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Chapter 1.

How would one describe Zaraki Kenpachi? A homicidal killer? A vicious cold-blooded monster? Or someone who would not hesitate to destroy an entire army for his adopted daughter, Kusajishi Yachiru? He was mostly the latter of the three things. Sure, he enjoys fights more than Yachiru loves candy, but he was, contrary to popular belief, not a psycho who only wants to kill others.

Ever since he first entered the Soul Society and killed the previous Taicho of the 11th division of the Gotei 13 and took his place as Taicho rumors had spread that he was a demon, and therefore he was given many nicknames striking fear into the hearts of every spirit he came across. Of all the nicknames, his favorite was the 'Demon of the Zaraki District', since he came from the most dangerous district of Rukongai.

Currently, the spiky-haired, eye patch wearing Shinigami was walking over to his Division, preparing on training his grunts into the ground.

Although everyone in the 11th Division was deathly afraid of him, their loyalty to the massive Shinigami was without equal. His most loyal were his 3rd and 5th seat, Madarame Ikkaku and Ayasegawa Yumichika respectively. There was also his Fukutaicho and adopted daughter Yachiru, who would do anything for him. The 11th Divisions loyalty to Kenpachi was such that each member would willingly go through hell and back for him, if he was ever in danger. Fortunately he was hardly ever in danger, because there were few beings that could ever hope to defeat him in battle.

On the way to his Division, he encountered the beautiful Taicho of the 4th Division, Unohana Retsu.

"Hi Retsu-chan." Kenpachi greeted the doctor. She was the only person he would ever use honorifics for.

"Hello Kenpachi-kun. I have received word that Yamamoto-sotaicho has called a Taichos meeting, and he wants everyone there." Unohana told him.

"Can't I skip this? I have to train those slackers in the 11th." Kenpachi told her.

"Well, when this is over, after training the members of your squad, maybe I can give you a massage to help you feel better." Unohana offered.

Kenpachi blushed before hastily agreeing. He was given many nicknames but the one he liked more than the 'Demon of the Zaraki District' was being called the husband of Unohana Retsu. Needless to say, when they got married, everyone in Soul Society was beyond shocked. Kenpachi still laughed when he remembered telling the other Taichos of their engagement.


"Alright, now that everyone is here, we can begin the Taicho's meeting. First, is there anything that needs to be brought up?" Asked Yamamoto.

Kenpachi looked at Unohana and with an encouraging nod from her, he spoke up.

"Yeah, I think there is something that you all need to know." Kenpachi told them.

Everyone, save Unohana, was surprised. Kenpachi rarely brought something up unless it was of utmost importance.

"Please continue Zaraki-Taicho." Yamamoto told him.

Kenpachi started scratching his head, for once he was nervous.

'I can't believe that Retsu wants me to tell them.' Kenpachi thought before telling them

"Well, better spit it out. Unohana and I are engaged." Kenpachi told the last part in a whisper so low that no one could hear him, except Komamura Sajin, who upon hearing it, gasped and fainted with a look of horror on his fox-like face.

"I'm sorry Zaraki-Taicho but I'm afraid we didn't hear that." Yamamoto told him, while wondering what the hell was going on.

"I said Unohana and I are engaged." Kenpach said in another low tone.

"(Sigh) Again we didn't hear that." Yamamoto told him. He was losing his patience, and to see the great Zaraki Kenpachi like this meant that something was wrong.

"For crying out loud you old bastard, I said Unohana and I are engaged!" Kenpachi shouted.

The room was so silent that you could hear a pin needle drop. After a few minutes, Hitsugaya Toshiro finally regained his voice.

"W-what did you say?" He asked in a shaky voice.

"Are you deaf you midget?! I said Unohana Retsu and I are getting married! Do I need to spell it out for you bastards?!" Shouted an obviously annoyed Zaraki Kenpachi.

The reactions varied from Taicho to Taicho. Kyoraku Shunsui dropped his Sake' bottle and he would later throw the rest away thinking it was laced with something.

Ukitake Jushiro gave a small smile to the couple, though he was wondering if this was a prank.

Byakuya paled. Granted, he and Yachiru had an uncle/niece relationship, but she was dangerous since she had the habit of destroying part of the 6th Division compound. If Kenpachi had more kids, that would mean he would have even more damage to repair, when Kenpachi recruited him to babysit.

Mayuri also paled, but was wearing makeup so no one could tell. He despised Kenpachi and Yachiru, mostly because Yachiru often broke into the most secure areas of the 12th Division and let some of the experiments out so she could play with them. Unfortunately he had to put down a very interesting creature, because while Yachiru was playing fetch with it, it destroyed various experiments. More kids would mean more destruction, and Mayuri was most definitely not going to like that.

Soi Fongs jaw dropped and her eyes were wide.

Gin's smile dropped, and he opened his eyes in shock. Now for those wondering why Gin is in the Seireitei, well it's an interesting story. Apparently, before he, Aizen, and Tosen left for Hueco Mundo, Gin had been acting as a spy for Yamamoto. Ever since he first entered the 5th Division, and killed the 3rd seat, who was planning on aiding Aizen in his betrayal, he had been secretly reporting to Yamamoto all of Aizen's activities. The reason Yamamoto never stopped Aizen, was because he wanted to destroy the Hogyoku without possibly killing Rukia. He also wanted to destroy the Espada, so they would never be a threat to Soul Society.

