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In this story, both Minato and Sarutobi think too much with their hearts and not enough with their brains, but Kushina has a balance between thinking with her heart and her brain. Well at least in this fic she does.

Kushina feels that because of Minato, Naruto is alone and she knows he will be hated. And she is right for the most part. She loved him at first, but when he condemned their sons life, merely out of blind faith to the villagers, than she lost all love she ever held for him, and she greatly dislikes him now, but there is still a chance that she will forgive him one day.

Now, if Minato had someone else seal away Kyuubi, he could have told people Naruto was his son, which in turn would make sure that the villagers would trust Naruto more. And if the information leaked to other Nations, they may send assassins or they may not in order to avoid risking war.

And tell me one place that is willing to wage war against the Yondaime Hokage, the most powerful Shinobi to ever come out of the strongest of all of the hidden villages, and also someone who could kill dozens of Shinobi in mere seconds. And most of the Shinobi in Konoha know to always follow their leader's orders, and that would be to protect his son at all costs, and it would be incredibly stupid to disobey the Yondaime. So not only would Naruto most likely be safe from foreign Shinobi until he himself was a Shinobi, but he would not be the village pariah.

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Chapter 3

It was night on October Tenth. In the heart of Hi no Kuni, in the village of Konohagakure no Sato, there was a festival going on. This festival was to celebrate the defeat of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It was a joyous celebration for all, except for one. This exception was a young boy, no older than three years old. He was at first excited about the festival, but when he appeared after being kicked out of the orphanage, he was chased away by a bunch of drunks. They eventually formed into a large mob, chasing the poor boy all over the village.

This boy had golden blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes, and three whisker marks on each cheek.

His name was Uzumaki Naruto, the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

They chased him into an alleyway, where he was trapped, and so they began beating the poor boy to within an inch of his life. But what they didn't know was the fact the young Naruto would have someone here soon. And this person was practically a torrent of unimaginable power.

This would be the night young Naruto's life would change forever.

Outside Konoha

Within the forests surrounding Konoha was a man. This man was incredibly large, probably 6'5". He was very muscular, and had his hair spiked in numerous directions with bells of all things on the tips. He had an eye-patch covering his right eye. He wasn't wearing a shirt, but instead a blood-red trench coat on. He was also wearing a pair of black cargo jeans, and he had an oddly shaped katana at his side. The man carried an aura of power, so great only a fool would willingly fight him. That's probably why about a quarter of Iwa had been annihilated not too long ago, and he got the nickname 'Nightmare'. As he walked over to the gates surrounding Konoha, a couple of Chunin made themselves known.

"Halt! State your name and business!" One of them demanded.

"Name's unimportant, but is this Konoha?" He asked.

The Chunin looked at him oddly before replying.

"Yeah, but why are you here?" The Chunin asked.

"I'm on business, now open the gate and I'll leave you alone." The man ordered, with a terrifying glare coming from his only visible eye.

"What kind of business?" The Chunin asked, narrowing his eyes, and pulling out a kunai in a threatening gesture, hoping not to convey how terrified he was of this man.

The man sighed in annoyance, before pulling out some papers he 'borrowed'. If it was up to him, he would have just killed the guys, but he had to get into Konoha with as little casualties as possible. The old man was angry enough with the Iwa incident.

"This good enough?" He asked in annoyance.

The Chunin's eyes traveled over the paper, before nodding to the other guards to open the gate.

"Enjoy your time in Konohagakure." The Chunin said as he gestured towards the village.

"Tch, whatever." And with that, the man walked into the village.

As he walked through the gate, he noticed how people were walking without a care in the world, and it disgusted him. People were walking as though there was no tragedy three years ago. People were drunk, laughing, and a few were mourning for their loved ones who died three years ago. But they meant little to the walking giant, as he explored the place looking for someone.

