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Sakura was in her room doing research on the internet about a university in America when someone knocked on her door. She told them to come in.

"Hey, what are you doing?" asked Sasuke.

"Oh hey, I was just doing some research about a university in America." Sakura said.

"Oh cool, what do you want to study?" he asked again.


"No way, I want to study that too, in the University of Washington" said Sasuke. (I have no idea if there is such a thing so…)

"I'm researching that University" said Sakura.

"Hey, maybe we end up in the same class"

"Yeah, maybe" she said as she turned around to face the computer. Sasuke grabbed a nearby chair and sat down beside Sakura.

"Hey, how come you never sent me an e-mail all these years?" asked Sasuke.

"How come you never sent me an e-mail."

"Hn, good point." Sakura smiled.

"Now that I think about it I don't really know anything about you" said Sasuke. Sakura nodded.

"So from now on, would you like to be my friend?" he asked as he extended his hand for Sakura to shake it. Sakura smiled and shook his hand. After that Sasuke left and Sakura went to sleep smiling to herself.

The next day…..

All 3 families were going to a picnic together. Sasuke spend the whole time flirting with Ino while Sakura could only watch from far and their parents were oblivious to the whole thing.

(I'm not going in detail cuz this part is in song in the movie, so use ur imagination)

Next day……

Sakura was sleeping very peacefully, she could feel the sun in her eyes and presumed it was already morning, she opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Sasuke. She smiled and kept looking at Sasuke through half opened eyes thinking it was a dream until…..

"Good morning Sakura"

"Sasuke!!" yelled Sakura as she covered herself with her blankets, and motioning with her hand for him to turn around.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and turned around.

"Boys shouldn't be walking in to girls' room" said Sakura as she put on her robe.

"Girls shouldn't leave their doors open when there's a boy in the house" said Sasuke.

"Whatever, did you want something?" asked Sakura. Sasuke still had his back to her.

"I want to invite you to come with me and Ino to a restaurant today" said Sasuke.

"Don't you want to be with her alone?"

"She gets nervous around me so I thought it would be better to have a friend there"

"I can't, I'm goi-"

"12:00 am"

"I have an-"

"I'll see you there"


"I said I'll see you there and now I'm leaving before you say no again" said Sasuke as he left the room quickly. When he was out of sight Sakura smiled to herself.

Later at the restaurant…

Sakura hadn't arrived so it was just Ino and Sasuke.

"Hn, you look beautiful everyday" said Sasuke.

"I look beautiful everyday" she smiled at him. Sasuke smirked.

"So did you look up the 'Love Story' book I told you about?" asked Sasuke.

"What?" said Ino.

"You know, in the last chat we had before I came here" said Sasuke.

"Sasuke I have something to tell you, I didn't wri-" when she was about to tell him her cell phone rang. She answered it.

"Hello- Sorry, I completely forgot- I'm on my way" talked Ino into her cell phone. She hanged up.

"I'm sorry Sasuke, I have to go but here comes Sakura, bye" she said and left in a hurry.

"Hi" said Sakura.

"Hey, do you know why Ino left?" asked Sasuke.

"I think it's because of a school dance she has to perform in, we're done our exams anyways" said Sakura. Sasuke nodded.

"She seems so different from when she wrote in the e-mails." Sakura started to get nervous.

"Hey why don't we order our foods" she said trying to get off topic. Sasuke smiled and nodded.

The waiter came to take their orders, Sakura ordered her food but Sasuke didn't know what to order so Sakura ordered for him, tomatoes.

"How, do you know I like tomatoes?" he asked.

"Ino told me" she lied. Sasuke nodded.

Their foods came, well more like one plate of food and a tomato salad. Sasuke tried his tomatoes and frowned.

"They're missing something" he said as he searched for that something. Sakura got it for him, salt and pepper. She put them over the tomatoes and was taking it to Sasuke's mouth when she stopped realizing what she was doing. Sasuke already had his mouth open waiting for the tomatoes, he saw Sakura stopped. He grabbed her hand and pulled it towards his mouth to eat the sliced tomato. He smiled.

"Food fed to a person is more delicious" he said as he chewed the slice of tomato. Sakura smiled.

They spent the rest of their day together and decided that they would meet up with an old friend, Naruto.

"TEME, you're finally back" yelled Naruto.

"Dobe" smirked Sasuke.

"Teme, I want you to meet someone, my girlfriend Hinata" grinned Naruto as he introduced this shy looking girl.

"Hn, I'm surprised you even have a girlfriend….nice to meet you" said Sasuke to Hinata.

"Nice to meet you too."

"Hey, how about we go to the movies, I've been dying to see the new movie that was released" said Naruto. They all agreed. They entered to see a comedy/horror movie.

Later that night….

Sasuke, Ino and Sakura were walking back to their homes, Sasuke and Sakura had picked up Ino after rehearsal. Ino was walking to the door when Sasuke grabbed her wrist and pulled her around.

Sakura saw all this and decided to leave them alone; she was walking to her house through the front yard.

"Hey Ino, aren't you going to say goodnight" said Sasuke as he smirked.

"Ok bye" she said trying to get to her house. Sasuke pulled her back again.

"Let me show you how we say goodnight in America" he smirked as he leaned closer to her face, too close. Ino shoved him, smiled and said goodnight as she jogged to her front door. Sasuke sighed.

Next morning…..

All the adults were in the Haruno dining room. Sen had just come from a morning walk while his wife prepared breakfast for all of them.

"Oi, I'm noticing that your son is taking an interest in my son" said Inoichi.

"Not my fault" said Fugaku.

"No, it's fine by me. It's about time that girl gets into a serious relationship, she won't be under my wing anymore."

"Hey, what about my Sakura?" whined Sen.

"Speaking about that, there is this family….the Nara family and they said that they are also trying to get their son in a serious relationship, they said they would like to meet Sakura" said Sakura's mom.

"Perfect" cried Sen. Just then Sakura was coming down the stairs.

"Oh Sakura, we want you to meet the son of a couple, they're our friends" said Sen smiling.

"Oh god, I can't I'm meeting Sasuke right now, tell the mara was it? family that I can't" she said and ran for the door. They all sweat dropped.

Sakura was called by Sasuke for her to meet him in a shop, she didn't know what for.

When she got there she was looking for him. She saw him by the necklace section, it was a jewelry shop.

"Sasuke?" she questioned. Sasuke looked at her grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around to face the mirror. He put a necklace around her neck and smiled. Sakura was surprised, she didn't know what to do.

"Sasuke this is beau-"

"Do you think Ino will like it?" he asked. Her smile quickly went away. It was a heart shaped necklace that could break in to two pieces, one for each one of them. She looked at him through the mirror and smiled a sad smile, she nodded.

"I think she will love it" she said softly.

"Ok then, I'll take this one" he said to the lady behind the counter.

While they waited for the lady to check off the price Sasuke noticed Sakura wondering around the shop. He looked back at the lady and said…

"Actually I'll take 2." The lady nodded.

"Two? What for?" she asked him.

"One for you, for when you fid that special someone" he said.

"I already have" she murmured under her breath but not loud enough for Sasuke to hear her.

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