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Mitchie's POV

I had no idea why I do the things I do when I'm around her. I can't help it, I just blurt things out at random. It's like she's got magical powers or something.

"I think Shane is really starting to like you." She told me as we were covering cup cakes with icing. My oh so wonderful mother decided it would be a good idea to leave us alone in the kitchen while she went to go talk to Brown. I can't believe her.

"Yeah, he's actually not that bad." I replied with a small frown. I didn't want to talk about Shane. Really, I still thought he was a selfish jerk, but I couldn't tell anyone that. They might think I was mean. I'm not a mean person. I just have a new habit of lieing?

"I hope we get to see the other two from Connect 3. That'd be so awesome." She continued while picking up another cupcake and putting on a layer of thick green icing. Our hands and fingers were died green from the food coloring.

"Yeah." I agreed, trying to be careful not to blurt anything out. I'd been doing that a lot lately. Yesterday, I told her that I accidently killed my pet turtle a few years ago. That's not something you just blurt out! I think I'm mentally ill or something.

"You seem really distant today. Is everything okay?" She asked while glancing over at me. I could feel her brown eyes on me. They were buring a hole in my face.

"Just the fact that I love you." I said without thinking. I immedialty dropped the knife and cupcake I was holding. I turned to look at her, my eyes wide with fear, my mouth slightly ajar, my cheeks turning bright red.

"Wow." Was all she had to say. Her eyes were wide, a small smile was playing with her lips.

"I...uh...I'm so sorry. I just..." I wasn't sure what to say. How do you apoligize to someone for telling them that you love them? There's not exactly a How To book for this one.

"No...don't be." She replied, turning to look at me. "Truthfully...I've kinda been thinking the same thing."

I couldn't stop myself from rushing up to her and pressing my lips hard against her. Adrenaline was pumping through me. It was such a rush, I couldn't control myself. I pulled back from her and smiled. That had been the best five seconds of my life. Not that I was counting...

"Wow." Was all she said before my mother walked in behind us.

"Hey girls, how are those cupcakes looking?" She asked while putting her apron on.

"Great!" I replied with a smile. We quickly returned to icing the cupcakes.

Every now and then we'd glance over at each other and share a smile.

Wow, was right.


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