If you like Sakura please don't read this

If you like Sakura please don't read this

Sakura's pov

I was walking down the dark street. It was cold and I was hoping to get home before Naruto would start to worry.

I was asked by Tsunade to get some scrolls for her from the Land of Tea and by the time I came back it was late. Hopefully I would make it home before it got too late.

When I reached my house I reached into my pocket to get my keys when a bag was put on my head suddenly. I struggled until the kidnapper punched me in the head, and then it went dark.

hours later

I awoke to darkness because the bag was still on my head and I was tied to a chair.

"Hey Danna, I think she's awake, un," one of the captors spoke. (I wonder who that could be)

"Perfect now we can start. I hate having to wait," said another voice.

The second voice sounded familiar to me.

I thought of who it could possibly be.

It took me a few minutes (stupid bitch!) but I realized who it was. It was none other than Akasuna no Sasori.

The bag was grabbed off my head and it was just who I thought it was Akasuna no Sasori, and behind him was his partner Deidara.

Both Akatsuki members stood before me with complete and utter hatred.

"So Danna this is the pink haired bitch that killed you, un."

"Yeah, this is her, brat," the red head said.

Deidara walked over to me, raised his hand up, and slapped me hard across the face.

"I hate you, un! You killed my Danna, and almost ruined my life, un," the blond yelled at me.

"Okay Dei, enough yelling at her. We should start the torture now."

"Okay, un," the blond said cheerfully as he walked back to his Danna

Deidara's pov

It was finally time to torture the pink haired bitch. After she killed Sasori it was the worst thing that happened to me. Luckily we were able to save Sasori. All we had to do was repair his heart.

Sasori moved towards the table and looked at the many tools he was going to use. He chose a poisoned knife, and moved toward Sakura.

The red head sliced the knife across her arms leaving deep cuts that bled.

The poison he had chosen was a special type. If the poison was exposed to your skin or any other part of your body the place it was exposed to would start burning.

Soon enough the poison went into effect and Sakura was screaming from the burning pain.

I sat and watched as Sasori tortured the pink haired bitch, and seeing Danna happy made me happy.

"Deidara, could you bring those senbon over here," the Akasuna asked.

I walked to the table and retrieved the senbon for my Danna. I handed them to the red head and walked back to my seat to continue watching.

Sasori took two senbon and stabbed them roughly through the still screaming pink haired girl's shoulders.

Sakura let out a very loud scream until Sasori shoved a gag in her mouth and now all we could hear were muffled sobs from the pink haired girl as she cried.

Sasori untied Sakura and carried her over to a giant pit with spikes at the bottom. He set Sakura down and pulled out a match, lit it and threw it into the pit, and the pit became a huge fire pit.

Sasori picked up Sakura and threw her into the fiery pit, and watched as she was impaled with spikes and burned to death.

"Feel better now Danna, un," I asked.

"Much better."