By: Otaku Tess

"Mayra Brandish"

Tick, tick, tickticktick tock tock tock tock... TOCK TOCK. Why does it take so long? The tick tick tocking of the clock? -- What did the box say again? Maybe I am doing it wrong. Why is it taking so, so... long...! The blond woman lamented, as she lunged for the box, looking frantically again for the instructions.

"Tick tock, tick tock..." She muttered to herself, as she began to read aloud, so as to keep her thoughts together. "Urinate on ALIVE (tm) Home Pregancy Test Strip (r), wait one minute. If Home Pregnancy Test Strip (r), turns BLUE, you are pregnant..." She paused, looking at the strip. Still white. She looked at the clock. "How could it have only been 20 seconds so far!" She complained, "I must be doing something wrong. I'll... I'll have to go get more of them..." She began, frantically talking to herself as she paced around her bedroom. It was small and cramped, and smelled like sweat, and tears, and furious masterbation. She just couldn't understand why Rusty made her stay in here, still. Even still. Even after what they had shared together. Even after she was carring his baby inside her body at this very moment -- "Rusty, I need to get more of these..." She continued her voice raising to match the intensity of her wild thoughts, "Tick tock, Rusty. You'll let me sleep in your room now, yes, oh, yes you will... Rusty, father of my child, love of my life, dream with in a never ending dream, feild of dreams, baseball! JIMMY DEAN SAUSAGES! HOME RUN--!!"

That was when her communicator's timer began beeping loudly. She looked down at the strip of the home pregancy test.

A smile crept over her face, as she connected to Rusty's Communicator frequency.

"N'yello!" Rusty answered, an odd expression on his, pefect, perfect face.

"There you are! How could you just leave like that without telling me where you're going!?" Mayra wailed helplessly, completely forgetting what it was she had called for -- just for a moment.

"Look, you're not my mother. You're my BODYGUARD." Dr. Venture explained, again. Golly dilly dang darnit, she knew he wasn't his mother. Mother. Mother. Something... What did she need to say? What did he say? Body guard... body... oh, sweet wilting body... fragile sexy little body...

"HOW CAN I GUARD YOUR BODY -- IF I CAN'T BE CLOSE TO YOUR BODY!" She blurted into her Communicator. "You just run off leaving me here to worry about you -- Don't you get it, Rusty! Rusty Rusty Rusty! Your name is a thousand suns in my heart, burning only for... you, and you would just put me through that! I Love you! And --" She pauses just long enough to hear Rusty say "Oh. HA HA HA..." in that Dash Gummit Sarcastic voice of his!

"Something I needed to tell you, and I just called you over and over... And it's important. Because I have taken like 5 of these things. Tick, tock tick tock, and it takes too long. So I go get another one. And Now I am sure, Rusty! And it's the greatest news of your life. You're going to be a father!"