Fortunately, as he walked, people were leaving a wide berth for him, which allowed him to see through the crowd easier. This proved beneficial, as he followed down the street, and his sharp hearing heard some noise coming from an alleyway. Deciding to follow it, he was rewarded with the sight of a mob of about twenty people, taking turns beating something. The man could see a little bit of golden blonde hair, and he immediately had a good suspicion as to who it was.

But just to be sure, 'cause the old man would have a cow if there was another massacre, he walked up to the front, pushing people harshly to get to the current punching bag. When he got to the front, he finally saw who it was, and as he does, he feels one thing.

Rage. Pure unbridled rage is what the man is feeling as he looks at this. No one does this to one of his relatives and lives. His killing intent is so strong; the villagers stop what they're doing, and looked at him with fear in their eyes.

"Hello bitches." The man growled out with a smile full of malice as he turned around.

"W-who are you?" One of the villagers asked in a frightened voice as they backed away.

"Me? Well quite frankly I'm the grandfather of the little boy you're attacking, but you can just call me ZARAKI KENPACHI!!" He shouted with a final explosion of killing intent that froze everyone in place. Unsheathing his sword, he charged the frightened group of people, laughing like a madman as the slaughter began.

People tried to run away from him like the idiots they were, only to be cut down into numerous pieces. Zaraki's fury was unmatched as the villagers faced the wrath of 'Nightmare Zaraki', a wrath that few people would willingly fight. Within moments, the last villager fell to Kenpachi's might, and he knew he would have to help Naruto and fast, before shinobi investigated, having no doubt sensed his little slaughter.

Quickly turning around and sheathing his sword, Kenpachi approached the unconscious form of his grandson, and just as he thought, the boy looked a lot like his father. Kneeling down to pick him up, he tensed as he sensed the shinobi appear behind him. Although he didn't show it, Kenpachi was ready to kill them all, and run with Naruto. One of the shinobi stood out amongst the other six ANBU. He was a shinobi in black armor, and looked like he was in his late sixties. He approached the scene of the massacre with no small amount of horror.

"W-what have you done?" Was the first thing he asked, with a look of total shock and horror.

"Simple, I killed the bastards harming my grandson. You have a problem with that old man?" Kenpachi asked, turning towards the old man, with a terrifying killer intent pressed upon the shinobi.

"G-grandson?!" Sarutobi asked, completely shocked.

"Yeah, you deaf or something?!" Kenpachi yelled.

Struggling to regain his breath, Sarutobi leveled a glare at the imposing figure before him.

"I-I don't believe you! Naruto-kun has no family!" Sarutobi yelled, angry that this…this thing dared to claim to be related to someone he saw as a grandson.

Chuckling darkly, Kenpachi drew his sword, and added a bit more killing intent to the morons.

"It doesn't matter what you think. I'm taking the kid out of this shit hole, and I dare one of you morons to try and stop me."

"I don't think so!" One of the ANBU rushed towards Kenpachi, intent on skewering him, and hopefully Naruto with his ninja-to. What a moron.

Chuckling even more, Kenpachi disappeared and re-appeared behind the man and a moment later, the ANBU exploded in a shower of blood and guts.

Frowning, Kenpachi merely looked at him before turning his attention to the scared stiff shinobi in front of him.

"Well that was boring. Hopefully one of you shits will be more fun." Kenpachi looked all the more eager to find out.

"You monster!" Performing hand seals, Sarutobi shouted after completing his jutsu.

"Doton: Yomi Numa!"

From underneath Kenpachi, a swamp appeared trapping him in it.

Frowning again, Kenpachi just walked out of it with absolutely no problem. Seriously, who would think a mere swamp could hold a Shinigami, especially one as powerful as him even if he was at one-fifth of his original power?

Sarutobi however was shocked.

"H-how did you do that?! No one has ever escaped this jutsu!"

"Yeah, well you 'shinobi' rely too much on your pathetic jutsu. Try to fight like men for once in your life." Kenpachi replied, before charging the scared shinobi.

