Random conversations on Bad Wolf Bay

Summary: There were lots of things left unsaid at the end of „Journey's End". But since I don't know them for sure, too, I've come up with several ideas. This is 10.5/Rose.

Disclaimer: All official Doctor Who stuff belongs to BBC etc. - I only borrow it for this story.

Notice: This will be a little series of one-shots. Or rather little dialogues that happen all on Bad Wolf Bay. Each chapter should stand on its own.

Chapter 1 – Here we go again


Rose and the half-human Doctor had stared at each other for some time, after the Tardis had dematerialised.

He had held on to her hand, although she hardly returned the gesture.

Now her look changed from the rather blank and defeated look that must have mirrored his own to something else.

The Doctor wished he could hide from her searching eyes. He didn't know if he could stand it once more to proof himself to Rose.

But since there was neither Tardis nor immediate threat to use as a distraction, he took a deep breath, made sure her hand wouldn't escape his and turned to face the young woman.


"Here we go again. This is the third time that I have to convince you that it's still me while I wear this face. You really should have accepted it by now.

I never understood why you have to doubt me anyway. It's just sort of like changing your hair-style, well, at last for a Time Lord.

And ... personally, I think this form looks quite handsome.

Alright, the first regeneration you witnessed must have been a shock, but I hope you didn't miss those big ears for long. The second time you were bound to think something like this would happen again, and I'm glad that you got over it rather fast. But now there really hasn't been any outward change, and even my inside is more or less the same.

Well, save for having only one heart and thus being unable to regenerate from now on.

See ... at last there won't be a fourth time.

And the aging process hopefully will be slow enough to make you comfortable with the only changes that I will have to undergo from now on, like getting grey hair and some wrinkles."


Who knows how long the Doctor might have went on like this, if Rose had not tugged at his hand to get his attention.

"Oh shut up.

Your face is fine, and I will recognize and love it even when it gets older day by day.

The most important thing is that you loved me with big ears, and with great hair, and after being shot by a Dalek and that you were finally able to say it when you got only one heart and only one life left."