Gin was actually very instrumental in the shinigami's victory in the Winter War. While Aizen was too distracted fighting the other shinigami, Gin betrayed him and dealt a fatal blow to the former shinigami. Gin also helped Orihime destroy the Hogyoku.

After the war, Yamamoto explained everything about Gin to the other shinigami and he was pardoned of all crimes.

Hitsugaya was starting to think he became sick and is imagining things.

Yamamoto had to refrain from gaping like an idiot. Instead he chose to widen his eyes.

"Weeelll, since some of us need to recover from this news, why don't we start the meeting again in a few hours?" Yamamoto suggested, knowing no one would be able to focus on the meeting.

"Huh, they took it better than I thought they would." Kenpachi told Unohana while chuckling as they were leaving.

"So Retsu, you want to go spar?" Asked Kenpachi.

Unohana got a smile, and to anyone who noticed, it held a bit of mischief.

"Hmm, I believe that I have plenty of time. Your place?" Unohana asked.

"Sure." Kenpachi answered.

End Flashback

After that, word spread about the engagement, and Yachiru was ecstatic. However, everyone else felt the world would be coming to an end. The members of the 11th division were so scared about the marriage they fainted on the spot.

It had been three years since the announcement, and they were happily married. However, Kenpachi was still the sadist that everyone knew him as.

But enough of that,

"What does the old geezer want now?" Kenpachi asked his wife as they were hurriedly running to where the Taicho's meeting would take place.

"I don't know, but he said it was urgent news. I think he mentioned something about a kitsune though." Unohana told him.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the meeting hall, and the other Taichos were already there. When they arrived, all chatter stopped, and they took their respected places.

"Now that you are all here, I have urgent news. Apparently, a massive amount of souls are appearing in a place called the Elemental Nations, and this is attracting a lot of hollows. From the reports I have gathered, a creature is killing countless ryoka. I want to send Zaraki-Taicho, Kuchiki-Taicho, and Hitsugaya-Taicho to send these souls to Soul Society, and if any hollows interfere, which no doubt they will, destroy them. Dismissed!" And with that, the selected Taichos hurried to the closest senkaimon that would lead to the Elemental Nations.

Elemental Nations

The three Taichos went through the senkaimon gate, and what they saw, made both Kuchiki and Hitsugaya deathly afraid, because before them stood the Kyuubi no Kitsune in all its glory. They looked around and saw countless ninja get struck down in mere seconds. Souls were constantly appearing, and as a side effect, many hollows started to appear. Normally a hollow would try and stay away from the Elemental Nations, because they were terrified of the forces of nature known as the Bijuu. Even a Vasto Lorde would be reluctant to face the wrath of a bijuu. However, this time, the number of souls appearing was too much for any hollow to resist.

Kenpachi looked on with a predatory gleam in his one eye. Anyone who saw that look would immediately know that he wanted to fight the Kyuubi.

"Alright, Zaraki-Taicho, you take the north side, and Kuchiki-Taicho you take the west. I'll take on the east side." Hitsugaya ordered.

As they were running to their respective spots, Kenpachi and Byakuya were both wondering the same thing.

'Who put that runt in charge?!'

As Kenpachi was running north, he saw a hospital in the distance. Since that was where a lot of souls could be, he reluctantly headed there. When he entered, doctors were running around like crazy. Deciding to ignore them, he went to the many rooms, and sent many souls to the Soul Society. Finally he reached another room, and in there he saw a beautiful red haired woman in a hospital bed and in front of her was a blonde haired, blue-eyed man in his early twenties. The man was holding what looked like a miniature version of himself, apparently a newborn baby boy.

"M-Minato-kun, y-you can't do this! The villagers will treat him like a, m-monster! Why c-can't you have S-Sarutobi-san or J-Jiraiya-san do this so you can protect our son?!" The woman yelled with tears in her eyes. The machine that showed her heart rate was beeping far too quickly. The woman would die very soon.

"I'm sorry Kushina-chan, but this has to be done for the good of the village. And besides, the villagers will see him as a hero! You need to have more faith in them!" The man, now know as Minato replied.

The woman, Kushina, was quickly losing her life. Apparently she had complications giving birth to her son.

"M-Minato, you h-have to r-reconsider. T-they will try to kill him if you seal the K-Kyuubi into him." Kushina tried to tell him. Unfortunately Minato was too stubborn, and he held to much faith in the villagers.

"Forgive me Kushina-chan, but this has to be done. I'm sorry, and I will always love you." And with that, Minato disappeared in a yellow flash.

More tears fell from Kushina's eyes, before she finally lost her fight against death. Throughout the conversation, Kenpachi was listening. He couldn't help but feel that something was familiar about the person known as Kushina.

'So this guy is going to seal the Kyuubi into his own son. That is some pretty crazy shit.' Thought Kenpachi.

Suddenly, above the dead body of the woman appeared her spirit. She was still crying, until Kenpachi brought her attention to him.

"C'mon lady, I need to send you away. If you don't resist or anything, then I can continue my job." Kenpachi told her.

When Kushina looked up at him, she was shocked. The man was easily the tallest person she has ever seen. He had an eye-patch over his right eye, and his hair was spiked up. What really confused her though, were the bells on the tips of his hair.

"W-who are you?" She questioned fearfully.

"(Sigh), that's unimportant, but do you intend to talk all day, or can I go ahead and send you to the afterlife?" And without waiting for an answer, he immediately performed a konso on her before she could react.

