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Chapter 4: Sadness and laughter.



"W-what?" Hinata asked. "N-no, you can't mean it! You and Tenten… next week is your 2 years anniversary!"

More tears streamed down Neji's face. "I know." He whispered.

"But…why?" Hinata asked softly while stroking his hair.

"She…she said I cheated on her." Neji said. "But I don't…"

Another tear fell on the table.

"She yelled at me." his voice was shaky and his eyes looked at the table. "She cried. And when I touched her, she said… she said…"

He took a deep breath.

"She said she hated me."

The tears stopped flowing, there were no more tears left, and he let his face rest on the table.

Hinata hugged her cousin, trying to calm him down with comforting words and stroked on his hair.






Tenten tried to wipe away her tears as she entered her apartment.

'I have to stop thinking about him.' she thought as she lied down on her couch.

When she looked around, she couldn't stop but recall memories from her and Neji.

Pictures, flowers, clothes, gifts, jewels and other things.

Tears welled up again and Tenten shut her eyes, trying not to think of him, and snuggled in the pillow.

Bus when she took a deep breath, she couldn't help but cry again.

She could smell him.

He was everywhere.



Tenten walked happily over the street, feeling a little lonely without Neji.

'I wonder what's wrong with him.' Tenten mused as she ordered her ice cream. 'The last few weeks he is acting…weird.' She paid and walked out the store.

'Too bad he couldn't come with me.' Tenten thought as she licked her ice cream. 'Ah well, his loss.'

As she looked in the window of a clothes shop, she saw in the reflection familiar hair.

The head turned around a bit and Tenten saw the face of a friend, who was sitting very close with someone on a bench.

'Karin? Since when is she dating someone?' Tenten thought with a grin while a plan formed in her head.

She turned around and looked for her friend.

"Karin, Karin, Ka-rin?" Tenten murmured and her eyes widened when the other person turned his face to Karin.

'Neji?' she thought and furrowed her brows. 'I thought he had some things to do?'

She walked to the two and put on a happy smile.

"Hi guys!" she said.

The two froze for a moment and Neji turned around, a little red. "T-Tenten?" he asked. "What are you doing here?"

Tenten smiled, pushing away the feeling to ask why he was here with a friend and not with her.

"You know, just hanging around." she said. "How are you, Karin?" she asked. "How's your acting career doing?"

Karin grinned widely. "Good!" she said happily. "Last week my manager told me that THE Orochimaru requested me to do an audition for his latest movie!"

Tenten grinned back. "That's good!" she said. "Well…I have to go! Have a nice day Karin, Neji."

With that, she turned around and walked away, pushing away the image of her boyfriend and beautiful friend together on the bench where Neji confessed to her.






A week later Tenten just came home from spending the day with Neji and Hinata.

'I wonder why Hinata doesn't have a boyfriend…' she thought as she took Ben and Jerry ice cream and a spoon to the living room.

She turned on the TV and watched a movie about a girl whose boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend.

Tenten immediately thought of Neji and Karin.

'He would never do that to me.' she thought as she scooped a spoon of frozen heaven into her mouth. 'Never.'

On that moment, the doorbell rang.

Tenten sighed and put her ice cream and spoon on the table.

'Who could that be?' she thought as she walked to the door and opened it.

"He-Karin! What's wrong?"

Her beautiful friend was standing in front of her, her tears streaming down her face as she looked at Tenten.

"T-Tenten." She hiccuped. "He-he!"

Tenten guided the poor girl into her apartment and let her sit down on the couch.

"What's wrong, Karin?" she asked softly.

Karin's lower lip quivered a she took a deep breath. "He- Neji tried to k-kiss me!"

For a moment, Tenten couldn't hear anything.

"What?" she asked. "Tell me everything."

So Karin told her everything.

"A month?" she asked in disbelief. "You and him were dating for a month?"

Karin shook her head. "I didn't know it were dates! I thought he just wanted to hang out!"

Tenten took a deep breath and asked the last thing that was on her mind. "How did he ask you to hang out and where did he bring you?"

Karin thought of it, her pretty eyes behind her glasses focussed on the wall behind Tenten while biting her lower lip.

"He…he said… he said 'We need to talk.' and brought me to the bench where you saw us a week ago."

Tenten's heart sank.







Neji sighed as he turned around to face the wall.

Somehow, he had managed to walk to his bedroom and lie down on his bed.

'What did I do wrong?' he thought and sighed. 'I guess I just have to cancel everything…'

Neji closed his eyes and thought of everything he had been through.



"We need to talk." Neji had said to Karin, Tenten's closest friend beside Hinata, through the telephone. "Meet me at the entrance of Konoha Park in 30 minutes."

He went with her to the bench he had confessed to his former girlfriend and began to speak to her.

"I think you know that over a month, Tenten and I are 2 years together."

Karin nodded.

"I want to ask you some things."

Karin smiled sweetly. "You can ask me everything!"

He had asked her what Tenten's dreams were, what she liked and not, what she wanted to do and such.

"Wow, I thought I knew everything but I didn't." she smirked at Karin.

She blushed a bit.

