"Are you sure you'll be okay, here all alone?" Guy looked at the confines of the ship and was seriously doubtful. It wasn't the manor, but it wasn't big either.

"I can always talk to Asch, or any of you by sort of throwing my voice. I control sound, remember? And Noelle will be coming by to drop off supplies. Not to mention that…" Luke's feet left the deck. "I can fly. The Tartarus is just the only thing I can stand on in the core, I have plenty of room to run, or fly, around in."

"I'll send some textbooks with Noelle," Asch informed him. "And we'll be visiting as soon as we explain things to people."

"Uh, Asch? I remember how to speak Ancient Ispanian, and modern pronunciation is awful. I know math, and… a lot of stuff."

"Guy's right, you're going to be bored stiff." Asch folded his arms.

"Bored? Not when I have all this work to do." Luke waved off his concern. "And Mieu's staying, remember?"

"I have to stay by Master's side for a whole year." And Mieu thought this place was really neat, although it could use more grass. Master had promised to work on that.

Ion sighed. "I wish I could stay, but Anise and I have a lot of work to do." Reforming the order would take time, especially because unless someone had found him and Dist while they were down here Mohs was still a threat. "I'll come visit."

"Ion, don't think of it as your duty as fon master or anything. If you do want to do me a favor," Luke handed Tear a sheet of paper torn out of his diary with a grin, "then you guys can do the shopping for once." He pointed up. "The Albiore's almost here. Are you guys all packed?"

"Why are you trying to send us off right away?" Jade raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"Because they're going kind of nuts up there and the sooner you tell them it's over the sooner they can calm down, stop worrying about landship fleets appearing out of nowhere, and start fixing up the damage. Asch, our father is in Belkend, by the way. After what happened to Sheridan he had to go back to the duchy and work on the defenses." Luke stopped hovering and dropped easily to the deck as Noelle came in for a landing. "It's easy to destroy things. Fixing them is harder."

"Unless I've lost count," Anise told them, "we're about when you came back, Luke."

"It was two days ago." He smiled. "Or, actually, it wasn't."