They both sat reluctantly in the dark cave, talking about their past. Marika was first up. She explained how she was shut away by her own mother, then about her sisters. Mandarin listened part way, not really caring about her life long story, but when she mentioned the Monkey Team everything changed.

Mandarin listened intently on how easily she could have killed them all, but decided against it. This is what made Mandarin slightly angry.

"You could have easily killed them! You have extraordinary powers from birth, and you don't use them?"

Marika started getting aggravated, "Extraordinary powers? What I am is not a gift, it's a curse."

"No! You could rule the universe if you wanted to." Mandarin argued.

"Maybe I don't want to rule." She replied.

"Then you're weak! You're just as weak as your little sisters!"

BAD mistake. Marika bared her fangs. She no longer had Mandarins sword and shield, but she was naturally born with venom in her blood.

"No one! No one ever calls me or my sisters weak!" She screeched as she grabbed him by the throat.

"And no one ever, Ever, gets me mad without dying!" She threw Mandarin across the room angrily. He tried to get up but she stepped on his back. "Especially not a little termite who only works for those greater than him."

Mandarin tried to get up, but Marika grinded him into the dirt.

"This is my cave now." She picked him up by his skin and threw him into the jungle.

"If you ever show your face around me or my sisters again, I'll KILL YOU!!"


Maia sat at the edge of the Super Robots shoulder, watching the sky getting lighter every moment.

"You've gotten up early today." Said Antauri's voice from behind.

The silver simian sat beside the golden one, letting their sides brush lightly. Maia wrapped her tail around his and laid her head on his shoulder.

"You never told me what happened." She whispered. "How did you change?"

Antauri sighed and looked to the sky.

"Mandarin tried to murder me… not very long ago. I was reborn within a silver simian that the alchemist could not finish without an existing soul." He whispered.

Maia closed her eyes, "Why didn't you just tell me this earlier?"

"When we were younger you said that once a person dies they shouldn't get another chance to live again. If one person were to do that everyone should be able to do so. I didn't know how you would react." Antauri explained.

"Well, I've learned from that age, Antauri. I think that you had a reason for coming back. Chiro, the team… me. Everyone has their time… it just wasn't the right time when Mandarin tried to kill you. Plus it's a shame that anyone would die a young age because someone killed you."

Maia started waving her legs side to side as they could hear Sky's morning music, which were a usually romantic songs or piano classics. Soon their tails were also twitching in rhythm with the song.

"I would never think of you any different because you came back for a reason." She smiled as she leaned on him more, "In addition, I would be very upset if you had died before I could see you again."

"Gosh Sky! Turn off the crappy music!" Nita had screamed from her room. Soon they heard some sort of rap song playing at full blast.

"Turn down that monkey music!" Sky hollered.

"You first! And I am a monkey!"

Maia shook her head and looked briefly at the rising sun. She kissed Antauri's muzzle affectionately and stood up.

"I better break them up again."


Maia stood in the middle of the command room, waiting for the okay from Nita and Sky to get ready to take off.

"I should warn you all, Nita and Sky love giving people goodbye hugs. They'll run at you, so get ready for it."

Immediately as she had finished they had gotten in from the battle ship.

Both Nita and Sky had run up to Antauri and had given him his own group hug. Squeezing him tightly they both gave him a kiss on the cheek at the same time.

"Gonna miss ya Antauri!" Nita whined

"We really are!" Sky said as she let go of the sterling simian.

They both ran to Nova and Jin-May who had their eyes closed and their arms opened, ready for impact. After they had gotten up from the ground and had gotten over the giggles they went after Sprx.

"Here Sparky! Here Sparky!" Nita called as if he was a dog.

"I don't wanna hug! And I'm not a dog!"

After a few moments they had finally gotten a hug from Sprx, even though it was only about a second. It didn't take long for them to catch Gibson, giving Sky the opportunity to kiss him on his cheek.

"Really? Is it necessary to attack people for hugs?" he asked cautiously.

"Yes, yes it is." Nita answered.

Otto was waiting patiently for his turn to be squished. They both gave him a longer hug for not flinching when they ran at him.

Nita quickly kissed him lightly on his cheek and ran after Chiro with Sky.

After about ten minutes everything had gone back to normal.

"Done?" Maia asked.

Sky held thumbs up and Nita smiled widely.

"Okay then, we're off."


After everyone had gotten their hugs and kisses, the Battle Ship was ready to go and Maia, Nita and Sky were leaving in mere seconds. They waved as they entered their ship and took their seats. Once the ship was gone, Otto looked crest fallen.

"When are they coming back Antauri?" He asked.

"Hopefully not soon," Chiro said as he cracked his back. "They give mean hugs."

Antauri shook his head and smiled, "I know those three usually don't like staying in one place for long. They'll be back though."


"So Sky…"

"Oh no"

"What did you and Gibson talk about in the lab before we left?" Nita pressed.

"Keep your fat nose out of my business, Nita."

"Nita, He was just taking off the bandages." Maia assured.

"Oh, I see. He took a peek of what's under your bandages, right?"

"Nita, shut up." Sky snapped.

"Oh, come on you can tell me. Did he like them?"

Maia rubbed her temples and groaned, "Oh, brother…"