Title: iTherefore Conclude

Disclaimer: i not own Carly. Not own Sam. Freddie also, not. i only normal. not genius.

Carly couldn't believe it herself. After turning Freddie down for the 657,042,588th time, she was agreeing to go out on a date with him. In front of Fried Chicken and Sam, she said yes. To be exact, she said "If I watch "Sappy Feet" with you, will you give it a rest?"

Sam dropped her chicken on the floor, not even bothering to pick it up (and she ALWAYS picks it up). Even Freddie, totally expecting another rejection, fell off his chair. Gathering himself, he stood up, pumped his fists in the air and ran out of the room. Although, he did come back in, pretended to be cool, and said "tomorrow around 7?" When Freddie left, Carly drew out a sigh and locked eyes with Sam—who was still neglecting the piece of meat she dropped on the floor.

"What?" the brunette asked, as if it was no big deal.

"You and FREDDIE?! Carly! He's… our tech wiener. You know I support you kiddo but," Sam stood up placed the back of her hand on her friend's forehead as if to feel her temperature, "are you sick?"

Carly laughed. "No… I just figured he won't ever stop until I go out with him on a real date and not just for lunch. So, you know, it's one night. He'll realize I'm not the one for him and just… stop."

Sam frowned and sat back down. "But what if it backfires? What if you end up liking him" she shuddered at the thought.

"I wo-" Carly started, but she was cut off.

"No, think about it! If you get together… I'll be the 3rd wheel."

Carly gave her a half-smile and draped her arm around her best friend's shoulder. "Are you jealous?"

"Well… if you guys are gonna get all couple-y… yeah! You're not going to spend as much time with me…"

Laughing, Carly clarified. "No. I meant will you be jealous of me if I get with Freddie?"

The blonde tentatively stepped back and looked at Carly as if she had booger dangling from her nose.

"What? Do I have booger dangling from my nose?"

"No. It was what you said. Dude… Me plus Freddie equals vomit."

"Is that a hypothesis or a theory?"

"No. It's a postulate. But that's—"

"Well I think it's just a hypothesis"

"Carly" Sam warned in her monotone, don't mess with me voice. At this point, she was a little bit infuriated. Her best friend wasn't taking her seriously. Really, this was a bit of a problem. Freddie, no matter how big of a Nerdtron, was actually a pretty decent guy. She wouldn't find it hard to believe if ever Carly fell for him.

Carly eyed her friend seriously. "I promise it's not going to happen. IF I fall madly in love with our dear Fredward, you will not be the third wheel."

Sam, still a bit anxious about the matter, decided to agree and just give it a rest. "Ok. I believe you."

After a lengthy pause, the brunette asked again. "Are you sure you're not jealous?"

Sam punched Carly playfully on the arm. "No. Besides… Freddie only notices you most of the time anyway. It won't be that big of a change. If it will be a big change: who cares?!"

Carly just nodded. She knew Sam well. And in this matter, she figured that Sam was jealous—the girl just didn't realize it yet. Her best friend was very intuitive on what other people were feeling or thinking. But when it concerned her, she was usually oblivious. But before Carly could ever jump to conclusions with anything, she had to have evidence. That Sam was jealous was simply a hypothesis to the question why she was acting that way. Then again, her gut was sticking to it. And Carly's gut was never wrong.