When she disappeared, he turned his attention to the Kyuubi, and to his surprise, he could see its soul ripped out of its body, by some creepy spirit. The spirit had white hair, purple skin, very pointy teeth, and it had a knife in its mouth. Deciding to ignore the spirit, he continued to send as many souls as he could to Soul Society.

A couple of hours later, the three Taichos met up again, and they were wondering what happened to the fox.

"Alright, I believe we're done, but what happened to the kitsune?" Asked a curious Byakuya. He was sporting a scratch on his cheek from one of the hollows he destroyed.

"I know what happened, but let's get back to Soul Society so I can tell the other Taichos." Kenpachi told them.

"Well let's go. The sooner we leave and submit our report to Yamamoto-sotaicho, the sooner we can get on with our lives." Hitsugaya told them.

They nodded, and opened a senkaimon. When they went through it, they immediately ran to where the Taicho's meetings were. When they got there, Yamamoto told them to speak of what happened.

"Well, apparently the creature that was killing so many ryoka, was the Kyuubi no Kitsune. And from what I overheard, some guy sealed the Kyuubi's spirit inside of a newborn boy." Kenpachi told them everything he heard, and when he was finished, Yamamoto's eyes were wide.

"I see." Was all he said.

"Has something like this happened before Yamamoto-sama?" Ukitake asked, since Yamamoto was obviously thinking about something.

"Unfortunately yes. You see, in the Elemental Nations, there are nine creatures of extraordinary power. Kami-sama, created them in order to help create balance in the world. Kami-sama sends them to destroy corrupt civilizations that think they are all powerful. These creatures are known as the bijuu, and they are forces of nature created by Kami-sama and only Kami-sama can destroy them. Now over time people learned to seal the bijuu into objects, and later to seal them into people. Apparently, when a bijuu is sealed in someone, said person obtains some sort of physical appearance similar to the bijuu itself. A side effect of sealing a bijuu into someone is that the ryoka population will almost always consider the person a demon, and they are normally shunned from society." Yamamoto explained.

"Yeah, I heard the mother of the kid, who the Kyuubi is sealed in, mention that the village will treat him as a monster and an outcast. Unfortunately, her husband said that the village will treat him as a hero. I noticed that there was a monument, with the faces of some people carved in and the guy who sealed Kyuubi had his face carved in it. Odds are, is that the carvings are of important people and if my guess is right, the people will only hate the kid more, because they will believe he killed one of them." Kenpachi told them.

Some of the Taichos were surprised that Kenpachi made such an observation, but they decided not to show their surprise, lest they invoke the wrath of Zaraki Kenpachi.

"Excellent observation Zaraki-Taicho. Now, I believe it is time for everyone to head out to their divisions. It has been a tiring day after all." Yamamoto told everyone.

"Hold on. Before any of you leave, there is one more thing that you need to know." Kenpachi told them.

Everyone looked back at him, and he continued.

"That blonde guy who sealed away Kyuubi had some spirit working with him. The spirit had white hair, purple skin, pointy teeth, and it had a knife in its mouth. Do any of you know what that thing is?" Asked Kenpachi.

No one answered except Yamamoto. "Yes, I believe that was the Taicho of the Zero division."

This shocked most of the Taichos. They knew there was a Zero division, but none of them except Yamamoto had seen the Taicho of the division, and based on Kenpachi's description of him, no one wanted to see him.

"So, that was the Taicho of the Zero Division huh?" Asked Kenpachi.

Yamamoto nodded before answering, "Yes, while the Zero Division is meant to protect the royal family, Kami-sama chose the current Taicho of the Zero Division. You see, while the Zero Division is meant to protect the royal family, select few ryoka can summon the Taicho, who has a very unique role. When a ryoka summons the Taicho, they can use him to take the souls out of people, or in Kyuubi's case, seal it into a human body. The reason he is allowed to steal souls is because, if he were to steal the soul of a very evil individual, said soul will never become a hollow or shinigami, because the Taicho will eat the soul, and prevent them from becoming a potential threat. Unfortunately, the Taicho will also eat the soul of whoever summoned him." He explained.

The other Taichos looked appalled that something like this was allowed, but said nothing about it.

"So with the Kyuubi sealed within the boy, when he dies, the Kyuubi will die? Also, will the Taicho of the Zero Division eat both of their souls?" Asked the ever-stoic Kuchiki Byakuya.

"No. Like I said, Kami-sama created them, so when the boy dies, the soul of Kyuubi will be released and it shall again take on a physical form. As for the boy, it all depends on what he will become. If he remains a kind hearted individual, then he will come here, but if he is evil than the Taicho of the Zero Division will eat his soul." Yamamoto explained. "Now, I believe that we should go back to our Divisions, and get some rest."

They nodded and headed back to their respective divisions, when they suddenly realized something. The Kyuubi incident would create a lot of paperwork. Most of the Taichos started cursing under their breath. The only ones not cursing were the ones that knew they could pawn it off on someone else.

Everyone left, except for Kenpachi who stayed behind in order to talk to Yamamoto.

"Is there something on your mind Zaraki-Taicho?" Yamamoto asked curiously.

"Yeah. You said that people who have a bijuu sealed in them is often shunned from society. If that is the case, shouldn't someone watch over the gaki?" Kenpachi asked.

