Title: The Way Things Work

Rating: G-Pgish

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Word Count: 688

Summary: Sam hates the movie Sleepless in Seattle…

Authors Note: Written for the 'Seattle' challenge. Very tiny CarlyxSam.

Sam hates the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

She hates it because its old and the people in it are old and Sam doesn't really enjoy things that are old as a general rule. It's also sappy and sentimental and a whole bunch of other things that Sam loathes.

But Carly loves the stupid movie and insists on watching it any time its raining outside which isn't fair because this is Seattle and when its not raining than it just stopped or is about to start.

But Sam can't really say 'No' to Carly which isn't usually a problem because Sam is by far the more diabolical one but she does when Carly pulls out the dusty VHS and asks in a way too innocent voice if Sam wants to watch it.

Carly knows that Sam doesn't want to watch it.

She knows that Sam likes movies with explosions, gunfights and or fire and if someone dies she'd rather it be that their heads get blown off than in some sappy crying sobbing death beddy way.

So Sam says 'No.' that she doesn't want to watch it and for the love of Pete please don't make her but they both know that it's a loosing battle on Sam's part because when Carly says 'Aw, c'mon. Please' with her head tilted like that that Sam will give in.

And also, Carly is abnormally strong for a chick her age and the first and only time Sam had really put a fight she ended up watching 3/4th of the movie pinned under Carly's weight.

So Sam says 'Okay. Fine.' flinging backwards onto the couch dramatically to let her misery be known and Carly lets out a victorious squeal that is really not appreciated.

Sam shuts her eyes and listens to Carly put the tape into the VCR and really who has a VCR anymore.

Sam is so busy praying to the Movie Gods to make the stupid ancient VCR explode that she doesn't hear Carly go into the kitchen and come back but suddenly there's a delicious smell in front of Sam's nose.

She opens her eyes to see Carly smiling down at her and more importantly a truly impressive strip of beef jerky in front of her face.

And Sam knows what Carly's doing with her smiling and her beef jerky and if Sam were a stronger person she'd slap the dried meat out of the other girls hand and demand to watch Live Free or Die Hard or Kill Bill Vol. 1 or something else with a lot of blood but Carly knows that her love of jerky is nearly crippling so she won't. She'll sit here and eat jerky and try not to kill herself for the next 105 minutes.

Carly says 'Move over.' and by move over she apparently means get up because she hauls a petulant Sam into a sitting position before stretching out on the rest of the couch with her head in Sam's lap.

They watch billion year old previews as Carly spouts off trivial information about the movie facts like that Kim Basinger and Julia Roberts were both offered the role of Annie and that the two main characters only spend like two minutes of screen time together.

These facts aren't especially titillating but Sam 'oohs' and 'aahs' at the appropriate parts all the while contemplating the genius of whoever came up with beef jerky.

The movie starts and Carly snags Sam hand that isn't holding dried meat, holding Sam's index finger with her whole hand and explains how this movie isn't old. It's a classic. Sam begs to differ.

Classic or not Sam still hates the movie but Carly loves it and when she watches it she looks up at Sam during the parts she likes just to see if Sam is laughing too. She's usually not but she smiles at Carly and thinks there are worst things than watching a suckish movie with Carly all cuddly and using her as a pillow and giving her jerky.

Yeah, there are definitely worse things.