Sarutobi jumped over the giant, because since they were in an alleyway, there was little room to maneuver. Fortunately, Sarutobi wasn't who Kenpachi was charging at.

The ANBU with the Hokage were scared, because Kenpachi was headed straight towards them. Earlier, the ANBU sent out a small but noticeable killing intent at the unconscious boy behind him, and quite frankly that pissed off Kenpachi. So he decided to deal with the problem the same way that he solved all of his problems. He would simply kill it.

Charging at them, Kenpachi grinned as he slashed at the first ANBU he saw, one who was wearing a bear mask.

The other ANB jumped away, and stuck to the walls with chakra, but the bear masked one was too slow to get away in time, and was cut in half from his left shoulder to his right hip.

The other ANBU sprung into action, and started to perform hand seals, and when they finished, they shouted.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Shouted a kiwi masked ANBU.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!" Shouted a cat masked ANBU.

"Doton: Doryuu Endan!" Shouted a boar masked ANBU.

"Katon: Endan!" Shouted a snake masked ANBU.

"Doton: Domu!" Shouted a hawk masked ANBU, who soon shot a spear made of earth at the fearsome opponent.

The ANBU all smirked as the attacks headed straight for Kenpachi, as did Sarutobi. He knew that the ANBU sent killer intent at Naruto, so he would just have to punish them later.

The attacks headed straight for Kenpachi, but right before the attacks could collide, he sent a burst of spiritual pressure strong enough to dispel the katon jutsus, and as for the doton jutsu, they collided but didn't leave so much as a scratch on him. As for the shuriken in the Housenka no Jutsu, hell they just bounced off of his incredibly hard gigai.

Everyone was dumbstruck as their powerful jutsu had no effect on the monster before them.

"That all? Holy crap, you shit heads are pathetic. My training alone takes more effort than this! I swear if you were any more pathetic, I'd have to kill myself in shame!" Kenpachi insulted, obviously annoyed to be facing such weak opponents.

The others were furious however. No one insults them, but before they could begin another chain of hand seals, Kenpachi leaped into the air, and before he could react, the hawk masked ANBU was impaled through the heart.

Falling back down to the alleyway, Kenpachi sneered before removing his sword from his victim. When he landed, he suddenly leapt to the side, barely dodging some kunai thrown at him, and catching a couple before they flew past. Reacting quickly, he threw the kunai back where they were thrown, both hitting the heads of their respective targets: the heads of the snake and kiwi masked ANBU with enough force to pierce the masks.

Now all that was left were the cat and boar masked ANBU, along with one Hokage.

Deciding to end this, Kenpachi rushed towards the building with the nearest ANBU on it, and punched it. Now this may not seem like much, but when that punch dangerously shook the building, well that was enough to make the cat masked ANBU lose control of his chakra, thus making him plummet.

Quickly jumping, Kenpachi grabbed the man by his throat and plunged his sword directly through his stomach.

Five down, two to go.

While Kenpachi had his back turned, the last ANBU rushed behind him, ninja-to drawn, ready to impale this monster as he dropped the dead opponent. At the last second, Kenpachi turned around, and grabbed the arm, a mere moment away before it could impale him. Twisting the arm roughly, the ANBU flinched in pain, but that distraction was enough for Kenpachi to decapitate him.

"Well, you're all that's left old geezer. Still think you can stop me from getting the kid?" Kenpachi asked.

"How could you do this?! What have these people ever done to you?!" Sarutobi asked, full of fury.

Eye narrowed dangerously, Kenpachi's voice was filled completely with malice as he spoke.

"What have they done to me? What has my grandson done to them?!"

Caught off guard by this maneuver, Sarutobi spoke again.

"Why do you referring to him as your grandson? As far as I know, all of Naruto-kuns family is dead." Sarutobi spoke gravely.

"You really want to know? Fine, remember Uzumaki Kushina?"

When Sarutobi nodded, Kenpachi continued.