"We can't. I wish I could send someone to watch over him, but we need as many of our men here as possible. Ever since the Winter War with Aizen, our numbers have drastically decreased. Besides, not all villages shun their jinchuuriki. That is what the people with bijuu sealed in them are called. Some villages, like the one known as Kumogakure no Sato, have their own jinchuuriki, and she is treated like a hero. Although the chances of being respected are very slim for a jinchuuriki, all we can do is hope that the village known as Konohagakure no Sato treats theirs as a hero." Yamamoto explained.

"Alright, well I better get those grunts to start working. See ya later old man." Kenpachi said as he left. 'Wait a second. Retsu-chan owes me a massage. Maybe I can get Kuchiki to watch over Yachiru for a while.'

And so Kenpachi left the Sotaicho, and was thinking of a way to get Byakuya to watch over Yachiru for the rest of the day.

One Year later (A/n: Don't worry there will only be a couple of these in this chapter.)

It had been one year since the Kyuubi incident, and things had been going very well. There were many more shinigami in the Gotei 13, and many of them were improving at a fast rate. Gin also finally got the nerve to ask Rangiku out on a date, and she said yes. Surprisingly, it worked very well, and they have been dating ever since. Unfortunately, some guys were still looking at her when she was dating Gin, but Gin decided to introduce those guys to his fist. Of course they weren't the only ones who started dating.

Hitsugaya and Momo started dating as well, although Hitsugaya still could not convince Momo to stop calling him Shiro-chan.

Renji and Rukia were dating as well, although there was an interesting story about that.

Apparently, there was rumor that Rukia was dating the substitute shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo. And when Byakuya heard the rumor, he went to the Human world and threatened to kill Ichigo in the most painful way imaginable, and remove all traces of his existence, if he hurt Rukia. A confused Ichigo confessed that he was actually dating his friend Orihime.

Byakuya took this the wrong way, believing Ichigo was dating both. If Rukia hadn't showed up when she did, Ichigo would have been killed by her furious older brother.

When Rukia told him that she was dating Byakuya's Fukutaicho Abarai Renji, her childhood friend, Byakuya practically insulted Ichigo by saying it was perfectly acceptable. He claimed that he trusts Renji more than Ichigo, and that Renji is strong and loyal and would never harm Rukia intentionally.

But enough of this.

It was currently a rather beautiful day, and many people were thankful that Kenpachi wasn't in the mood to send them to the 4th division. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, as one of the gates leading to the Seireitei was opened by one of the new gate guardians. When it was opened all the way, a familiar red-haired woman appeared, and she looked pissed.

"Minato you bastard! Where the hell are you?!" Yelled a very angry Uzumaki Kushina.

Some of the smarter people in the Seireitei were smart enough to back away from the furious woman. Some of her yelling caught the attention of Yamamoto who just so happened to be walking near her location.

"Excuse me, but can I help you?" Asked Yamamoto, hoping to calm her down.

Kushina turned to him, and even Yamamoto started to feel afraid when he saw the fury in her eyes.

"Where is that bastard Namikaze Minato?! I know he's here somewhere, so where is he?!" She yelled.

"I'm sorry miss, but there is no one in the Seireitei with that name. Apparently, his soul had been eaten over a year ago." Yamamoto told her, hoping to calm her down. It looked like it worked when she started to calm down, if only a little.

"So he's not here? Damn. I came all this way to kick his ass, and he goes and gets eaten." Kushina said.

Yamamoto allowed a small smile knowing he calmed this woman down for now.

"Please come to my office miss, and hopefully I can tell you everything you want to know." Yamamoto told her. She agreed, and followed him to his office in the 1st division compound.

When they got there, he gestured her to a seat, and she complied.

"Why don't we introduce ourselves? My name is Genryusai-Yamamoto Shigekuni, and I am the Sotaicho of the Gotei 13." He introduced himself.

"My name is Uzumaki Kushina. It was Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina, but I removed the Namikaze out of anger for my husband." Kushina replied.

"I understand that you must feel very angry with him when he fought the Kyuubi." Yamamoto told her.

"Yes, I am angry with him. He could have had someone else seal the Kyuubi away, but he did it himself, making our son an orphan. By the way, you mentioned something about him having his soul eaten right?" Asked Kushina.

"Yes, his soul was eaten when he summoned the Taicho of the Zero Division to seal away the Kyuubi into a newborn child." Yamamoto explained. This however got an unexpected reaction.

"Wait a second, there was only one child born that day." Kushina said with a contemplative look, before her eyes widened in unimaginable horror.

"That idiot actually sealed Kyuubi into our son?!" She yelled.

'I am going to guess that was the wrong thing to say.' Thought Yamamoto, who was starting to feel afraid of Kushina.

"Your son? Well it has been a year since the Kyuubi was sealed into him, but I am afraid we do not know the current condition of your child." Yamamoto sadly told her.

Kushina looked sad, but asked a question, "Well, you need to bring people into the Soul Society right?"

Yamamoto nodded before answering, "Yes, we send the shinigami here to the human world so they can bring souls here."

"Well, is there any possible way that I can become a shinigami, so I can check in on my son occasionally?" Asked a hopeful Kushina.

"It's possible, but if you want to become a shinigami, than you must go through the academy. It is a four year program, but if you truly excel, than you will not have to spend such a large amount of time there." Yamamoto explained.

"I don't care what I have to do. I will do anything to help my son in any way." Kushina said with utter determination.

