I was sitting is class one day trying to think of what story to make next…then it hit me! HAHA. This story is about Bella going to Orange County because her parents are both unable to take care of her. When she moves in with the Cullens she has to deal with peer pressure, and the stuck up jerk, Edward Cullen. But what happens when Edward starts to change and Bella starts to notice?

Stop and Stare


My seat started to shake beneath me. I forcefully shut my eyes and gripped the chair as we landed on the one place I never imagined myself in─ Orange County. My mother was in rehab while my dad had to stay in jail for the next 10 years because of Bribery, Fraud and Embezzlement. The Child Society had 'forced' me to move to Orange County to stay with some family until my father or my mother would be released. None of my relatives wanted to take me in, so I had no choice. From my perspective, Orange County was a town filled with bimbos, stuck up jerks, and ignorant nerds.

My bags were the first to come out in the baggage claim so it didn't take me that long. When I stepped outside, I spotted a man that looked like a butler, holding up a sign with my name on it.

"Um, excuse me? I-I'm Bella Swan," I stammered as I spoke nervously to the man.

"Oh yes! Come with me," he gestured a hand. "Let me take your bag," he took my bags from me and led me to a sleek black Mercedes. I slid inside the dark car and stared out the window.

"Mrs. Cullen sends her apologies that she is not able to pick her up herself. Oh, and my name is Lawrence and I am Mrs. Cullen's personal driver and assistant. Feel free to ask me anything," he stared at the mirror trying to make eye contact with me while he spoke. Wow. Personal driver and assistant. My heart continued to beat even harder as we sped across huge houses, one big after the other.

"You nervous?" He asked.

"Um…kinda…well, not really…" I stifled a low giggle.

"Don't worry, the Cullens are great. They'll love you, and you'll love them," he beamed. I suddenly noticed the car pass by big tall black gates. I looked upfront and couldn't believe my eyes. The house looked incredible! It was modern and painted white. The height of the house looked like it reached up until three floors. I slowly climbed out of the car without keeping my eyes away from the house.

"Ms. Swan, your bags," Lawrence laid down my bags beside me. I picked them up and opened the doors slowly. The inside was even more extravagant. There was one big twirling staircase that led upstairs and one big chandelier hanging in the middle. The floor looked like an expensive type of marble that was polished clean. I continued to walk in the house. I softly knocked on the wood going inside the living room.

"Hello?" I shouted out.

"Yes, Philippe! The freesias are supposed to be sent to Mrs. Palmer," I jumped as soon as a woman with free flowing chestnut hair entered. I watched as she continued pacing around the complex looking coffee table.

"Okay, but─" She turned around and came face to face with me.

"Philippe, I think I'm going to have to call you back," she slammed her phone and smiled from ear to ear at me.

"You must be Bella," she walked over and gave me a big hug. "It's so nice to finally meet you," she stepped back.

"It's…it's nice to finally meet you…Mrs. Cullen?"

"Oh! Sweetheart call me Esme!" She mused.

"Well come on, I want to hear everything about your trip!" she put her hand on the small of my back and led me to some other place. We entered a big kitchen with a big breakfast nook in the middle. I sat down on the tall wooden stool.

"So, what do you want to eat?" Esme sat down across from me.

"Um…I'm not really that hungry…" I scratched my head.

"Oh, nonsense!" She started rummaging through a bunch of cabinets.

"No, its okay...really…I'm just kinda tired…"

"Oh, I'm really sorry but your room won't be ready until tonight," her eyes were very pleading.

"No, really, it's okay…maybe I can just," I turned my head to the side and saw a big field that had a spectacular view of the ocean. "Maybe I can just take a stroll outside…try to soak up some California air," I shrugged.
"Alright then, the sliding door is just a few steps behind you," she gestured her hands behind me.

"Thank you," I gave her one more friendly smile then skipped my way outside. I sucked in one deep breath and walked with my hands inside my pocket. From what Esme showed, the Cullens sounded like a very friendly and courteous family. I stood in the middle of the open field and stared out the ocean until something hard hit my head.

"Ouch," I looked down and picked up a football.

"Hey!" I spun around to see who was calling. My eyes popped out when I saw a boy or man with oversized muscles and a very chiseled looking chest. He had no shirt on and was walking towards me.