"Yeah, I'm her father. Now do you understand?" Kenpachi asked annoyed.

Eyes widening, Sarutobi was unable to respond for a few moments, before he finally regained his composure.

"Is there any way, that we can perhaps discuss this in my office? I don't want anyone to overhear something important, if what you say is true. Besides, I am still a bit skeptical of your claim." Sarutobi suggested.

Thinking it over quickly, Kenpachi finally nodded gruffly, though he did give one final warning.

"Alright, but if you try something funny, let's just say these assholes deaths will seem merciful." He warned while fingering his now sheathed sword, with his infamous shark-like smile.

Gulping, Sarutobi nodded and they left the alleyway, with Kenpachi carrying Naruto, although Sarutobi still kept his guard up. As they were walking down the streets, it was mostly deserted, except for a few shinobi rushing towards the scene of where the battle took place.

Stopping in front of the Hokage, some Chunin bowed respectfully.

"Hokage-sama, what has happened? We all felt that incredible killing intent not too long ago and we were worried." One of them said.

"Do not worry about the situation. It has all been taken care of, but someone has snuck into the village, and killed some of our ANBU. Quickly take the bodies away, and be careful. I am sure that whoever has done it has long since fled." Sarutobi lied cleverly.

"Hai Hokage-sama." The Chunin bowed before rushing to the scene.

"Nice lie." Kenpachi complimented as they continued.

"Well, I am the Hokage, and when you've been in politics as long as I have, you tend to learn a few things." Sarutobi replied, with a chuckle despite the serious situation.

As they continued to walk, more villagers started to appear and most, if not all of them, glared at Naruto hatefully.

One drunken villager threw a knife at Naruto, but Kenpachi quickly caught it, and threw it right back at the attacker, piercing his heart. The other villagers, even Sarutobi, were shocked at this. Some villagers shouted obscenities at Kenpachi, and tried to throw things at him like broken bottles, stones, and kunai, somehow they completely missed the fact that the Hokage was there.

Kenpachi caught some of the things thrown, before throwing them back at the villagers, with some stones breaking bones, and glass bottle shattering on their heads (If that didn't kill them, then the shards that imbedded themselves in their heads did).

Finally he just had enough.

"WILL YOU STOP THIS SHIT ALREADY?!" He yelled, unleashing his spiritual pressure.

The villagers stopped what they were doing, staring at him in shock, as his spiritual pressure dropped on them like a two-ton house

"ALRIGHT LISTEN UP ASSHOLES! I'VE BEEN IN THIS PLACE FOR LESS THAN AN HOUR, AND ALREADY YOU BASTARDS ARE PISSING ME OFF! KEEP THIS SHIT UP, AND I'LL CARVE YOU ALL UP LIKE SOME DAMN PIGS, UNDERSTAND?!" To emphasize, Kenpachi slung Naruto over his shoulder, pulled out his sword and thrust it into the first person he saw.

The others were stunned speechless, and finally some villagers started to regain their courage, before Sarutobi spoke up, voice full of fury

"Enough of this! ANBU, arrest these people and take them to Ibiki!" Sarutobi shouted, growing infuriated.

Suddenly some ANBU who fortunately did not hate Naruto appeared, and started to arrest the protesting crowd.

Turning to Kenpachi, Sarutobi frowned before speaking.

"I am sorry about this behavior. The villagers tend to get a bit out of hand on this particular day. Although I must ask that you try to refrain from killing them." He said.

Kenpachi waved him off, before replying, "Whatever, but try and control them. I tell ya' if my Division acted like this, I'd kick their asses so much that their kids, if they had kids, would feel it." Kenpachi replied with a small chuckle.

"Division?" Sarutobi asked as they continued their trek to the Hokage Tower.

"Explain later." He merely replied, while he was actually angry at himself for slipping off.