Yamamoto nodded before responding, "Very well, I can sign you up for the academy later. The academy will start in two weeks, so why don't you explore the Seireitei and find out where everything is?"

Kushina nodded, and as she got up, Yamamoto continued.

"I'll send one of my Taichos to escort you so you don't get lost, and so that no one will get any dumb ideas." And with that, he called in his fukutaicho, Sasakibe Chojiro (His appearance doesn't matter so let's continue).

"Chojiro-san, can you please bring me Zaraki-taicho?" Yamamoto asked, while ignoring the man pale.

"H-hai Yamamoto-sama." And with that, the obviously scared man went to bring in the most feared Taicho in Seireitei.

About twenty minutes later, one Zaraki Kenpachi came in, and he looked mad about something.

"What is it old man? I finally got in the mood to beat those grunts into the ground, when your wimp of a fukutaicho showed up. So why am I here?" Asked an irate Kenpachi.

"Well, Zaraki-taicho, I believe that you and this woman met before correct?" Yamamoto asked.

It was then that Kenpachi noticed the woman sitting in front of Yamamoto, and his lone eye barely widened in surprise.

"Hey, didn't we meet before?" Kenpachi asked.

"Yes about a year ago when you sent me here. In case you forgot, the Kyuubi no Kitsune was attacking at the time." Kushina told him.

"Oh yeah. Didn't your crazy ass husband seal the Kyuubi into your kid?" Asked Kenpachi as he started to remember.

"Yeah he sealed the Kyuubi in my son, when he should have had someone else perform the jutsu." Kushina told him while scowling. Seriously, Minato should have listened to her.

"Well, the past is just that, the past. There is nothing we can do about it, I'm sad to say. But I did not just call you here to meet this young woman Zaraki-Taicho. The reason I called you here was because, I remember how you met this young woman a year ago, so I figured that you could show her around the Seireitei and show her where the Academy is. If possible, could you also help her find a place to stay until she begins the Academy?" Yamamoto asked the giant.

"Hmm fine. Besides I guess I can let Yachiru train the grunts for a while." Kenpachi said with a sadistic smile knowing that Yachiru could sometimes be even crueler than Kenpachi. After all, with how sharp her teeth were, no one would want to disobey her and risk suffering extreme head trauma when she bit down on their heads with an iron grip. Poor Ikkaku was often the poor sucker that Yachiru enjoyed torturing the most.

"C'mon lady, I don't have all day." Kenpachi called out to her as he was leaving.

Kushina quickly got up and bowed to Yamamoto before following Kenpachi.

As they were walking, Kushina noticed how many shinigami were quickly trying to get out of the way of the giant that Kushina was following. Deciding to try and get to know the man better, Kushina tried to strike up a conversation.

"Soo, you're the Taicho of the 11th Division?" Kushina asked.

Her answer was merely a grunt, so frowning Kushina tried another approach.

"Since you're a Taicho, I'm guessing you're a good fighter right?" She asked.

Now this got Kenpachi's attention.

"Yep, one of the best in Seireitei. What about you? You got some skills?" Kenpachi asked as he turned his head.

"Well, I was considered an elite back when I was alive." Kushina told him.

"What were you, a samurai or something?" Kenpachi asked, getting interested.

"No, I was a Shinobi." She replied.

"Hmm, that's disappointing. Shinobi aren't exactly known for their honor." Kenpachi told her, disappointed.

"Yeah well, we were too busy being in war constantly. Besides, I'm not the sneaky type. I always preferred just walking in and killing my enemies instead of hiding in the shadows." Kushina confessed.

"So how do you think you would do in a duel? No fancy tricks, just using your sword to defeat your opponent?" Kenpachi asked, thinking she might be a good sparring partner.

"Well, I could probably defeat a 5th seat. A 3rd seat could probably beat me with little effort though." Kushina told him.

"Well, when we're done with the tour, why don't we test that claim?" Kenpachi asked.

"I guess we can. The sooner the tour ends, the sooner we can see." Kushina told him.

And so Kenpachi showed her the Academy, and showed her the various Divisions and their uses. He also told her of the Winter War, and other interesting moments, such as when Ichigo and the other ryoka came into the Seireitei, and beat some of the Taichos and well, almost everyone else.

"Alright, this damn tour is over. Now we can see if you're as strong as you think you are. We're going back to the 11th Division compound, and you can spar with my 5th seat, Ayasegawa Yumichika." Kenpachi told her.

"Alright. Who knows, he just might beat me?" Kushina told him.

So Kenpachi took Kushina to the 11th Division, where they encountered one of the oddest men Kushina ever saw. Yumichika had colorful feathers on his eyebrows and eyelashes. He also had very shiny skin and hair. He was also wearing what looked like an orange turtleneck shirt underneath his regular shinigami uniform.

"Ah, hello Zaraki-Taicho. Today is a beautiful day don't you think? If only these ugly brutes could be as beautiful as this day." Yumichika told him with a smile.

"Is this supposed to be Yumichika?" Kushina asked, disbelief written all over her face.

"Yeah, he may be one of the oddest people you will ever meet, but he's strong. Don't underestimate him. Also, he judges everyone and everything by beauty." Kenpachi told her.

"Zaraki-Taicho, who is this beautiful woman? Surely someone of such beauty would stay away from such an unbeautiful place like the 11th." Yumichika asked. Kushina couldn't help the small blush that appeared on her face.

"Well, I wanted to see how well she can fight, since she claims to be able to fight a 5th seat. So Yumichika, you think you can handle it?" Kenpachi asked.

