Here's another Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic coming from me. Unlike the others I've written, this one is an actual story, has something of a plot, and everything else a story needs. One of the things I need to say is about Sonic's Universe. With all of the alternate dimensions and what-not, I'm saying right now that Humans and Mobians live together on Earth and cities that appear within this story are from the Sonic Video Games only unless otherwise stated. As for the character list, it'll stay secret for now.

Anyways, a couple days before this story starts, Eggman's plan had once again been destroyed by Sonic and co. Not one to take defeat lightly Eggman has been fuming since then, unable to let go of this defeat. And now with the Disclaimer: I do not own any Sonic the Hedgehog characters, objects, or locations save a few that will be introduced later, the story can begin.

Chapter 1 Finding a Small Secret

Eggman is sitting in front of the main computer terminal of his base, silently releasing a barrage of curses in his head at that heroic blue hedgehog and his gang. Sonic and his friends had recently destroyed one of his greatest creations and took his two Chaos Emeralds and his only Sol Emerald at the same time, giving them a total of seven (four Chaos and three Sol) of the fourteen Emeralds and him a big fat zero.

His hard work being destroyed was bad enough, but losing three of his hard stolen Emeralds to Sonic was rubbing salt into the wound. Eggman had to admit, it was a little ambitious attacking Blaze's estate with one robot and hoping to succeed, but considering the robot was powered by all three emeralds Eggman thought he had a good chance. Leave it to Sonic and Blaze to destroy his super-robot and snatch the emeralds at the same second.

The fight was a couple days ago, but Eggman had hardly moved from the seat in front of his computer, busily looking over the files for anything that could be of use to him. His two assistants, a short silvery robot named Bocoe and a tall gold one named Decoe were silently watching him from behind.

"What exactly do you think he is doing?" Bocoe asked his friend quietly.

"I don't know Bocoe, he's hardly moved from that spot since his defeat a few days ago. Perhaps he is planning the construction of a new robot?" Decoe answered just as quietly. Bocoe shrugged.

Eggman could hear them, but took no notice of his robotic helpers. He was far too mad at Sonic and wanted to find some way of beating him. Eggman was busy pouring over his computer records for inspiration. Hmm...Metal Sonic records, no I'd rather not risk having another robot turn traitor on me...Death Egg schematics, nah it would take too long...Hmm, those old Project SHADOW records I swiped from GUN, perhaps there is a small trinket of information that will reveal a weakness in Shadow the Hedgehog. The mad scientist ponders while opening the files.

Eggman re-reads those files in their entirety, from the beginning paragraphs where his grandfather described the early works of the project to the creation of the Biolizard to Black Doom's assistance in creating Shadow to the conclusion. It seems like a fruitless search, until Eggman comes across a section in the conclusion...

"My greatest project is now a success. With the creation of Shadow, we have created the Ultimate Life Form. Already the next project beyond Project SHADOW has started, and it should benefit mankind and Mobians even more."

"Hmm, so after Shadow was created grandfather was already working on another project. Perhaps the files from that project are still within the ARK's supercomputer." Eggman mumbles to himself before getting up. He turns and walks off to some other part of his base, ignoring the cowering nervous robots that were spying on him a couple minutes ago.

"Where is he going?" Bocoe asked in confusion, "Isn't he mad at us for spying on him?"

"I don't know. Sometimes it is so hard to tell what he is going to do." Decoe responded.

A few hours pass and both Decoe and Bocoe are maintaining some of the robots in Eggman's armory. They hear some large robotic footsteps behind them and turn to see Eggman in his old Eggwalker (the robot he uses from Sonic Adventure 2).

"Doctor Eggman, what are you doing?" Decoe asks his boss.

"I'll be leaving on a research trip to the Space Colony ARK, until I return I'm trusting the both of you with this base." Eggman says from atop his walker, "Monitor the news. If they report anything about a Chaos or Sol Emerald send a robot to go and retrieve it. Understood?"

Both the gold and silver robots nod. "Yes doctor, but we do not know what your robots are. How can we select the right one?" Bocoe asks.

Eggman pulls a bit of a sour face. "I expected as much. Here..." he mumbles and tosses a small manual towards the robots. It comically lands over Bocoe's face, causing him to flail a little before it falls off. "The first page has instructions on how to launch a robot while the others have a picture of the robot and a description of it. I'm going to leave now. Don't fail me." His large machine marches off, leaving Decoe and Bocoe to begin studying.