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Riders of The Brotherhood

Chapter One

January 24th 1979 was just a typical cold winter day to most people, but not for John and Mary Winchester, it was one of the best days of their lives. They were at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital's Maternity Unit in Kansas where a tired but relieved Mary Winchester held her newly born baby son in her arms whilst proud father John just sat staring in amazement at his perfectly formed son. John couldn't believe how much their baby son resembled Mary, it was so uncanny. Like most new fathers before him he promised himself that he was going to be a good father, he was going to teach his son everything he knew and more as his new son wrapped his tiny fingers round his giant index finger.

"Say hello to your daddy Dean" Mary smiled down at the small bundle in her arms and then at her beloved husband

John smiled, it felt good to be called daddy "Hi Dean"

Mary smiled proudly as she watched her husband cradle their baby son in his arms, but it also saddened her. She had a dark family secret that could never be told. There had been times over the years when she desperately wanted to tell him, the night he proposed, the day she found out she was carrying Dean, but fear of losing him stopped her. And it was that same fear of losing her newly born son that drove her to make her decison; she needed to protect him the only way she knew how. It would mean swallowing her pride, but she would do it. And as soon as she and Dean were allowed to leave the hospital she would contact her family and plead for their help.

Two days later, they were back at the family home. After watching John drive off in the impala Mary nervously picked up the phone and dialled a number she knew off by heart but hadn't had the courage to ring it until now. On edge she paced the floor; she hadn't spoken with her family since she told them she was going to marry John. Her father hadn't approved of the marriage, John was an outsider and outsiders weren't to be trusted. After a few rings the familiar voice of her mother answered the phone.

"Hi mum, it's me Mary; please don't hang up on me. I need to talk to you, I've had a baby, a beautiful little boy, his name is, Dean" as the words came rushing out she hated how her voice stuttered with nerves. "Mum, please I wish we could be..." she stopped; she wished her mum and dad could be part of her life, real grandparents to her son, but she knew it was pointless.

There was a long silence before her mother spoke "Oh Mary, your father was afraid of this, he warned you. How can John protect him?"

"He can't and I swore I would never ask" she heard herself say. She had chosen John, turning her back on her family and the brotherhood. "I want him protected, will you perform the ritual"

Mary's mother, Deana was quite for a moment and then her voice sounded cold and crisp "you left us to marry John" again she stipulated "against your father's wishes; he warned you. any of your children would be in danger but yet you turned your back on the Brotherhood"

Mary was strong willed and stubborn like her father Samuel, but there was no stopping the hot tears rolling down her cheeks "Please, don't hold this against my baby"

Mary's mother voice softened slightly as she heard the fear and distress in her daughter's voice "I will ask the elders but I can't make any promises, I'll get back to you in a day or two." the phone line suddenly went dead.

As promised a few days later Mary received her reply. Her mother informed her that because her son was the first born the elders would perform the ritual, but at a cost to her, if they performed the ritual on her son the ritual would transfer the protection she had to her son. She agreed without hesitation, they made arrangement for the time and place to meet and she was warned that under no a circumstance was she to tell John or the ritual would not be performed.

On a cold and windy January day Mary stood outside the church with baby Dean wrapped warmly in her arms. It was John first day back at the garage where he worked, so there was no need to lie to him about where she was going. After a few minutes she saw the priest heading her way

"Mary Winchester" Father Patrick asked

"Yes and this is Dean"

"Come inside" he quickly led her inside towards the back of the church where her mother and the elders where waiting. Father Patrick spoke in Latin and then took Dean in his hands he quickly made a cross shape over Dean's forehead. There was a sudden bright light that filled the church, it only lasted seconds before it faded away.

Father Patrick smiled down at Dean "Angels are watching over you my child" and with that he handed Dean back to his mother, the ritual was done. Mary's mother stepped forward and handed Mary an amulet "When Dean's old enough he must always wear it".

Present day

A black van pulled up and a black suited man stepped out with a metal case, he looked around and then proceeded to climb up the fire escape ladders to the building opposite the Roadside Motel. The van pulled away as the man climbed onto the roof; opening the case he assembled the parts of the rifle together. Laying flat on his stomach he trained the rifle on the 67 black impala parked outside room 12 and inserted the tranquiller dart into the rifle.

Inside the small room of No 12 Dean sat on his bed nearest the door reading a newspaper while Sam was at the table on his laptop searching for a new gig. Dean sighed and threw the paper in the waste bin.

"Well there nothing of any interest there" he said "How about you, have you found anything yet?"

"No, only one or two possibilities, but nothing solid" replied Sam.

Dean rose from his bed and reached for his jacket "I need coffee and I'm hungry, do you want anything bringing back?"

"Coffee would be good" Sam joked "and when are you never hungry?"

Dean ignored Sam and searched for his car keys. "Ok I wouldn't be long you keep searching geek boy".

"Great" Sam replied.

