Title: Return of the Jedi: Choose Your Own Adventure
Author: Mina
Rating: PG
Category: Adventure, Drama, Alternate-Universe.
Characters: Vader, Luke, Palpatine.
Disclaimer: I make no money for this, and make no claims on the copyright of these characters.
Setting: Return of the Jedi
Summary: The confrontation on the second Death Star could have ended any number of ways. Join ROTJ as Luke meets Palpatine and see where different choices at different times might have driven Luke, Vader and Palpatine. You control their destiny, so choose wisely.
Acknowledgements: Huge thanks to mlgm for the beta.


If you ever read the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' childrens' books as a kid, you'll know how this works. If not, the premise is pretty straightforward. You don't read this story in chapter order - do that, and it'll make absolutely no sense. Instead, at the end of each chapter, you'll be asked to make a decision for Luke, and directed to the correct chapter for your choice. There are ten possible endings in here - some good, some bad, some really really ugly - which you'll get to according to the choices you make. It's up to you how the story ends... so choose wisely...

Return of the Jedi: Choose Your Own Adventure

By Mina


The future was uncertain.

Luke could feel, deep down in his gut, that anything could happen next - anything at all. He could see a hundred different threads of possibility stretching out before him, winding off into futures he couldn't see, around corners he couldn't fore-guess.

Because this was the point where everything changed.

Or nothing changed at all, perhaps, other than that he would die here, aboard this monstrosity. Maybe walking across the Death Star's Throne Room floor would serve no other purpose than to propel him to his death. As endings went, there were better ones to aim for... but ones he didn't know if he dared to aim for.

No - scratch that.

Belief in a happier ending was what had driven him as he marched through Endor's forest to the Imperial garrison, what had kept him sane whilst he was confined in one of the garrison's cramped detention cells for hours, awaiting his father's presence. What had fortified him during the long, empty hours he'd had to examine his decision to surrender, and what kept him going now despite all the logic and common sense that told him he was walking to his death - or worse. Faith, belief: he mustn't forget them.

Luke swallowed back his apprehension and started forwards across the Throne Room's glossy floor, his awareness of Darth Vader heightened as the man's steps rang out behind him, pressing Luke forward.

"Welcome, young Skywalker -"

Luke lifted his chin, flashed a look of unimpressed defiance at the Emperor's half-smile. He'd known what he was getting himself into, after all. No point in pretending he hadn't believed Vader would bring him here. But he'd had to try. And he was going to keep on trying, right up until it killed him, if that where this confrontation was going.

"- I have been expecting you."

If you choose to proceed and dabble with destiny, go to Chapter 2.