Sarutobi accepted that, and fortunately there were no more incidents on the way to the Hokage Tower. As they entered, Kenpachi noticed several people glare at Naruto. Getting pissed off with this, Kenpachi sent another burst of Killer Intent, making several people require a new change of pants. After walking up several steps, they encountered Sarutobi's secretary who let them in with no problem.

Sitting behind his desk, Sarutobi leveled a fierce look upon the imposing figure before him after activating a sound barrier around the office.

"Now explain." Sarutobi growled out, hoping that would intimidate Kenpachi. He didn't even flinch.

Sighing in annoyance, Kenpachi told Sarutobi everything he knew, even about the Gotei 13 and several things involving the afterlife in order for things to make sense, otherwise it would just become confusing. Hey this is Zaraki Kenpachi, there is no way he is gonna be a coward and hope the old man forgot about what he mentioned about his Division. Sarutobi's face went from annoyed, shocked, to pale enough to make a ghost jealous (No pun intended).

"You still alive?" Kenpachi asked after a few minutes of silence.

Snapping out of his shock, Sarutobi quickly addressed a level gaze at Kenpachi.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" He asked.

"Do I look like I give a damn if you believe me or not? Face it, I'm taking the kid out of here, and if you think you can stop me (He grabs his sword's handle) than go ahead and try." He finished with a shark-like smile.

"Err, is that really necessary?"

"Maybe. You can either be an annoying bastard I kill, or you can shut the hell up and pretend you never saw me." He suggested.

"Hmm, if I let Naruto-kun go with you what will happen to him?" He asked, concerned for the boy's safety.

"Well, I'm gonna train him to be a badass just like me. Maybe introduce him to his mother and grandmother-"

"Wait, Kushina-chan is dead, you can't introduce them." Sarutobi told him

Kenpachi just stared, and stared, and what do you know he stared some more.

"Oh right, afterlife forgot." Sarutobi murmured, having forgotten about that.

"Now as I was saying." Kenpachi growled out, annoyed at being interrupted.

"I will probably introduce him to his mother and grandmother, train him be better than that moron of a father of his, and overall make him the biggest badass these countries have ever seen." He mentioned with an excited grin.

"Well, if you do take Naruto, I want you to bring him back when he is twelve, that way he can graduate from the shinobi academy." Sarutobi told him, hoping Naruto would protect the village, just like his father did.

"Yeah, well the old man wants me to bring the kid back anyway, so whatever."

"Alright I will allow this, but only if you give me your word that Naruto will be safe and he will return when the other academy students become gennin." Sarutobi demanded.

"I ain't gonna make any promises of him being safe, but he will return when he's twelve like I said." Kenpachi replied, growing more and more annoyed to be wasting his time here.

"If he won't be safe, I see no reason for him to go with you." Sarutobi growled.

"Yeah, like he was any safer here?" Kenpachi shot back, making Sarutobi flinch.

Sarutobi stammered, trying to find an excuse for the villagers behavior, but after a few attempts, he finally realized that there was no excuse. He then tried to find a reason to let Naruto stay, but again, he couldn't find anything. Finally, he just sighed and leveled a cold look at Kenpachi.

"Alright, I will allow him to go with you, but you will protect him, understood?" He asked, cold stare turning into a glare.

Kenpachi merely waved him off before turning to the little blonde boy finally regaining consciousness. When he finally awoke, he looked at Sarutobi and the odd man curiously, before greeting them.

"Hey old man, who's the weird guy?" He asked, while ignoring Kenpachi's eye twitch.

"Well Naruto-kun, this man is Zaraki Kenpachi, and he would like to take you away on a training trip." Sarutobi told him, careful to observe Naruto's reaction, not knowing that Kenpachi was doing the same.

Confused by this Naruto, could only look at the giant in curiosity, before asking the first thing to come to mind.

"Why would he want to train me? No one has ever wanted to help me with something before." He asked with sadness. Sarutobi felt a pang in his heart, and Kenpachi just glared at the Sandiame.