"Thanks for catching our ball," he took the football from me. I couldn't help but stare in awe.

"Hey…you must be that Swan girl that's staying with us," he pointed a finger at me.

"Hey Emmett!" I looked over this so called 'Emmett's shoulder and saw a lean boy with honey blonde hair. "Are we gonna play or what…oh, hello there," he winked at me. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks.

"Uh…hi…um, yeah…Swan…I mean…Bella…Bella Swan," I stuttered. They both let out a hand and I shook each of them.

"Cool, I'm Emmett and this is Jasper," Emmett introduced themselves.

"Hi," was all I managed to say.

"So you─" A loud screech disrupted our conversation from behind.

"O-M-G! I can't believe she's here! She's even prettier in person!" A small pixie girl whose hair was jet black and styled in different directions came running towards me.

"Hi…I'm Mary Alice Cullen! But you can call me Alice…Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you're here! When I saw your picture I totally flipped! Did you know that you are really pretty?" I honestly didn't understand was she was saying.

"Oh hey, Jazzy!" She leaned up and kissed Jasper. I guess he was her boyfriend.

"Bella, this is Alice my sister," Emmett spoke. Emmett and Alice had the same nose as Esme. Now, I could definitely believe they were siblings.

"Oh my gosh, we totally have to go shopping!" She sang while holding my wrist.

"Wait…shopping?" Shopping was never a hobby of mine.

"Yes, I want you to have a new set of clothes…from the looks of it your clothes are pretty…" She took a step back, eyeing my wardrobe. "Thick."

"Alice, cut her some clack, she just arrived," thank you Jasper!

"Aw, c'mon…I'd really love to bond with you," she pouted. I couldn't resist that pleading look of hers.

"Fine…just don't let us take too long…I might pass out," the thought of it made me feel queasy. She jumped up and down and squealed.

To my surprise, the shopping trip didn't take long. Alice bought me a dozen sets of shorts, shirts, tank tops, and flip flops. We had about 20 bags with us. After shopping we went straight back to the Cullen Mansion.

"We're home!" Alice screamed, making her soprano voice echo through the hallways.

"Alice! Where have you been?" Esme came barging in.

"Um, shopping…with Bella?" She rolled her eyes at her mother.

"You should've told me! I would have loved to come and help pick out clothes for Bella," they both beamed their perfect white teeth at me. Being around the Cullen's surely made you feel awkward, with their elegant ways, and high class events and conversations, you would surely feel out of place.

"Good evening, everyone," a very attractive pale blond man entered the dining room. I noticed that the Cullens loved to have family meetings together.

"Oh, Carlisle, I'd like to introduce you to Bella," Esme said.

"Nice to meet you Dr. Cullen," I smiled. From what I've heard about him, was that he was a highly paid surgeon here at California.

"Please, call me Carlisle, and nice to meet you too, Bella," he flashed his teeth at me. After dinner Emmett and Alice brought me to the kitchen to get some dessert.

"I wonder where Edward is," Alice blurted out.

"He's probably out with some girl again," Emmett retorted.

"Wh-who's Edward?" I muttered unthinkingly.

"That's our brother. He…usually doesn't eat dinner with us since he's out with…certain people," Alice replied.

"Bella, do you want any dessert?" Emmett asked as he jumbled through the cabinets.

"Uh…I think I'll pass. I'm kind of tired, but thanks for asking though," I smiled.

"All right, and by the way your room is the third door to the right on the third floor," Emmett said. I got up from the stool and headed upstairs. My legs started to ache even from the second floor. I started to wonder about this mysterious brother of the Cullens. Surely he would be as nice as the rest of them. As soon as I reached the third floor, I counted the doors to the right. There was a small post-it stuck on the door.

Bella, this is your new room. Hope you like it!

Esme & Alice.

I picked it out of the door and opened it slowly. I gasped loudly when I saw something else on my bed. A boy with reddish-brown hair was making out like crazy with a girl with fake blond hair. They stopped as soon as I entered.

"Oh…uh…I…sorry…I must…have the wrong room," I quickly closed the door and ran downstairs. I slapped my forehead trying to erase the image.

Chapter 2 will be up in the near future! Hope you liked this chapter!