Suck it you rich bitch!"

"Niou, please…"


"But you don't want to tell him, Marui-sempai! I'm doing you a favour! Be grateful!"

"Would you two stop fighting?!"

Tezuka smirked slightly when Sanada turned bright red.

"You were saying, Sanada-san?"

"… Shut up."

Team five…

Well… They were actually done, and were staring at the surveillance cameras Yanagi hacked into again.

"For crying out loud! Can't they play normally?!" yelled Shishido. Everyone stared at him. "Oh, screw it. No one thinks properly in out team except Oshitari and Ootori."

"Gekokuyjou?" said Wakashi.

"I. Will. Murder. You."

After the game…

"Er… The dude's dead," said Momo, poking McDonald's dead body.

"Seems like he shot himself… I wonder where he kept his gun… Any ideas, Yukimura?" said Fuji.

"I don't know. I'm not that interested in guns. Speaking of guns, don't you have three?" said Yukimura. Everyone stared at Fuji.

"Yeees. What's that got to do with anything?" Everyone frightfully thought about what the last gun was. It makes you wonder why they aren't freaking out about dead person in their room.

"Soo… Does that mean this therapy crap is done?" asked Bunta. An old, bluenette woman walked into the room, with a huge smile on her face. Yukimura, Sanada, and Yanagi looked terrified.

"Oh great, anothertherapist," moaned Echizen.

"Hi, Renji, Genichirou! How are you?" she said. Yanagi fainted, and Sanada backed off.

"What's up with you two?" asked Shishido.

"T-That's…" muttered Sanada fearfully.

"Spit it out!" snapped Niou.

"Seiichi! How are you, darling?" she said hugging Yukimura, who was pale. He hugged her back stiffly. Almost everyone mouthed 'Who's that?'. Yukimura mouthed back, looking close to collapse:

"My fucking grandmother."

Author's note: Yes, Yukimura swore. FEEL THE FEAR IN THE MASTER OF SADISIM, YUKIMURA'S OBA-CHAN! BWAHAHAHA!!!! Okay, now that the rantings are done… I NEED EVERYONE'S ATTENTION!

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