"Look kid, as your grandfather, it's my job to help you. I'm not exactly happy about it, but considering how you're being treated in this shithole (Sarutobi glares at him for swearing in front of a child) I have to make sure you're at least somewhat strong to show these shitheads not to screw with you." He told him, only to look surprised as the boy was gaping.

"G-grandfather?! But the old man said my family was dead!" He shouted.

Sarutobi looked sad as he answered the boy's unasked question.

"To tell you the truth Naruto-kun, I thought so too, but it appears as though I was wrong."

"Wait! If you're my grandfather, how come you never came for me?!" Naruto asked while glaring, well at least as much a child could glare, which isn't very impressive.

Kenpachi released his own glare, making Naruto shrink in fear, as he answered, "Because I didn't even know I had a grandson until two years ago, and it took me that long to get here. I would have been here sooner, but…let's just say a hidden village pissed off the wrong guy, and another old man was far from pleased with how I handled the situation." He actually didn't look ashamed, instead it looked as though he was…proud? But seriously, that was one busy night, especially when he had to send the souls to the other side. Speaking of which, wasn't he supposed to do something?

Wait a second…didn't he need to…oh crap.

"Crap! I need to finish that job real quick. You, old guy watch over the kid for a few minutes, I'll be back!" With that Kenpachi quickly ran out of the room leaving behind a couple of confused people, and as he popped a piece of Soul Candy in his mouth he started thinking.

'I swear I hate this part, oh well maybe a Hollow or a dozen will show up.' And with that Kenpachi, now without a gigai ran off to where he killed everyone, in order to send the spirits to either Heaven or Hell.

About Five minutes later

"Shit, that took longer than expected." Kenpachi muttered as he entered. The confused little boy immediately turned his attention to the giant, while the Hokage was merely glad Naruto was no longer asking questions. Kenpachi immediately noticed that there were some scrolls on the Hokage's desk that were most certainly not there before.

"Where were you?" He asked innocently.

"Uh, well I got a job earlier to escort a couple of people to their new home?" Kenpachi mentally berated himself for being such a bad liar. Well, technically he wasn't lying.

"Oh ok, but can I ask you something?" Naruto asked, completely believing it.

Kenpachi shrugged and said, "What the hell? Go ahead."

"Well, do you know who my parents are? If you're my grandfather, you should know who my parents are right?!" Naruto asked eagerly, looking excited at the idea.

"Yeah, why you ask? Didn't the old geezer tell you who they were?" He asked.

Naruto looked sad at this, and replied, "No he never told me, except that they are dead. But can you tell me about them?" He asked, looking hopeful once more, whilst not noticing Kenpachi shoot another glare at the Sandaime for not telling Naruto who his mother was.

"Yeah…your mother's name was Uzumaki Kushina, my daughter apparently. As for your father, well I'll tell ya' when your older." He told him, than noticed the crestfallen appearance of the boy.

Yeah he was disappointed, but don't get him wrong, he was ecstatic to discover his mother's name, but he still very much wanted to know about his father.

Deciding to intervene before Naruto could become more disappointed, Sarutobi spoke up.

"Naruto-kun, before you get upset, just know that I have no doubt your father was a wonderful man. I may not know who he is, but I am sure you would be proud of him." It hurt Sarutobi to have to lie to him, but he felt it was best, especially considering how much was going on today.

Kenpachi snorted when he heard that, and he rolled his only visible eye, whilst Naruto just looked happy that someone thought that his father, whoever he was, was a great person.

"What's with the scrolls?" Kenpachi suddenly asked, getting annoyed that no one mentioned them.

"Oh these, well I want you to take them and teach them to Naruto as you travel. They teach numerous subjects such as explaining what chakra is, how to control it, and a few techniques that could help him." Sarutobi informed him.

"Are you kidding? Just give the kid a sword and teach him how to use it, and he'll be tough enough to fight anyone." Kenpachi told him, while scoffing at the thought of shinobi techniques, while Naruto was salivating.