"Ah well, thanks for the information." Neji stood up. "It's getting late, I'll walk you home."



For weeks he had tried to make reservations for several things.

Skydiving, a hotel with the best restaurant and a cruise ship.

He had planned everything.



"Hey Neji-kun!"

Neji looked up and saw Karin sitting down next to him, smiling sweetly.

He nodded in acknowledgment.

Every week Neji and Karin would come to the bench in the park and talk about his and Tenten's anniversary.

"Everything's settled." He said. "The hotel mailed me this morning to confirm that the suite is available.

Karin nodded as she started talking about her acting career.



"I like you."

Neji looked at her.

He was walking her home, as usual.

"I love Tenten." He simply stated.

"But…I'm much better than her!" Karin said and stuck her pouted at him.

Neji raised his eyebrow and twitched a little. "You'll never be equal to Tenten." He said as they reached her home.

Neji turned around to walk to his own house as Karin stopped him.

He sighed and turned around.

Only to be kissed by Karin.

He broke the kiss and looked at Karin, disgusted.

"I thought you were Tenten's friend." He said, his voice cold.

"Bu-but…I love you, Neji." Karin's lower lip trembled.

"I don't love you. I'm sorry Karin." Neji said before he left. "Sorry."








Sasuke hugged Hinata and handed over a huge bouquet.

Hinata flushed and took the flowers and Sasuke to the kitchen.

"Your favorites, aren't they? Lavender and roses?" Sasuke asked as he watched Hinata put the lavender and white roses in a vase.

Hinata put the flowers on the kitchen table and sat down next to Sasuke.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked her as she lowered her eyes to the ground.

Kneeled in front of her to look in her eyes.

They were red.

"Hey…why did you cry?" he asked softly.

Hinata just shook her head.

"Hinata." Sasuke said in a warning voice. "Tell me."

Hinata smiled. "You're even worse than Neji at comforting."

Sasuke pouted and Hinata immediately felt guilty.

"S-sorry!" she squeaked.

Sasuke chuckled and patted her on her head. "At least you're talking."

Hinata blushed and smiled slightly.

"So…you wanna talk about it?" he asked.

Hinata looked at him.

"You know you can trust me." he said and frowned. "You do trust me, don't you?"

Hinata nodded quickly. "Y-yes!"

Sasuke snickered. "Easy, Hina." He said and leaned back in his chair. "So…tell me."

Hinata took a deep breath and told his everything about the day before.

"No wonder you look exhausted." He said. "You really look bad."

When Sasuke saw the hurt face of Hinata he quickly apologized. "No! I didn't- Not that you-! You are beautiful, Hina, you only… ah… eh…"

He decided to shut up and looked away, blushing heavily.

'Baka!' He thought. 'Baka! Baka! Baka!'

When he heard some noises, he looked at Hinata, whose shoulders were shocking, her hair hanging like a curtain around her face.

'Is…is she crying?' he thought and touched her.

"Hina… are you ok?" he asked softly.

On that moment, Hinata couldn't help it anymore.

"Hahahaha!" she laughed as she threw her head back. "Hahahaha!"

Sasuke was stunned for a moment. Was she laughing at him?"

He smirked and launched on her, tickling her.

"Are you laughing at me?" he said. "Are you? Are you?"

Hinata was crying now. "S-stop! S-Sasuke!"

"Repeat me!" Sasuke said, clearly enjoying it. "Uchiha Sasuke."

"U-Uchiha S-Sas-uke" Hinata hiccuped.

"Is greater than everyone!" Sasuke grinned.

"N-never!" Hinata squeaked ran away.

Sasuke smirked and ran after her, only to find an empty living room.

"Hina-hime…" he chanted. "I know you're here."

He looked around and saw an unusual curve behind the curtains.

Sasuke tiptoed to it…

"There you are!" he said when he threw the curtains open.

There was nothing but…

A plant.

"What the?!" he said.

Then, he heard some muffled giggles.

He walked to it and…

'I don't believe I didn't see it earlier!' he smirked as he sat down at the couch.

A small whimper was heard from under the couch.

"I know you're under it, hime." He said. "Come here and maybe I'll be nice to you."

"No!" Hinata said from under the couch and giggled.

"Then I guess I have to get you." he sighed and crawled under the couch, grabbing Hinata by her waist and pressed her on the couch, underneath him.

"I thought I told you to come out." He growled with a smirk on his face. "Now I'll to punish you hard so you will learn to obey me." he let his forehead rest on hers and Hinata giggled. "I'll win!" Hinata said and flipped him over so she was on top of him.

"You will never win from the Hina-nator!" she laughed but squeaked when she was flipped over again, her head hanging over the couch so her neck was exposed.

"Hm, Hina-nator? I guess I have to punish you even harder." Sasuke grinned like a maniac and buried his head in her neck, sucking and nipping the flesh.

"S-Sasuke!" Hinata said and closed her eyes, blushing madly. "P-please!"

She felt Sasuke smirk in her neck and he continued.

"What's happening here?" a cold voice said loudly, causing Sasuke to stop and Hinata to open her eyes.

Neji was standing behind the couch, glaring hard.



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