Return of the Jedi: Choose Your Own Adventure

By Mina


He moved further into the shadows, retreating from Vader. There was a light, shafting down from somewhere higher up, piercing the shadows. Luke followed it, crouching down where it hit the floor and then looking upwards, following it back up to its source.

There was a gap.

A gap leading up through the structure to somewhere near the hexagonal window that looked out onto the battle.

This was his chance. Luke knew it - he could feel it. The Emperor was sat on his throne, waiting to see what Luke would do.

Luke smiled grimly.

This was what he was going to do.

For all of them - for Vader and for Leia and for himself. For the Alliance. And without anger or fear.

He grasped a nearby support strut, braced his feet and hauled himself upwards with a push of the Force.

"What?!" That was Vader.

Luke ignored him, landing softly, the lightsaber hilt already in his hand -

- and just as quickly gone, flying from his grip as a burst of blue lightning flashed through the air and hit the weapon.

Luke looked up incredulously, to see Palpatine rising from his throne. "So, young Skywalker," he said, "you have chosen."

Luke set his jaw. "I have." He threw his hands out, sending a pummel of energy towards Palpatine. The Sith Lord saw it coming, and before it hit he sent off a burst of lightning back towards Luke.

Your overconfidence is your weakness, he heard, his own words echoing back to him in his mind. And he knew then that overconfidence had been his weakness, too.

The burst of lightning was lethal.

For a moment Luke felt like he was exploding, his bones combusting as the electricity scorched through him. It hurt - oh, kreth it hurt! - and then there was, blissfully, nothing more.

The end.

You killed Luke! (and maybe Palpatine - I guess we'll never know). Go back to the start to see if you could have had a happier ending!