Six One-Shots Harry/Murphy Reflections on Moments in Small Favor

Disclaimer: I do not own the Dresden Files or its contents/characters. They all rightfully belong to Mr. Jim Butcher.


POV: Murphy

When she had first made the comment to him, she hadn't meant anything by it. At the time he had been involved with Luccio, and she was on the outskirts of her relationship with Kincaid. But now she realized the significance of that one little comment.

"Harry, do you ever feel like we're going to end up old and alone? That we're… I don't know… doomed never to have anyone? Anything that lasts?"

Sometimes she was lucky that he was so ignorant, or he might've actually read something into it. She had, at that moment, been pondering their relationship, their unspoken commitment to each other. She had been asking his opinion. No, she had been searching for assurance. The assurance that they would always be there for one another. The assurance that they would never let each other end up old and alone.

"Promise me," she muttered. "Promise me you'll always be there."

"Done." He said without a second thought.