Sorry to disapoint but no new chapter yet. I know I hate when people post authors notes, but I have a really good reason!!

New Pajamas was just a one shot at first, but everyone wanted more. A lot of people wanted to know how Charlie had snuck up on them, and so I wrote another chapter. I was so excited with all the reviews and with much persuasion from my friends and readers I decided to continue my tale. I'm posting a sequel, and it should hopefully be up by Thursday at the latest (the first of August). It however will be rated M so beware. It will have the wedding night in it (which by the way I already have written because I can never write in order). Tonight I am planning Edward and Bella's wedding and writing it out. I'm not sure how far I'll carry out this story. If the wedding goes well I might continue on to write Bella's transformation… who knows where this could go?? So keep a lookout for the sequel, though I'm not sure on the name yet. It will be the only other story though I've written though.

I will also post pictures of dresses and such for the wedding on my page when that chapter comes out for those who need visuals. Wow, I' m getting way ahead of myself. So get ready for the big wedding coming!!