Title: Checklist

Ratings: PG

Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean

Spoilers: S3

Warnings: wincest, angst, fluff, drabble, spoilers

Word Count: 178

Author's notes: I thought of this a while back and just now finally out around to writing it out. I tried to mix both angst and fluffiness into so as always reviews are ever so loved! Feel free to add this journal for further updates. I'll add you right back!

Summery: A checklist of a dying man. (With lots of Wincest undertones.)

Number One:

Eat Pizza.

Lots of pizza. Request extra butter slathered over the entire thing and flirt outrageously with the girl behind the counter for the entire twenty-minute wait.

(You don't actually care about the girl, but Sammy jealous always ends well for you.)

Number Two:

Load your gun.

(You know it wouldn't really make a difference, but you're not going without a fight. You are, after all, a Winchester.)

Number Three:

Give Sam an extra two hours worth of lectures on the upkeep of the Impala.

(You actually trust him completely to take care of your baby when you're gone, but you happen to love him when he's greasy.)

Number Four:

Buy extra bags of salt.

(You know when you actually get around you needing them you won't be around, but it's one less thing Sam will have to think of. So you buy two more, just on principle alone.)

Number Five:

Kiss your brother.

(You're scared of going to hell…but the thought of burning for eternity without having Sammy's on your life? Yeah, that's just terrifying.)