Awhile later Sam stood up to stretch, he'd been sat too long over the laptop; it was 12.15pm. Dean had been gone over an hour. Sam smile to himself, and thought I bet he's found a beautiful girl to chat up. He went over to the window and glanced out. He was shocked to see the impala in the parking lot. Sam stepped outside and looked around; there was no sign of Dean. He went over to the car and put his hand on the hood it was cold. He moved around to the driver's side the keys where in the door; Sam looked down to find Dean's cell phone on the ground abandoned.

"What the hell?" A shiver ran down Sam's spine "Where the hell was Dean?"

Sam felt the dull pain building and he knew what was coming. He sat on the asphalt knowing that Dean strong arms where not there to support him. The parking lot became bright and his vision started to cloud over and then it came.


Dean stepped out of the motel room and closed the door behind him. He crossed over to the impala and touched the hood and let his fingers run over the shiny black paintwork. He had just reached the driver's side door when a dart hit him in the neck; Dean cursed in pain and his left hand quickly moved up to his neck. Sam saw Dean's knees buckle underneath him and he hit the ground hard.

Sam saw the direction of where the dart came from. There was a sniper on the roof across from their motel. A black van drove into the parking lot and three men wearing black suits jumped out and ran over to Dean's limp form and roughly handled him into the van. As the van drove onto the highway Sam could see half the number plate, it was an Arizona number plate. His vision ended abruptly.

Sam sat for a while until his vision cleared and he tried to make sense of what he had just seen. Who were they and why would they take Dean? They looked like government agents. Sam decided he needed help. But who, one person came to mind, Bobby.

There was a buzzing noise in Dean's head as he started to awaken, he felt so tired his eyelids were heavy and he tried several times unsuccessful to open them, he eventually succeeded. All he saw was blackness. Starting to panic he tried to bring his hand to his face but he couldn't move them nor could he move his legs, he realised he was tied to a chair and blindfolded. This is just great he thought to himself. Through the haze of drug induced tiredness he could hear movement and whispering.

"Who's there? "Dean called out

"Well Dean nice of you to join us" came back the reply.

"Sorry if I'm late for the party, by the way who are you?" Dean replied sarcastically.

"You can call me Frank" Frank was just short of six foot tall, muscular built ex-military type with short blonde hair.

"So then Frank what's this about?" questioned Dean.

"Now then Dean, I ask the questions and you answer, it's as simple as that"

"And what if I don't answer what will happen?"

"Well this for starters, "Dean immediately received a punch to his face.

"Son of a bitch" Dean spat in pain

"Shall we start" Frank spoke quietly near Dean's ear.

"Are you Dean Winchester?"

"Maybe I am maybe I'm not"

Again Dean received a punch to his face, this time splitting his lip. He licked the blood from his lip.

"Let's try again shall we, are you Dean Winchester?"

"Yeah, I am what of it?" Dean shot back.

"You were born in Lawrence, Kansas and your mother was murdered by a demon when you were aged four?"

"Who are you people?" Dean felt his stomach tighten

"Just answer the question" Frank said rising his voice.


"Tell me about the Brotherhood?"

"What is the brotherhood?" another punch hit Dean near his eye. Now Dean was getting angry, "I never heard of them!"

"Where are their headquarters?" now Frank was shouting.

"You can hit me all you want, but if I don't know I can't tell you"

With that Dean received several painful blows to his face, and then he felt hands around his neck, squeezing on his windpipe. He couldn't breathe, his lungs began to ache through lack of oxygen, and his eyes began to roll back in his head, just as thought he was going to pass out the hands released his throat. He took deep breaths to refill his lungs.

"So Dean we tried the easy way, so now we'll try the hard way"

"Look Frank, Seriously dude I don't know anything about this brotherhood business" Dean coughed out

"We'll see what the true drugs tell us, shall we?"

"Come again did you just say drugs?" Dean asked nervously

"They will have you singing like a bird in no time"

Dean tried to struggle free from his restraints. Hands came from behind and held him firmly on the shoulders. He right shirt sleeve was pulled up, there was a tap on his arm and a sharp pain as the needle was inserted into his arm.

"I'm fucking going to kill you for this!" Dean shot out as he struggled to get free. He felt warmth running up his arm and spreading quickly up to his head, it made him feel light headed and slightly giddy almost drunk like.

Frank waited a minute for the drug to take effect.

"Now Dean, let's try again shall we, who are the brotherhood?"

Slurring his words slightly Dean answered "sorry don't know"

"You do?" Frank spoke with an angry tone


"Where did you get that amulet?"

"It was my mother's"

"You mother's family are you in close contact with any of them?"

"No, Dad never mentioned any of them. We travelled around a lot; it was just three of us"

Frank turned to one of his colleagues "where getting nowhere, he knows nothing"

Angrily Frank slapped his fist into the wall, "get him out of here take him to the holding room. We will soon see if he is one of The Brotherhood?"