Getting ahead of myself here but this idea's been suck in my head for awhile, anyway just thought i'd warn you Seth is really really mean in this. So if you don't like mean Seth then you probably shouldn't read it. He gets worse.

Chapter 1

He's my teacher. I say over and over again in my head. but he's gorgeous. My mind is in so many different places that I've stopped listening to what he's saying. All I can think about is how he's probably got amazing abs underneath that blue button up shirt he's wearing. It goes well with his eyes. Those eyes. I stared into them when I first walked into class.

He's married. Or at least he's wearing a wedding ring. But all I can think about doing is jumping him. Jumping him right in the middle of the class. He's not older than 25. He can't be. Maybe he's younger; maybe I have a chance. No. There's no chance. He's my teacher. And he'd never be attracted to me. He's my teacher and he's married. He's probably happy. He looked happy. But what am I saying I don't even know the guy. He's been my history teacher for all of 10 minutes and I'm already deciding he's happy. His eyes have a twinkle to them. His eyes.

He's moving now. He's saying something but I'm not listening. He's asking a question. Someone raises their hand. God, I could just eat him alive he's so hot. Hot. That's the word for him.

His blonde hair is spiked. He doesn't look like any of the other teachers here. In fact most of the other teachers are old and boring. But I can tell this man is not boring. Far from it.

He's looking at me. He's saying something but I'm not listening. Now he's waving his hands in front of my face but I'm still not paying attention. All I can do is stare. I'm day dreaming. Mostly it's about how I want to tear his shirt off. Buttons and all. Just rip it off to get to his chest. I can't think like this. He's my teacher.

"No!" I'm thinking it in my head. Did I just say that out loud? The class is laughing. He has a stern look on his face. Oh God.

"See me after class." Is all he says. I heard that. Maybe I should have been listening instead of dreaming about that sexy body he probably has underneath that shirt. He looks pissed. He looks up at me. It's the first day I'm already in trouble.

I'm an A plus student. I always listen. Daydreaming is not my thing. It's unproductive. But there I was just moments before in class daydreaming about his body. Mostly about what I could do to said body.

Everyone's out of the room, everyone but me. But I'm supposed to be here. He just shakes his head at me.

"What was that about?" He asks. Just his voice makes me want him. God, everything about this man makes me want him.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Atwood. I'm normally not like that it's just the first day of school and I've got so much going on. I was just trying to get it all situated in my head. I promise I won't do it again." But I will. I'll do it everyday that I'm in his class.

His phone rings as he's about to answer me. He holds up a finger and mouths one second. He flips the phone open. He's smiling wide. "Hey." His voice is sweet. I shouldn't listen to his conversation. But I am. "I'll be home right after work. I love you too." His wife. "What kind? Yeah I can manage that. Take care baby." He whispers the last thing.

Then he's looking up at me. Whoever that was on the phone he adores. So why am I currently wishing he'd talk to me like that? I don't even know him! And he's my teacher!

"I'll let it pass this time, but please don't let this happen again." He said sternly. His face is soft. Probably because he just talked to his wife. I'm assuming it's his wife. He's got a ring on his finger. He just called whoever it was 'baby.'

I just nod and grab my books off of my desk. I'm rushing out of there. I have to get out. I'm breathing heavily. He has worked me up. I'm still thinking about jumping him. He's married. Not to mention; He's my fucking teacher! I shake my head and run to my locker.

My boyfriend's standing there. Oh God, I was just thinking about someone else and I have a boyfriend. How stupid can I get? Pretty stupid.

"Where were you?" He demanded. I try to smile as he grabs my arm forcefully. He wasn't like this at first. He was loving and I had so much in common with him but then his mom started drinking and was sent to rehab.

That's when he started hurting me. I'm so dumb. I knew the first time he slapped me across my face I should have left. I did. But I came back. I went back to him like I needed him. I didn't. I don't. But he wants me around. That's why I'm still there. That's why I let him pull me towards the parking lot. We're at his Range Rover.