"Of course, Zaraki-Taicho. Kushina-san, please follow me to a sparring area." Yumichika told her as he went to the nearest sparring area.

The sparring area looked like a regular dojo. Nothing interesting about it, except for the several guys there sparring. Yumichika was already waiting for Kushina in the center of an arena. He was holding two wooden swords, one for himself, the other for Kushina.

"Are you ready Kushina-san?" Asked Yumichika as Kushina went to the center of the arena.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Kushina told him as he tossed her a wooden sword, which she caught with ease.

By now all of the guys stopped sparring, and made plenty of distance for the two fighters. Many of them were wondering why a woman was there, since having a female in the 11th Division was incredibly rare.

"This is just a regular spar. There will be no kido and no shunpo. Alright, you guys ready?" Kenpachi asked. With a nod from both of them, Kenpachi began the match.

Yumichika was the first to attack. He charged in and attempted a horizontal slash. Kushina ducked and attempted a jab, only for Yumichika to jump back. Kushina charged this time ant tried to hit him with a vertical slash. Yumichika dodged to the side slightly, and when it looked like Kushina couldn't defend herself, Yumichika attempted another horizontal slash, but he unknowingly fell into Kushina's trap. Kushina narrowly ducked under the attack, and when his attack passed over her head, she grabbed his wrist with one of her hands, and pulled him close. Due to his stance after performing the horizontal slash, when she grabbed his wrist and pulled him closer, she was able to make him turn if only a little, but she used this opportunity to knee him in the back, and then elbowed him in the face.

The others were shocked that this newcomer, could land such a blow on the 5th seat, but Kenpachi was growing impressed. Someone who wasn't even a shinigami was putting up a good match with his 5th seat.

Yumichika got up and put his hand where Kushina elbowed him. When he saw blood on his hand, he lost it.

"You!! How dare you harm my beautiful face?!" Yumichika shouted in anger.

With this sudden anger, Yumichika charged again, this time faster than before. He tried a diagonal slash, but Kushina easily blocked it. She used her free hand to grab his sword hand bringing him closer, where she then did something that was incredibly low. Both literally and figuratively. When he was close enough, she kneed him in the balls. With apparently a great amount of power behind it.

'Holy Crap!!'

These were the thoughts of everyone as they saw the 5th seat rolling on the ground in great pain.

'Well, it looks like I have another reason to be grateful I'm not Yumichika.' Kenpachi thought as he declared Kushina the winner.

"Ikkaku, take Yumichika to the 4th Division." Kenpachi ordered.

A bald man nodded before helping his friend, feeling pity for him.

"Well kid, it looks like you were right when you said you could defeat a 5th seat. By the way, that last move just wasn't right." Kenpachi told her, while silently laughing at Yumichika's misfortune.

"Well, at least I didn't use any shinobi tricks." Kushina told him.

"Good point." Kenpachi said.

"Alright now that this spar, if you could call it that, is over, we need to get you a place to stay until you start the Academy." Kenpachi said as he wondered where to find a place.

Kushina thought for a moment before asking, "Is it possible that I can stay with one of the Taichos?"

"Well, it's possible that some will allow you to stay with them. I wouldn't recommend the 12th Division because of their psycho of a Taicho. The 6th Division would also be a bad idea, because Kuchiki is about as fun as a sloth. You would die of boredom there. The 2nd would drive you nuts, because I think the Taicho would probably kill you if you touched her stuffed cat," Before Kenpachi could continue, Unohana showed up, much to the discomfort of many 11th Division members who were still terrified of her.

"Oh, Kenpachi-kun I see you have a guest." Unohana noted.

"Yeah, old man Yama wanted me to help her get acquainted with everything in the Seireitei. He also wanted me to help her find a place to stay until she begins the Academy. Do you know anyplace that will let her stay?" Kenpachi asked.

"Well, she can always stay with us." Unohana told him, while ignoring Kenpachi viciously shake his head no while Kushina wasn't looking.

"Thank you Unohana-Taicho but I wouldn't want to be a bother." Kushina told her.

"It's no problem whatsoever. We can prepare a guest room, and you can stay there until the Academy starts." Unohana told her.

"Well, if you insist Unohana-Taicho. I'll try not to be a burden." Kushina said while bowing in thanks.

"Don't worry about it. If we can handle Yachiru-Fukutaicho, we can handle just about anything." Unohana said with a chuckle while Kenpachi was silently agreeing with the last part.

"I take it Yachiru-Fukutaicho is a handful?" Kushina asked curiously.

"Considering I trained her, she looks like a child, has the personality of a child, has more energy than anyone in the Seireitei, obsessed with candy, and can defeat an average Taicho level shinigami, I say that she can be a handful but only to the weak." Kenpachi said.

"Yachiru!!" Kenpachi called.

In an instant, a little girl with pink hair and rose-colored cheeks appeared.

"Hi Ken-chan! Do you want something?" The little girl asked.

"Yeah, I want you to take Kushina to our place. She will be staying there for a couple of weeks." Kenpachi told her, gesturing to Kushina.

Yachiru turned to Kushina and shouted, "Hi Kushi-chan!"

Kenpachi chuckled before talking, "Don't take her nicknaming the wrong way. She gives nicknames to just about everyone."

"Um hello Yachiru-fukutaicho. I'm Uzumaki Kushina." Kushina greeted.

