Forbidden Siren: Daiichi Jiken (First Incident) | サイレン: 第一事件

Chapter 8: Apprehension

Kurosawa Akihiro


XX Years Ago

Central Market Square

Norijima Island Village

"Man the heat here is the real deal!" A man dressed in khaki cargo pants with a white sweat shirt on top wearing a boy's cap stands in the crowd. Hurrily he drags his bag and enters a small noodle shop.

Upon his entry the people in the shop fixed their empty gaze on him. Awkwardly tried to look back at them but the pressure of their attention was too much for him to handle that while looking down at the floor he slowly continued on to an empty seat.

"Oyagi itsu no Sansai soba ni onegaishimasu!" Akihiro exclaimed. The old man preparing the soba just nodded and started preparing the dish. The noodle shop was small with only 4 tables present inside, though the place is small 3 of the tables were fully occupied.

It was too silent for a noodle shop. Too silent that the faint noise of the wind blowing in and the faint sound of the slurps while the other customers eat their soba was the only sound present in the shop. The old man put the steamy soba into Akihiro's table without uttering a single word he walked back to the counter and started reading his newspaper.

The aroma of the soba graced Akihiro's nose. Hurriedly he got his chopsticks and started digging in into his meal. In the middle of his meal a loud sound of a bell echoed across the place. Suddenly everyone stopped what they were doing and one by one went off to the direction of the sound of the bell.

Akihiro went on to finish his soba and after finishing his meal he puts the money into the store's counter. As he steps outside to his surprise the place was empty, not a sign of life was present into the place.

Akihiro then proceeds to walk to his parent's home. While on his way he hears a faint sound of chanting from afar. Curiously he follows sound while carefully treading the woods. With the chanting getting louder as he gets deeper into the woods he then sees the crowd of the villagers from afar.

They are gathered in front a very big tree. The crowd was split into two groups and a figure clad in a red robe was visible standing in front of the crowd. The figure was speaking while holding a book. The people listened fervently as the figure speaks.

Minutes later two children were brought into the front of the crowd. The children were dressed in a long white robe accompanied by a man clad in a black robe. The man got the kid on his left and took him inside the tree by entering crevice at the side of the big tree.

A loud scream echoed across the area. The black robed man exits the crevice carrying bloodied basin. Upon the sight of the blood the remaining kid was terrified and started resisting the grip of the black robed man.

Akihiro sensing the danger for the kid rushed towards the crowd. Pushing through his way to the child he released the black robe man's grip from the kid's hand.

"What the hell are you doing to these kids?" Akihiro angrily exclaimed. Without muttering any word the black-robed man single-handedly pushed Akihiro which sent him flying to the bushes beside the tree.

Dizzy with blood gushing from his head Akihiro struggles to stand up but a swarm of villagers went to him to hold him down. He took a quick glance at the crevice of the tree where the black robed man earlier entered and was horrified to see a small pale hand with traces of blood laying at the entrance of the crevice.

With the villagers restricting him the red clothed figure began walking towards him. Slowly the figure closes up to him revealing a figure of a woman. It stopped a couple of steps away from him and began talking with her back facing him.

"Why interrupt us child?" A soft voice of a woman asked Akihiro. "I asked you child, why have you interrupted us" There wasn't a trace of anger on the woman's voice but Akihiro instinctively trembled in fear.

"Why shouldn't I? Akihiro exclaimed. "You people are about to claim the life of an innocent child!" Akihiro continued. The woman turned facing Akihiro and took two steps closer to him. A calm face of a maiden clad in a red robe appeared before Akihiro.

"Do you know the purpose of our action? Everywhere there are sacrifices that must be made. Be wary of the future child." The woman then retreats back to the black robed man. She stopped for a while and muttered in a different tone. "You remind me of someone"

Akihiro struggled to stay conscious but second by the second his senses failed him he finally lost consciousness.

Author's note

"Oyagi itsu no Sansai soba ni onegaishimasu" Translates into "One sansai soba please".

Chapter 8 finally updated after a couple of years! I'm very sorry for the long break. Life has been very hard for me on these couple of years and it just has been recently since I found the time to continue the series again. I will finish the story I guarantee you this.

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