"I'm sorry." I whisper as he makes me get in the passenger seat. He doesn't love me. I know that. He loves her. She doesn't want him, so he settles for me. I'm his second choice. Maybe his last. Doesn't matter. I'm still fucking here.

"I don't want to hear it." He shakes his head. First day of senior year and I'm already feeling defeated.

"I have class." I whisper. I know he does too, but I want out of there. Fast. I can already feel it coming. I know it's about to happen. There it is. The sting across my face. He doesn't care if he leaves a hand print. He never does. No one cares anyway. I'm over-looked. Especially by my mother. So why would anyone else care? "Go!" He yells. I obey. Why do I obey? I don't even know. But I do.

I'm out of that car as fast as I can possibly be. I'm running towards the school. Tears threatening to fall. I need to make it to the bathroom. Quickly. I'm not looking. I'm just running through the crowd of people before the bell rings.

"Humph." Oh No. I ran into someone. I'm so dumb. I don't look up. It's him. I can tell by the shirt. I finally look up after a few seconds. He's bending down to pick up the things I let fall to the ground when I ran into him.

I'm still watching him. I know if my boyfriend caught this I'd get more than just a slap to the face. But I don't care. This man is gorgeous. He's enough to risk the wrath of my terrible boyfriend.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Atwood. I'm just a really clumsy person, it's my fault. I should have been looking where I was going. My boyfriend is constantly telling me I don't pay attention to anything. But I do. I'm not like this." I try to shake my head. I wasn't like this. Not before. But there's been so much going on that now I'm in a different world.

"Almost the same speech as before." He chuckles handing me my things. He's staring into my eyes as he gives me a smile. His eyes move to my face. Oh God. I forgot about my face. His eyes turn from happy to upset in a matter of seconds.

"Who did that?" He whispers. "I ran into a door, you know part of my clumsy-ness." I try to give him a smile before rushing to the bathroom. A handprint. It's deep red and starting to bruise slightly. I take the foundation that I use just about every day and apply it to my face. Concealer helps too. I'm glad there's no one in there with me. I hate explaining things. It's not like they care anyway. The girls here just like gossip.

The bells ringing. I need to get to class. Fast. First day of school and I'm already late. What happened to my regular punctuality I have no idea.

Last year before the summer happened I was this happy upbeat girl. I was in so many different activities that I barely had time to myself. I couldn't say that for this year. My boyfriend didn't like the idea of me spending time with other's so he told me to resign from my social chair position. I didn't want to. It would look good on my college application. But he said he didn't care. He said I should want to be with him every second that I possibly could. I didn't. I don't. My after school activities were the only way to get away from him. Then the summer happened and I was stuck with him all day everyday. I was hoping once school started that things would change. We'd both get back into swing of things and he'd start lusting over her again. I hoped; no I prayed she would develop feelings for him so he'd leave me. What kind of sane girlfriend thinks like that? For one, everyone knows I'm far from sane and two he only likes being with me because he feels in control.

Like sex for example. That's all it is sex. Nothing more. It's actually terrible sex. Not that I'd have anything else to compare it to. So I let him take control. Whatever. Not like I could do any better. Well at least that's what he says.

Someone's grabbing my arm. I freeze. Oh God. I'm closing my eyes as I turn to face whoever it may be.

My last class of the day ran a little late. If it's him then I know I'm going to be hit. Right here. In front of the whole school. Maybe then someone would care. But it's not him. No, the person I'm looking at right now has blue eyes. Gentle blue eyes. I'm not looking at his eyes anymore. His lips. If I could just taste those lips once…

"Taylor." He jolts me out of my day dream. I really need to stop doing that. It's not healthy. "Mr. Atwood?" I question hoping that he'd let go of me soon. He might be watching. And somehow everything I do is wrong. So I don't see him thinking this as just a friendly talk with my History teacher.