"Nice to meet you Kushi-chan. I'm Kusajishi Yachiru, but just call me Yachiru." Yachiru said.

"Yachiru, go ahead and take Kushina to our place." Kenpachi told her.

"Ok Ken-chan. C'mon Kushi-chan, I'll tell you the directions." Yachiru said as she jumped on Kushina's shoulder.

After they left, Kenpachi turned to Unohana.

"Why did you invite her to stay at our place?" Kenpachi asked.

"Well, I figured that she could probably play with Yachiru-san, and judging on how your 5th seat was when Kushina-san was through with him, she can probably help keep the 11th Division in shape when you're not around." Unohana told him.

"Yeah, just as long as none of those bastards try and do something that will make me kill them later. Well, I better start training their asses into the ground." Kenpachi said with his shark like smile.

"Have fun, but try not to kill them. It makes less work for me." Unohana told him.

Kenpachi leaned in and started to whisper in Unohana's ear, and soon she was blushing up a storm. After he was done Kenpachi left the room, chuckling.

With Kushina

Kushina was currently running, hoping to dislodge the little child that was on her shoulder.

"Left!" Yachiru shouted as she pulled on Kushina's hair.

"We just went left for the past eight turns! We're going in circles!" Kushina shouted in annoyance.

"You're silly Kushi-chan! My female intuition is telling us to go left!" Yachiru shouted as she once again pulled at Kushina's hair.

"Well my female intuition is telling us to not go left!" Kushina shouted desperately.

"Well, my female intuition is better since I've lived here longer! Now go left!" Yachiru shouted.

Fortunately for Kushina, she found Ikkaku, who had just returned from taking Yumichika to the 4th Division.

"Hi, baldy-chan!" Yachiru greeted.

"Oh, hi Yachiru-Fukutaicho." Than Ikkaku noticed Kushina, and immediately used his hands to cover his privates.

"H-hi Kushina-san." Ikkaku greeted while backing away.

"Hi Ikkaku-san. Ikkaku-san, do you know where Zaraki-Taicho's house is? I'm taking the advice of the kid, and she always insists on turning left." Kushina said.

"Well, just go straight, and then make a left turn. After the left turn, go right, and just keep heading straight until you come across a place that looks like it is a mixture of the scariest place you will ever see, and a calming place that looks like it could help you feel peaceful. That is the place." Ikkaku told her. Unfortunately, Yachiru didn't like the fact that Ikkaku said her directions were wrong, so she decided to get a little payback.

"OW! Get her off!!" Ikkaku yelled as Yachiru climbed on him and started to bite down on his bald head.

Kushina sweat dropped at just how cruel Yachiru could be. Kushina tried to help restrain Yachiru, but the Fukutaicho proved too much for the both of them. It continued like this for several minutes, with neither able to get Yachiru to calm down, until the ever-stoic Taicho of the 6th Division appeared.

"What is going on here?" Byakuya asked.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, and turned to him. Suddenly Yachiru smiled and shouted.

"Hi Byakushi!" She greeted.

"Ugh, hello Kuchiki-Taicho." Ikkaku groaned.

"Yachiru-Fukutaicho, why don't you visit one of the other Taichos?" Byakuya suggested.

"But I want to play with baldy-chan and Kushi-chan." Yachiru whined.

Byakuya didn't respond, but instead reached into a pocket and pulled out some candy. He tossed it to Yachiru, who happily caught it. She then ran off to tortu- err play with someone else.

"Ugh thank you for the help Kuchiki-Taicho." Ikkaku thanked while bowing his head in gratitude.

"Yes, we really appreciate this Kuchiki-Taicho." Kushina thanked while also bowing.

Byakuya nodded before speaking.

"Be more careful next time. Yachiru-Fukutaicho can be dangerous when she is angry."

"If you don't mind me asking Kuchiki-Taicho, why are you here? You hardly ever come near this area." Ikkaku asked curiously.

Byakuya looked at him, wondering if it was worth his time to answer the commoner, before answering, "I need to speak with Zaraki-Taicho. Where is he?" Byakuya asked.

"He's in the 11th Division compound training the grunts." Ikkaku answered.

"Very well then." And with that Byakuya left.

"Who was that?" Kushina asked curiously.

"That was the Taicho of the 6th Division, Kuchiki Byakuya. He is the head of the noble Kuchiki family, one of the four noblest families in Soul Society." Ikkaku answered.

"Well with his attitude, it makes you wonder if he has a kunai stuck in his ass." Kushina responded.

Ikkaku chuckled.

"Wow, not too many people have the guts to insult Kuchiki-Taicho." He commented.

"Yeah well, I've insulted some people of some of the noblest clans in my village." She replied.

"(Whistle) Nice." Ikkaku commented.

"Well, I better go over to Zaraki-Taicho's place." Kushina told him.

As she ran off, Ikkaku could only think, 'Things are going to be fun with her around.'

A few minutes later, Kushina found Kenpachi's and Unohana's place. It was a simple two story house with a back porch, and just like Ikkaku said, the place was terrifying and yet calm at the same time.

'Probably due to both Zaraki-Taicho and Unohana-Taicho living here.' She thought.

"Impressed are we?" Asked a familiar voice.

Kushina jumped, and turned around to meet Unohana, who smiled serenely.

"I decided to take a break and help you get adjusted to the house." Unohana answered Kushina's unasked question.

"Oh, thank you Unohana-Taicho." Kushina thanked while bowing her head.

