Autumn 2006: Birth

Ron is making his way through the brown and yellow fall leaves, returning home from a long day of assisting George at the joke shop. The chilliness is biting his nose, and the wind is practically pushing his cheeks backwards. Somewhere amongst the trees, chirping birds welcome Ron home as he approaches.

As his cozy little cottage appears in viewing, Ron debates with himself on how to spend the evening – a fireside dinner with Hermione, or an early evening stroll with Hermione?

While fumbling with the gate at the edge of the cottage's front yard, Ron doesn't hear the front door swinging open, and doesn't see Harry rushing out of the house to him.

"Harry?" Ron's eyes jerk back upward at his best mate. "What are you doing here?"

"It's Hermione – she went into labor an hour ago, and Flooed us over when she couldn't reach you…"

Ron is already pushing past Harry, entering the house and quickly abandoning his briefcase. Harry comes in after him, and Ron shouts back at him, "Is Ginny with her?"

"Yeah, and we left James and Al with Neville and Hannah –"

Ron is not listening. He hurries upstairs, bursting into the bedroom. Hermione is in bed, sweating, and breathing heavily. Ginny, dabbing Hermione's forehead with wet cloths, gives her brother a three-second glance before turning back to Hermione. "She's coming near her final contraction…"

Ron freezes – he has temporarily forgotten what contraction means. "That's good…right?"

"It means the bloody baby is coming, Ronald!" Hermione blares at him, her face red with perspiration.

"Got it!" Ron nods and sits down next to Hermione on the bed. "What can I do to help?"

Ginny smiles as she flips back the covers at the end of the bed – a sign that the birth is coming closer and closer. "Just stay here and wait for a miracle."

An hour later, an unfamiliar body rests in Hermione's arms, and this body's parents stare at her in astonishment. Ron and Hermione have not yet gotten over the fact that this soul was not here this morning, but is living and breathing now.

They had witnessed a miracle – a miracle of birth.

Rose Elaine Weasley – Born October 7th, 2006

This was techinally the last chapter, and a bit AU, I guess, as Rose is born in the fall and wouldn't turn eleven by September 2017, when she is seen going off to school...but the way I planned out this story caused me to do that.

I'd love for some feedback! If I find some time, I might continue this with other years...but please review!