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Chapter One: A New Beginning

It was a crisp, warm summer's evening and Cole found himself seated on the porch outside the Halliwell manor with his lover on his lap, her arms lovingly around his neck.

"So how did the boys go on their first day of normal nursery school?" Cole asked, in between kissing Phoebe, "I don't see what was wrong with the nursery at Magic School."

"Are we ever going to talk about what you're going to do when the new school year at Hogwarts starts again?" she demanded, changing the subject awfully quickly and violently.

Cole hesitated. He had been avoiding this talk since he got off the Hogwarts Express three days ago.

"We haven't talked, Cole, and I mean really talked, since that night at the Ministry. You came back and acted like everything was fine. It's not fine, Cole!" Phoebe was starting to get exasperated. She got off his lap and walked inside the house.

Cole let her and remained outside, still unable to find the right words to say. He did not know how to tell her that he was leaving her again, even though he was going to try and be back.

He lay back on a sun chair and looked at the sky. The stars were not easy to stop due to the lights of the city, but he was still mesmerised by the patterns that they made.


"Are you planning to tell Turner about this?" Snape asked the headmaster. The two were sitting in Dumbledore's office and Snape was pouring a potion over Dumbledore's wound.

"No," Dumbledore replied simply, "He won't understand. He has done so much to try and protect me. He won't be able to let me go. He has a very hard time letting go."

Snape nodded. "You know that he's going to try and protect you all year no matter what. He may put himself in danger because of it."

"Cole can protect himself," Dumbledore answered forcefully, but then conceded the younger man's point, "I won't let him be killed on my account. I will make sure that he is unable to stop what is to come in the future."

Snape finished up his work and looked at the old wizard. "This year isn't going to be easy. For any of us."

"Be strong, Severus. When the time comes, you will know what you have to do. Never forget why you are doing this."

Snape nodded again, this time getting up to leave. "Will you be alright now, Sir?"

Dumbledore smiled and signalled to Snape that he could leave. He then turned and lay back on his chair, looking at the portraits of those headmasters and headmistresses that had gone before him, wondering just how long he had until he joined them.


"I have a meeting with Rufus Scrimgeour," he told Phoebe and anyone else who was listening as he bustled into kitchen the following morning wearing a grey suit with a green shirt and tie and his black robe over the top.

"Rufus Scrimgeour?" Phoebe questioned after Cole had kissed her good morning. She was trying to wrestle Corn Flakes into Jaxon's mouth. Julian sat there in his 

highchair, quite happy to accept mouthfuls of the cereal as his new mummy gave them to him.

"Yes, he's the new Minister for Magic," Cole replied, as he attempted to feed Jaxon as well. Jaxon, as it appeared, was perfectly happy to allow his father to feed him.

"See now he opens his mouth," Phoebe said as Jaxon ate mouthfuls of Corn Flakes.

Piper laughed and offered Cole some scrambled eggs, which he declined.

"Chris," he then said, turning to the younger male, "Would you like to come with me to the Ministry? There's strength in numbers, if you know what I mean, and Scrimgeour is a not force to be reckoned with."

"Absolutely," Chris replied happily, "I'm so freaking bored around here."

He got up, leaving his bowl for his mother to clean up after him, and changed his shirt into something a little more appropriate than 'FBI: Female Body Inspector.'

Cole then shimmered to the Ministry, Chris orbing right behind him.

"So where to now?" Chris asked, nervously looking around at the hustle and bustle action in the Ministry at midday.

"We should check in over here in the Atrium and perhaps they can direct us," Cole shrugged walking to one side of the large foyer. The young whitelighter followed very closely behind him.

"Hello, um, Cole Turner here to see the Minister," Cole said, very unsure of protocol at the Ministry, "And Chris Perry is here with me as well."

"Very well, Mr Turner," the woman answered, "If you'll just take that lift over there to the first level, someone will greet you and take to Minister Scrimgeour's office."