"Are you okay? I mean earlier…" He trailed off giving me a look. His eyes were sympathetic. He went out of his way to make sure I was okay. Maybe there was something there. "No." I say to myself. Once again I realize I just spoke out loud. That wasn't meant to be heard.

"No, I mean I'm fine. Sorry." I shook my head and waved a hand to signify I was fine. "Are you sure?" He still had a hold of my arm. As much as I would have loved him to keep his amazing strong hands on me I needed him to let go.

"Yes." I give him a weak smile hoping he buys it. Well he has to buy it because that's all he's getting. If only I could give him more…STOP! I tell myself. I look around to see if I said that a loud. I didn't. Thank God. I'd hate to have to explain that one. He'd probably think I had voices in my head or something silly.

"Only if you're sure." He needs to let go. NOW. Because I see him. He's glaring. He's pissed. Oh God. "Yes. I'm sure now I have to go. See you in class tomorrow Mr. Atwood." I rush off towards my boyfriend. Hoping to God he doesn't smack me right there.

"What was that?" He demands. His eyes are scaring me. "I was just…he's my history teacher…" I stutter out as he walks ahead of me to the Range Rover. He's not listening. Instead he's walking with determination. He's getting in the SUV now. I stop. I don't need a ride home but he's looking at me. He's mad. I know he's going to want to hit me.

"Get in." He demands. I can't listen. Not this time. I close my eyes and tell my self I'm stronger than this. But I'm not. I'm far from it. So I reach for the handle. But I stop. I stop because I'd rather just go home and deal with my mother than deal with him and his yelling.

"Seth, I think I'm just going to walk home." I whisper. The window is rolled down on my side so I know he can hear me. "Fine." And he's putting the car in reverse quickly. The tires squeal making me jump a little. I take a deep breath.

For today I am free. I get to go home and rest. I can take my mind off of everything. There's Mr. Atwood again. He saw him drive off leaving me standing there almost in tears. I start walking towards the road. "Taylor." He's behind me. I'm wishing him away. Not that I don't want to see him. God I could look at him all day long. It's just I don't need someone to feel sorry for me. And I can see that he's going to be one of those people. So I ignore him.

"Taylor!" This time he's shouting. I turn around quickly. "What?" I say a little harshly. He doesn't notice. He gives me a smile. That smile. It's gorgeous. It's captivating and all I can do is stare. "Need a ride?" He points to his car. I shake my head no. I can't get in the car with him. Not possible. I'm not sure I can refrain myself in such a small space. I'd be smelling him. And his body would be way too close.

"Sure?" He asks again. Yes I'm sure. I want to scream at him.

"Positive." I give him my best fake 'I'm okay' smile and turn around and start walking home. My house isn't far. Ten minutes on foot to be exact. Well more like 10 minutes and 15 seconds to actually get to my front door and open it. I timed myself. The day I timed myself was a terrible day and I needed to take my mind off of everything. So, just like that day I decided I'd give myself another try. Maybe I could beat my record. God, I need a life. Not this time. 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Maybe I can try again tomorrow. I could only hope. He's there.

Oh God. I was hoping he would wait a few hours before showing up. But no he's getting out of the Range Rover and walked towards the steps ready to ring the doorbell. I wish it away as I stare out my bedroom window. I guess wishes don't get anyone anywhere. Not in a time like this.

I know if he rings the doorbell a few times and I don't answer he'll just come in. So I sit down on my bed. I start thinking about how my day was. Then I smile. Those eyes.

Then my smile fades because my boyfriend's standing in front of me with his hands on his hips. I'm fidgeting with my hands unable to look up at him. I know he's glaring at me and I can see his fist ball up with fury.

But I'm saved. Saved by the one person I never thought would save me. My mother. She walks in the room and glances at Seth. She smiles slightly and tells me that she'll be out the rest of the evening. Then she tells Seth to make sure I'm safe. Or something to that effect I wasn't really paying attention because I didn't really care. Then she was gone. She hadn't really saved me. Just stalled what was the inevitable for a few more minutes.