"As long as you're here Kushina-san please just call me Retsu." Unohana said.

"Ok, thank you Retsu-san."

"Well, let's get you adjusted shall we?" Unohana suggested.

Kushina nodded, and they both went into the house. The house was rather simple, with a hallway leading to a couple of other rooms, some plants here and there, some swords on a wall, a staircase to the right of the entrance that lead to the second floor, and on one wall was a case and inside was a jar. On the case were the words, 'IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS'.

"Um, Retsu-san, what is in the jar if you don't mind me asking." Kushina asked.

"Oh no not at all. In the jar is candy for one of those days in which Yachiru-chan is a bit aggressive." Unohana told her.

'I can see where that would count as an emergency.' Kushina thought.

And so, Unohana showed Kushina around the house. The living room was large, with a couch in the center. There were a couple of end tables with some books on them. There was also a couple of windows facing the couch.

The kitchen was a decent size, larger than most kitchens. There was a flat top stove on one end, and the oven was also decent. There was also a stain-less steel refrigerator of decent size right next to the stove, with a counter top separating them.

They left the kitchen, and went down a hallway. The door on the left, led to a dojo that was pretty large, there were also plenty of training dummies in there.

They left the dojo, and on the door on the opposite side of the hallway lead to a guest room that Kushina would be staying in. There was a bed leaning on one wall, and next to that on the left side was a dresser, and on the right side was an end table.

She also showed Kushina, Yachiru's room on the second floor. Kushina was surprised that the walls were painted with mutilated bunnies. The room was almost the same as Kushina's.

The last room Unohana showed Kushina was her and Kenpachi's room. There was a sword on the wall, and the bed was quite large, and this room was also similar to the others.

Overall the house was rather nice. (A/n: Sorry, but I didn't really want to describe the inside of the house.)

"Um, Retsu-san?"

At Unohana's questioning look she continued, "I was wondering, since all of Soul Society is in an ancient Japanese environment, well why do you have modern technology here?" Kushina asked curiously.

Unohana chuckled before answering.

"Well, they make things easier. Not to mention that with the modern technology, we are able to keep track of hollows. Just because we are in an ancient Japanese environment does not mean we don't use modern technology for various purposes."

Kushina nodded, it made some sense.

"Well, please make yourself at home. I need to go check on Zaraki-Taicho, and make sure no one gets too hurt." Unohana told her.

And so Unohana left to check in on Kenpachi and the 11th Division, meanwhile Kushina was thinking, 'Well, this is bound to be an interesting two weeks.'

And what interesting two weeks they were. Throughout her stay, Kushina had to face many difficult challenges that were so difficult; Uchiha Madara would commit suicide just to rest in peace. These challenges (I.e. Yachiru) nearly killed Kushina a second time. And Kenpachi, well he kept feeling something odd when he was around Kushina. And that was familiarity. He couldn't help but think that there was something about Kushina that seemed very familiar. Eventually, this feeling became so strong that he consulted Unohana.

"Damn it! I know that I've seen her before but I can't remember where!" Kenpachi told Unohana.

"Well, is it possible you met her when she was a kid, back in the living world?" Unohana questioned calmly.

"It's possible, but the chances are slim. I hardly spent any time in the Elemental Nations. I can count on one hand how many times I've been there in the last five hundred years." Kenpachi told her.

"Well, there is a chance that you could be related. But the chances are also slim. I've observed Kushina-san for awhile, and her personality is slightly similar to yours." Unohana replied.

"I doubt it, but then again anything is possible." Kenpachi commented.

"Well, if we get a blood sample, then we can possibly determine if she is related to you in anyway. I can probably get it, and trace the DNA back through her family lineage." Unohana told him.

Kenpachi nodded before speaking, "Well, how do we get the blood sample?"

"I can bring her in for a checkup. After all, everyone who goes to the Academy must be examined, in case there is anything wrong with them." Unohana told him.

"Do you want me to bring her in?" Asked Kenpachi.

"Yes please. We should do this as soon as possible, or else it may drive you insane and make you send some of your subordinates to my Division." Unohana told him.

Kenpachi nodded, and left to bring in Kushina to the 4th Division. She came in about a few hours later, mostly because Kenpachi kept getting lost.

"Ok, Kushina-san, I just need to take a quick blood sample, so we can determine if you have a disease. This is mandatory for everyone hoping to go to the Academy." Unohana informed her.

Kushina nodded, and let Unohana take her blood sample with no arguments.

"Thank you Kushina-san. I will contact you when I can determine if you are fine or not." Unohana told her.

"Thank you Unohana-Taicho." And with that, Kushina left.

Once the door was closed, Unohana started to inspect the DNA of Kushina's blood sample. Finally after a few hours, Unohana found something that shocked her to the core. She summoned a Hell Butterfly, and spoke to it.

"Please send this message to Zaraki-Taicho. Zaraki-Taicho, please come to the 4th Division immediately. I found out why Kushina-san is so familiar." Unohana said, and with that, the Hell Butterfly left to find Kenpachi.

A few hours later, after getting lost many times, Kenpachi finally found Unohana.

"Retsu-chan, did you found out how she is familiar?" Kenpachi asked.

Unohana nodded and answered, "Yes, apparently she is…"

Kenpachi's response was heard throughout the Seireitei.


Yes, Kenpachi-kun. Kushina-san is your daughter." Unohana told him.

End Chapter.

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