To Be Normal

Sometimes all I want is to be just like everybody else. Oh sure I'm a genious who has a crazed obsession with aliens. And an extreme love for paranormal phenamena that keeps me stalking a poorly disguised alien called Zim at my school and , indeed, even in the privacy of his own residence. I love my weapons and techno gadgets, hey how could I not? They keep me protected when battling Zim, and other weird, other-worldy beings who I have to destroy. And I relish in the, often short lived, vctory of , temporarily, defeating Zim. I love the thrill I get when battling the inhuman creature. Even if many times my efforts weren't enough and I ended up sorely defeated, I knew that there was always tommorrow...or the day after that...or the day after that...or get it.

But now I realize that I am not truly happy being the way I am. For one thing not many people like me. Okay...that's an under-statement. Quite frankly I don't ANYONE likes me. Well with the exception of Gretchen, who I secretly have a huge crush on - wait...did I just say that outloud? Oh crap I did, didn't I? Uh..well anyway, everyone thinks I'm weird, which is pretty understandable, and they don't understand me at all. I mean they can't even see what is right under their noses! Zim is an alien I tell you!! Why is it so hard to make them realize that? He has GREEN SKIN for pete's sake. Whoever heard of a human with green skin?! And what about the fact that he doesn't have any ears? Is that not enough evidence for everyone?! It's pretty darn suspicious to me!

But that's just it...I'm the only one who thinks so. I'm the only one who can see that Zim is an extra-terrestrial. I'm the only one who believes in aliens, spirits, and whatnot. And sometimes...I just want to be normal. Ordinary. A regular, non-insane, person. I want to do the things that everyone else does. To feel the way they do. To act the way they do. To put it blunty - I want to be someone else entirely. This is a mere dream though. A dreary hope that will never become reality. I'm doomed to be Dib: The physcotic maniac, the loser, the weirdo, the self - proclaimed alien hunter, forever. But who knows. In another life I could be a completely different person. The ordinary boy that I have always wanted to be. But for was time to pay a visit to my old 'friend' Zim. After all, if I was going to expose him for what he really was, I had better get started now. It was my only real goal in life after all. Well...that and taking out that annoying dog of his 'Gir.' That funkytown dance of his just wasn't right. I had to eliminate him as well for the sake of my sanity and for night club dancers everywhere. Farewell for now dear reader, and wish me luck. I know I'll need it.

A/N I hope that was as horrible as I wanted it to be. Oh yes I wanted it to be bad. To torture anyone who wanted to read a GOOD IZ story. Hahahahaha. In your face! Now you know what staying up at 12:20 will do to you. I reccomend never doing it. Ever. I need a cup of coffee...and a few reviews if anyones willing to dish some out. Flames are very much welcomed, though they will immediately be put out with a fire hydren, so ha! Dear lord I'm acting immature where's that coffee container...?