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Riders of the Brotherhood

Final Chapter

Sam stood and stared at the ethereal image of his mother.

"Sammy hurry, this way Dean needs you" she floated off towards the warehouse, there was no question in Sam's mind that this wasn't some trick this was really his mother's spirit. Sam and Bobby followed her as she disappeared into the warehouse. As Sam and Bobby entered the warehouse they saw her at the far end, seeing them she pointed down to a crowbar "Sammy the crowbar, hurry you don't have much time" she said as she disappeared thru the doorway to the underground base, they ran across the warehouse floor when they reached the far end they could hear the sound of gushing water. Sam removed his jacket and picked up the crowbar. Bobby followed Sam's lead and removed his jacket and his baseball cap; he took his torch from his back pocket and then followed Sam thru the doorway to the underground base.

Doc Jacobs tiredly continued to tread water to keep afloat and support Dean; the water had now risen to Dean's chin. The Doctor looked up at the flickering emergency lights, the water had started to affect them and he knew it wouldn't be long before they would be plunged into darkness; the Doc took a calming breath and started to hum.

"You ok Doc?" Dean asked

"Yeah" the Doctor thought for a moment before continuing "when I was a small boy, I used to watch those old British black and white war films, especially the ones with submarines in. I wanted to be a submarine commander when I grew up" the Doctor laughed "It wasn't until I was older that I realized I didn't like dark confined spaces, kind of freaks me out, humming calms my nerves"

"You're kidding me Doc" Dean thought of his own fear of flying

"No, it's ironic really seeming I spend most of my time underground, but I think it's the fact that I can go topside whenever I want, it helps me"

"Thanks Doc for not leaving me"

"Don't start going all mushy on me now" the Doc replied has he repositioned his hold on Dean

Dean felt the Doc arm's shaking from the strain of holding him up above the water level "I bet you're glad I've been lying off the cheeseburgers"

The Doctor laughed and tilted Dean's head that was resting on his shoulder so Dean was facing the roof of the base, there wasn't much else he could do time was running out.

Sam took several steps down the stairs before his feet where plunged into cold water, as he took more steps it came up to his waist "How good's your swimming Bobby?"

"As good as my shooting"

"Good because we're going to have to swim" Putting the crowbar between his teeth Sam used the steps to push himself off and he started to swim towards the ethereal image of his mother as she waited ahead to guide the way. She led them down corridor after corridor until she stopped and turned "Sammy, at end of this corridor, hurry time's running out for all of you"

Dean could feel his trapped leg going numb but he didn't want to worry the Doctor as he was busy humming, trying to keep himself calm, in a way it was a comfort to Dean too and then suddenly the Doc stopped.


The Doctor didn't reply he was busying watching the ethereal figure of Dean's guardian angel coming down the corridor towards them.

As she reached them she looked behind her "Sammy's here, I've done everything I can it's down to you now" she said as she faded away

The only thing Dean could see was the ceiling of the base; he wished he could move his head to see her "Mum" he called out

"She's gone Dean"

The Doc looked back down the corridor, he saw Sam and Bobby swimming towards them "Sam, thank god"

Sam swam up to his brother and reached out to touch him arm "Dean"

Like his mum Dean couldn't see Sam so he lifted his hand up for Sam to grab hold of, he felt his brother's strong grip "What took you so long?"

"We stopped for burgers on the way" Sam joked

"Did you bring me one?"

"No, we didn't think you'd be interested" it felt so good to hear that Dean was back to his old self.



Sam turned his attention back to the Doctor, "We've got to get out of here"

"It Dean, his foot trapped, the wall collapsed"

Sam and Bobby didn't waste any more time they both dived below the surface, with the aid of Bobby's torch they could see the concrete pinning Dean's foot, Sam signalled for Bobby to resurface.

Sam grabbed his brother's hand once again "Dean we're going to use the crowbar to lift the concrete as high as we can, I want you to pull your leg free"

"I can't Sam, I can't feel my leg"

"Why didn't you say something?" the Doc asked

Dean could tell by the Doc's tone he wasn't happy with him "Sorry I didn't want to worry you"

"Is there anything else we don't know about?" Sam asked

"No" Dean replied and the Doc confirmed with a nodded of his head

"Sam I'll have to pull Dean's leg free" Bobby said

They both took a deep breath and then disappeared under the water again, they were under for quite a while; the doctor started his humming again. Dean could feel one of them brushing up against his good leg, then he felt himself float up, he was free. Sam and Bobby resurfaced

"Let's get the hell out of here" the doc realised his hold on Dean "think you can swim?"

