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Penny cackled, perfectly.

Dr. Horrible felt his knees go weak; he could tell it was a natural laugh, not one like his that had been developed over countless hours of practice. His crush from before paled in comparison to what he felt now: He was head-over-heels in love with this girl. He wanted to marry her, buy a nice abandoned warehouse with a fallout shelter in the sub-basement, settle down and breed an army of minions, maybe even bear her children . . . he realized she was ranting, and refocused his attention.

" . . . and by giving the homeless a major role in my plan, I've gained an army that can hide in plain sight! No one will even give them a second glance until it's too late! Even if I do say so myself, it's genius to use the public's apathy against them! And then the petitions – no one ever reads them anyway, it's amazing what you can slip by . . ."

She turned to the table where Captain Hammer was strapped down securely – who'd have guessed his secret weakness was cling wrap?

"As for you, my dear Captain, your body will never be found. "

"Fiend! I thought you cared for me, after all I've done – I rescued you from the van!" The restrained hero glared at her.

"Oh, please. The van stopped before you touched it – you just shoved me into a pile of garbage. I only sang what I did to distract you, so you'd be left with a false sense of security when I lured you into my trap." She brushed her hair from her eyes before lowering her goggles.

"You lied to me through song! How could you?"

Penny sighed. "I'm getting tired of trying to get this through your thick skull, so I'll just kill you now. Because. I'm. Evil. Doctor Horrible, if you will?"

Moving forward with the remote to the death ray they'd collaborated on, his gloved fingers brushed hers as he set it in her hand. "You've earned the honour, sweetie."

She flashed him a grin. "Don't call me that. But thank you."

As they gazed into each other's eyes, she pointed the device at Captain Hammer and pressed the button.