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"Or should I say, Fourteenth?" The Crow Brigade around the room, at Cross's words, charged forward and seized Allen. They locked his legs and hitched his breathing. His voice was stuck and his arms wouldn't have moved anyway.

He fell to the floor and lay in a quivering yet frozen position, on his side. He looked up and around desperately for someone to help him, Lavi, Komui, even his Master... why? Why had his master done it? Why had he sold Allen like this? Why did it have to be right after he finally learned the truth he was betrayed?


Levirrier smiled down on him. "As I said before, Allen Walker, number Fourteen." Allen tried desperately to breath despite the strang pain in his lungs. He tried to speak out, to scream that he was innocent, but he couldn't. "You're going to follow my orders, now."

Johnny and Lenalee felt dread flooding through them suddenly, as though all the air had been forced out of their body and the air around them had been turned to thick, unmoveable ice. They had to stay up late for when Allen came back, but...

"Lenalee..." Johnny siad quietly. Lenalee turned her head slowly to look at her friend. Lenalee's eyes were wet, they wouldn't stop tearing up. Why? "Lenalee... I think he may really not come back."

Two streams of tears finally escaped her.

"Johnny, he's really not, is he?"

And so passed two years. Allen Walker, had never come back, and people were slowly forgetting him. Those who had once known him were beginning to die off and only was he heard of from the mouths of exorcists, scientists who had a break, and Jerry whenever someone ordered a large meal, when he would sigh and say he missed the little cutie who would order mountains, and the occasional older finder, talking disdainfully about a traitor. He was found among gossipers who wondered exactly who this strange boy called Allen was, but no matter who they heard of him from, the name was spoken either sadly or angrily. No one would say exactly what had happened, as no one truly knew, however, they did know that the night before the new headquarters was fully moved into, he had vanished. Only Lenalee, Johnny, Lavi, Komui and several scientists had seen him after he had boarded that boat.

Lenalee and Johnny would always begin to cry when the subject came up. "He really didn't come back" they both said. Komui would stare the person down and say in a harsh voice that was not his, "He is none of your concern, and I shall alert you if he ever does." The scientists said he had opened portals to let everyone in, but said nothing about how. Only that he hadn't been seen afterwards.

Lavi the Bookman was the only known exorcist to have seen exactly what happened, but he was as tight-lipped as all the rest. "Allen was lied to, and in the most horrible way. You don't need to know anymore." An uncharacteristic sadness would hang about him for several hours afterwards, as though he were going through details in his mind's photographic memory. People soon learned not to question him on the subject.

Slowly, Allen Walker was becoming nothing more than a person to be wondered about after eating. A phantom, wandering the halls of the Black Order, waiting for someone to truly remember him.

The only thing anyone seemed willing to devilge was what he was like.

"He was very kind and strong, he would cheer you up whenever, no matter how horrible he himself was feeling, and he would always be there to help you if you needed help." Miranda would say.

"The first time I met him and talked with him face-on, he yelled at me," Krory said, "Because I didn't want to live after I lost my love. He gave me a reason to live and he and Lavi were my first real friends..."

"The stupid beansprout wouldn't stop fighting, even if you ripped his goddamn arm off... which he managed to do, once." Kanda would say heatedly. "He always made these promises about the exact same thing over and over, I think he had a complex... worse than Komui's, even."

"He was a little like a stray cat... He looked so innocent and had these really sad eyes, but he could make you love him with just a smile." Reever would sigh. "Then, while it looked like the slightest touch would break him to pieces, you had to remember all cats have claws."

"He was short, odd looking, cursed, would do the most absurd things if it would help his friends, and saw the world as a living hell, but kept living anyway. " Lavi mumbled softly. "He was like my little brother."

"Allen was polite until you really got to know him, then, he would occasionally slip up and be casual. He was really strong, even if he didn't look it, and he was really unlucky. Allen would jump in front of you to stop a bullet if he had to, and he would hide all his problems from us, just so we wouldn't worry." Lenalee would start crying whenever he was mentioned. "He didn't want to hurt people, and even tried to save his enemies once, because they were human. He called it saving, not destroying... And then... I hated his eye... his goddamn eye was what made him do those things..."

"He was just that person who would do anything for anyone else. You knew you had screwed up really badly if he genuinely hated you." Johnny said. "Allen... really made me want to believe the war could be won."

And still, this was never nearly enough for the crowds of people in the Order who wanted to know who exactly this boy was. This boy who had made such a stir in the Order and it's exorcists. And two years after his disappearance off the Earth, Komui received a letter from Inspector Malcom Levirrier of central command. He stood up sharply from his desk and yelled for Reever.

Reever ran across the room, shocked at Komui, who never worked nor answered letters. Then he saw the return. Komui looked at him like something was causing him great pain.

"Reever, Levirrier is returning to inspect the Order again... Allen's become his..."

Reever grasped around for a fitting word. "Assistant? Bodyguard? Servant? His what?"

Komui just shook his head. "I don't know, but..." Komui collapsed in his chair and held his head. "Reever, it just doesn't seem right..."

A boat carrying Levirrier, Link, and Allen Walker arrived a week later. By that time, the news had spread like a virus that the infamously cryptified Allen Walker was returning along with two from central command.