Ok this is my new story, it is based on an Indian movie...don't laugh. I love different cultures although i'm hispanic.

Just so you don't freak out this is a SASUSAKU story. It starts of with sasuino and half way in the middle shikasaku, but it's still as SASUSAKU story.

Disclaimer: You know the drill.

10 years ago….

Three families could be seen at the airport. The Uchiha's, the Yamanaka's and the Haruno's.

The Uchiha's had a handsome boy named Sasuke, he was 7. The Yamanaka's had a lovely young girl whose name was Ino and so did the Haruno's, their daughter was named Sakura.

All 3 of them were friends but today the Uchiha's were leaving to America.

"I'll miss you a lot Ino" said Sasuke.

"Yeah whatever" replied Ino.

"We will miss you Sasuke, I will miss you" said Sakura. Sasuke seemed to not have heard her for he kept talking to Ino.

"Promise me you will write everyday Ino" said Sasuke. Ino sighed.

"I'll do it if I have time."

"I'll write to you Sasuke" said Sakura.

"Thanks Sakura, you're such a good friend" said Sasuke.

"Sasuke we have to leave now" said Fugaku, Sasuke's father.

"Ok dad." Sasuke leaned in and kissed Ino on her cheek.

"Bye Ino, bye Sakura."


"We'll miss you"

They waved at each other until Sasuke and his family was out of sight. The 2 couples kept talking while Sakura and Ino were also talking.

"Ino, you're so mean to Sasuke and he really likes you" scowled Sakura.

"Whatever, I said I would try to write to him" said Ino. The 2 families left.

The next day…

"Ino aren't you at least going to reply to Sasuke, he already sent you an e-mail" said Sakura.

"Read me what it says" sighed Ino.

"Hi Ino,

How are you? We arrived safely and I already have a new school.

My parents got a maid and they got me a dog. Ok I have to go do homework. I hope to hear from you.

Love, Sasuke."

"Oh my god, I don't have time for this. I'm leaving" said Ino.

"But aren't you going to reply to Sasuke?" asked Sakura.

"You do it if you want to." And with that Ino left.

Sakura thought about it awhile.

'Dear Sasuke,

It was good to hear that you got safe. Good luck on your new school.

Things here in Japan are boring, ok bye. I have to go.


Sakura started thinking and after a while she came up with a plan.

'Ino'. It was the name she wrote at the end of the e-mail.

She pressed the 'send' button and smiled to herself.

Present day……

'so I started reading this new book called 'Love story''

'what? Who knew u were 1 4 romantics'

'very funny but if u must know, it's a school assignment'

'sure, u don't believe that urself'

'whatever, I have gr8t news….me and my family r going back 2 Japan; we're arriving in 2 weeks'

'really, after 10 years do u think you'll be able 2 recognize me?'

'I could recognize u with my eyes closed, my heart will guide me'

'lol, and u said u weren't one 4 romantics….but we'll c if what u say is true when u actually do c me'


"Hey Ino, guess what." Sakura said.


"Sasuke is coming back" said Sakura.

"Sasuke, who is Sasuke?" asked Ino.


"Oh yeah, I remember….so what about him"

"Hehe, well you see" Sakura explained everything she had done over the last 10 years with the e-mails.

"WHAT!! Sakura how could you do this?" yelled Ino.

"Well he sounded really happy when he thought it was you who was writing the e-mails" said Sakura.

"Yeah, but what do you think he'll do when he finds out it wasn't me!" yelled Ino again.

"That's why I need you to act. Please, I always do what you want, why can't you do this for me?" pleaded Sakura.

"Fine, but…..AHHH" Ino was mad.

"Thank you so much, I knew you would understand" said Sakura as she hugged Ino.

"Yeah yeah whatever."

OK, this is just the first chap and I know it's sucky but i tried. If you have any questions just ask...in reviews obviously.