Tee-hee. I've been thinking about this, wondering how I'm gonna write it, and I decided I was over-thinking it. So I'll just write it! At first it seems very romantic one-shotish, but it's funny, I promise! My friends thought it was real funny, so I hope you do too!

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The sun was just beginning to dip behing the horizon, making the sky pink and purple and yellow and orange and red... It sent its kingly reflection out on the water, making the waves and rocks on First Beach shimmer. It was truly beautiful, and I thought in that moment that nothing would ever make that majestic sunset look dull.

Until I looked down at the one girl's face that could.

Nessie was curled against my chest, her head tucked beneath my chin. Her eyes were focused on the sunset, mesmerized, the way I had been before I remembered her in my arms. She looked almost ten years old now, and her bronze curls spilled below her waist, tickling my stomach. She felt my eyes on her and looked up to meet my gaze with warm, chocolate brown eyes.

"I love you, Jacob," she murmured, nuzzling against my neck.

"Love you more."


I laughed lightly, kissing the top of her head. We sat in silence for a moment before she spoke.

"Jacob?" She asked. She sounded hesitant, though I couldn't imagine why.

"Yeah, hun?"

"Jacob, if I asked you a question,would you answer honestly?"

What a stupid question. "Of course."



She seemed to contemplate that for a moment.

"Say you swear."

I rolled my eyes, but followed her command anyway. "I swear."

She was satisfied at that.

"Jacob, where do babies come from?"

... That was unexpected. Crap.


"You promised. You swore."

"Okay, yeah, I swore. But that was before I knew the question, Ness."

"But I want to know!"

"Look kid, I can easily come up with three reasons of why I can't tell you. 1. Technically, you're only, like, less than a year old-"

"But un-technically I'm ten years old!"

"I'm talking tecnically. Second, you like me, right?"

She nodded stiffly, her arms were crossed over her chest, her chin drawn inward angrily.

"Well, if I tell you, your dad's gonna find out, and he's gonna hunt me down like a dog and murder me in cold blood. You don't want that, do you?"

She made no movement, only stared at the ground. I waited for a reply. Finally she looked up at me fiercely.

"I promise not to think about it!"

I shook my head and smiled. "You want to hear the third reason?" She shrugged. I took that as a yes.

"Lastly, you really do not need to know that right now. You wanna know so bad? Ask your parents."

She pouted, and I almost gave. It was the most adorable thing in the world.

"I did ask them. They said exactly what you said, without the dad killing you part."

I smiled and tugged her into my arms.

"They were right."

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