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Warning: Slash

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Simon Always Knows

He had to give them credit. They managed to keep it from him for more than a week, after all. He'd thought something was up before, when they'd stopped being at each other's throats quite as much (oh, they still fought and argued, but there was the tiniest decrease in frequency), and he could've sworn they stopped doing something every time he walked in.

So, when he caught them, he wasn't overly surprised…okay, he was. He hadn't really been expecting that. He just thought they'd found some common ground or something, he hadn't realized just how common that ground was. So common they were nearly occupying the same space…

Simon shook his head and sipped at his milk-shake (strawberry, of course), bringing his mind back to the World O'Stuff. That mental image wasn't one he particularly wanted to dwell on. Not while he was trying to enjoy some ice cream, especially.

But, still, his thoughts managed to go there. To that moment when he'd burst through the door into Mars's room, excited with the prospect that he may have gotten them one step closer to solving the mysteries of Eerie, only to see Mars pressed up against the wall, Dash's hands clutching his shirt, and their lips pressed together.

Simon shuddered and pushed his shake away, ignoring Mr. Radford's look of confusion, his appetite lost. He sighed and pressed his hands to his forehead, trying to make sense of everything that had been going on over the past week.

Dash and Mars. Dash. Of all the...

He'd blame Dash, of course. No way was this Mars's doing. That thought cheered Simon a little and he managed to down the last sip of his shake before turning to leave, and finding Mars leaning against the door waiting for him. He made his way over, hands in his pants pockets, and stood before his friend.

"Hey," Mars said, nervously running a hand through his hair.

"Hey," Simon said with a slight nod.

"So…," Mars trailed off.

"Yeah?" Simon prompted, knowing full well where this was going.

"How long…?"

"All week, basically."

"How did you…?"

"Well, I didn't, not really…just suspected…well, not exactly…but…," Simon shrugged. "It doesn't matter."

"It doesn't?" Marshall looked down at his friend, squinting his eyes in confusion.

"Nah," Simon said, grinning. "Of course not."

"You sure?"

"If you are," Simon replied, more serious. Marshall nodded and Simon knew his friend knew what he meant.

"I am," Mars finally said.

"I know," Simon replied, because Simon always knows.