"Thank you," Cole replied very politely and walked with Chris to the elevator as they put the badges that they had been given on.

They took the lift up to the first level and followed the woman that had been sent to greet them. She led them to Scrimgeour's office and they entered alone.

"Ah, Cole," Scrimgeour said, getting out of his chair to embrace Cole's handshake, "And?"

"Chris Perry," Chris replied, also shaking the Minister's hand.

"Yes, Chris was present last month at the Ministry and is accompanying me today," Cole told Scrimgeour quickly, not wanting to reveal the real reason as to why Chris was there, "So you wanted to talk to me about something?"

"Well, we'll skip the small talk then, shall we?" Scrimgeour said, "You're a very influential and powerful man, Cole. There's no denying that. I could use a man like you."

"I'm sorry, Sir," Cole replied, trying to be polite, "My loyalties are to one man only."

"Now come, Cole," Scrimgeour responded, placing his arm around the taller man's shoulder, "You shouldn't be so narrow-minded. We are at war. There is plenty of time to declare an open allegiance to good magic. You should think of it as a partnership. I'll scratch you back if you scratch mine. I can make sure that your family is protected and, in turn, you can make sure that Dumbledore works alongside me."

"I'm not going to be your spy, Scrimgeour," Cole answered disdainfully, "I'm Dumbledore's man, through and through. You would not have been so keen to ask this of me last year when I was the crazy lunatic that thought Voldemort was alive."

Scrimgeour showed his strength by not flinching at the sound of Voldemort's name like many of his counterparts, including his predecessor, do.

"Cole," he continued, "Believe me when I say that it is in your best interest to go along with me on this."

Chris smiled smugly and chose his words carefully. "Or what?" he said loudly, speaking for the first time, "I believe that Cole has said no. He isn't going to change his mind and anything you say is only going to push him further into that mindset. If we have a change of heart, we'll give you a call, until then, goodbye." And he placed his hand on Cole's back and ushered the older man out.

Once they were out of the office and back in the lift, Cole turned graciously to Chris. "Thanks for bailing me out of there. I thought he was smarter than Fudge, but really, he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed."

Chris smiled back and as soon as they were in the Atrium, they shimmered and orbed out.


Cole found it hard to believe that two weeks of the holidays had already passed. He was having so much fun back with the family, playing with his sons, making crude comments about Paige's clothing and enjoying, with great fondness, Piper's cooking. He had managed to avoid having the 'big talk' with Phoebe. He was just trying to enjoy the little time he had with her without the angst and passive aggressiveness of their arguments.

He found himself alone one evening, watching TV after most of the family had gone to bed, when Dumbledore showed up and invited himself inside.

"Well, Cole," he began, "How have your holidays been?"

Cole looked at the blackened, dead hand of his mentor and replied. "I'm gonna guess that yours have been pretty busy."

Dumbledore looked confused for a moment and then noticed that Cole was staring at his hand. "Oh, this. Don't worry about it, it should heal soon," he lied.

"What happened?" Cole then asked, a little concerned about his mentor's wellbeing.

"I will tell, but not right now. It is a fascinating and long story for another time, Cole," he replied, pushing the point that he didn't want to talk about it just yet, "For now, I would like you to accompany me to fetch Harry from his Aunt and Uncle's."

"Absolutely," Cole responded, jumping to his feet, "I'll just leave Phoebe a note to say where I'm going, otherwise she'll worry and then I'll have to hear about it for another week."

Dumbledore smiled as Cole quickly scribbled a message down on a Post-It note and stuck it to the fridge.

The two then disappeared from the kitchen, arriving on the doorstep of number four, Privet Drive, where Cole proceeded to ring the doorbell. He wondered if anybody was up, since it was very late.

"Who the blazes is calling at this time of night?" they heard a man yell.

Cole grinned wickedly, recognising that the voice belonged to Mr Dursley, who he had threatened just a few weeks beforehand. He waited, with a great anticipation, for the man to answer the door, wondering what his first thoughts will be when he saw Cole again.