"O yeah" but he knew it was going to be hard with one good leg

All four of them started to swim down the corridor; they had made it back down several corridors when Dean began to tire, he could feel his energy draining from him and he started to lag behind. They were nearly at the stairs when Sam turned to look behind him and saw that Dean was struggling, he swam back and put an arm around his brother. "Where nearly there"


Bobby was pushing Doc Jacobs up the steps when the emergency lights flickered one last time and died, Bobby shone his torch in the boys' direction so that they could see.

"Here" Bobby held out his hand for Dean to grab and then he helped Dean up the steps, Sam wasn't far behind. Once they were in the warehouse all four of them collapsed on the floor from exhaustion.

"How did you know where we were?" Doc Jacobs asked

"Ethan" Sam replied "Looks like he didn't make"

Dr Jacobs shook his head

"Where are those sons of bitches, Frank and the demon Doctor?" Sam barked

"You don't need to worry about them; the Doc and I took care of them" Dean replied

"Good" Sam was relieved it was all over and he had Dean back

"Come on, we need to get the hell out of here" Bobby was the first to get to his feet and collect his baseball cap and jacket.

The Doctor stood up and helped Dean to his feet; it was more out of habit than anything else. He knew Dean wasn't going to get the feeling back in his leg straight away; he put his arm around Dean's waist to support him. Sam stepped forward "I'll take him from here Doc"


Sam wrapped his arm around Dean's waist; Dean didn't complain he was too exhausted to care; he concentrated on trying to walk to the waiting impala.

The journey back to Bobby's was quiet; Sam drove with Dean sat in the passenger's seat next to him. Bobby and the Doc sat in the back. Sam stole a few glances at Dean who was asleep, his head resting on the side window, he looked exhausted. Dean had refused Sam's offer of his jacket saying that Sam needed it more but Sam could see that his body was shaking a little with cold, so he put the heater up to full blast. There were so many questions he wanted to ask Dean but they would have to wait for now.

As Sam pulled the impala to a stop outside Bobby's house Dean woke from his sleep; Sam climbed out and walked round the impala to help Dean.

Dean opened the door and climbed out "I'm good Sam, have you got my gear?"

"Yeah it's inside"

"Good, there something I need to do" a haircut would have to wait but for now he could get rid of his beard.

Sam stood puzzled as he watched his brother hobble into the house, then followed him in.

After a shower and a shave Dean felt better, the smell of food drove him towards the kitchen.

Bobby turned to see Dean enter "Wow that's better, you're looking more like your old self, sit yourself down and let's get some food into you"

"You'll get no argument from me I'm starving"

The other three laughed, but it was Sam who spoke "It's good to have the old Dean back"

Dean smirked as he shovelled food into his mouth, he was happy to be back with Sam. He saw the expression on Sam's face, Sam wanted to talk to him but wasn't he ready to tell Sam everything yet. After they finished eating they sat for awhile and drank scotch until they decided it was time to go to bed.

As soon as they were alone Sam had to ask "Dean, how did Ethan heal you from going crazy?"

Dean sat on his bed; it didn't want to tell Sam about the whole guardian angel thing just yet. He had wondered why just him why not the both of them? Would other demons come after him because he was a Rider of the Brotherhood? So much had happened. "I was pretty out of it Sammy but I think it was a ritual, they took me to the chapel in the secret base and Ethan read from a book and the smeared his blood on me, after that I passed out and when I came too, I was Ok and could remember everything."

Sam nodded his head "Dean, did you see her, did you see Mum?"


"She showed us where you were, we would never have you got to you in time, if it wasn't for her"

"Yeah Sammy I saw her"

"Do you think that we will see her again? Do you think that she's an angel, that she's kinda watching our backs?"

"I don't know" he lied to Sam

"Dean, do you think she's, you know proud of us?"

"Ok course, why wouldn't she be"

They sat for a moment in silence before Dean spoke "Sam I want to say I sorry for shooting you and trying to drown you, I wasn't myself I was a couple of cans short of a six pack"

Sam smiled "Dean you saved my life, if you hadn't of shot me, Frank, he would have killed me. I don't blame you I'm just glad you're yourself again"

"So were good"

"Yeah, were good"

"Let's get some sleep then" Dean climbed into his bed

The next day the taxi pulled up outside of Bobby's house. Doctor Jacobs and Dean walked over to it, "You know Doc you can stay longer; Bobby's won't mind he got the room?"

"Thanks but no"

"So, what now?"

The Doctor winked; there was twinkle in his eye "I have to find new headquarters and then there a whole new generation of riders to train"

"But I thought we were the last two?"

"Ethan's legacy, it will be a few years but the Riders of the Brotherhood will be back," Doc Jacobs shook Dean's hand and then pulled him into a hug, "Look after yourself"

"You too Doc, if you ever need me"

"Thanks, I may just call you"

Dean watched the Doc climb into the taxi and it drive off. He turned to walk back to the house, the nearest thing he had to a home and his family.


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