"While that may be true, it can never hurt to be prepared." Sarutobi said in a voice that clearly ended the argument. Kenpachi looked like he wanted to argue more, but decided against it. It was obvious the old man was adamant about this.

Turning back to Naruto, who was looking at the scroll in glee, Kenpachi spoke up.

"Alright kid, we've wasted enough time with all this damn chatter. You're going on a training trip with me whether you want it or not, understand?" Kenpachi asked, looking down at him.

"Wait, will I at least get to come back and be a shinobi?" Naruto asked, trying to adjust with the whole situation.

"(Grunt) Why do people constantly ask about this, but yeah whatever, and don't worry about the old guy here. He was more than happy to let you come with me." Kenpachi said, while slowly moving his hand to his sword, giving Sarutobi a pretty clear message.

As for Naruto, he was once again ecstatic. Finally after so long of people hating him, there was someone other than the old man who wanted to help him, and this man was his grandfather as well! This had to be the greatest day of his life!

"Alright, when do we leave?!" Naruto asked eagerly.

"Simple, right now." And with that, Kenpachi picked up the visibly surprised blonde, and walked out of the door.

"Wait!!" Sarutobi leapt from his seat, but as soon as he left the room, he noticed that Kenpachi had already left (Hey Zaraki is fast when he has incentive). He was currently unaware of how in a few minutes, they would both be gone from Konoha.

A few minutes later

Dropping the nauseous boy on the ground, Kenpachi turned his attention back to the village. Alright the first step was done. Now to work on step 2.

Last time he visited the Seireitei, Retsu managed to get Kenpachi to consider a step-by-step plan of things, in order to make things easier for him. He didn't really want to, but the look in his wife's eyes made him reconsider. Hey she's scary when mad in even the smallest way. He was originally just going to barge in, rescue the kid, and kick the ass of everyone who got in the way. Now, thanks to Retsu, the plan was as follows:

Step 1: Save grandson from annoying village (check)

Step 2: Turn grandson into major badass (In progress)

Step 3: Return grandson to annoying village (Later)

Hey, it may not have been a very good step-by- step plan, but it was simple and easy to remember, and quite frankly that's good enough.

Turning back to the boy who was now looking less likely to throw up, Kenpachi spoke up.

"Alright kid, pull yourself together, it's gettin' annoying."

Finally able to stand properly, Naruto looked excited, as he started talking rapidly.

"That was so cool! Am I gonna, be able to be that fast?! Can we do that again?! Will you teach me how to use a sword?!" And he just kept talking. And talking. And talking some more. Finally Kenpachi just had enough.

"SHUT UP!!" He yelled flaring his killing intent. Naruto stopped talking immediately, and looked terrified, as the killing intent pressed down on him, only this was far more powerful than what the villagers and a few shinobi threw at him.

Calming down, Kenpachi reigned in his killing intent, and looked at his young companion, who looked like he was scared more than any other time in his life.

"Eh, calm down kid, it was nothing. I can tell you now though that you're gonna have to get used to it, 'cause you'll be experiencing it a lot, understand?" He asked, his one eye boring into Naruto.

"Y-yeah." He squeaked.

"Good, now let's go, I don't wanna have to spend all night here." Kenpachi told him while walking off in a random direction.

"Hey wait!" Naruto yelled, running to catch up to him.

"Keep up kid, I ain't gonna slow down for ya'." He said.

Naruto nodded than asked a question.

"Hey do you know where we are going?" He asked.

Kenpachi stopped for a moment to think on that.

Well there's Suna…no the kid's too weak to handle it. Iwa? Again, kid's too weak. Can't go to Kumo either, even though he does want to climb those mountains.

'Aw crap.' Kenpachi thought, as he just realized that no place was good to star with the kid's training.

"Well…we're going that way." Kenpachi said pointing off in a random direction, hoping it would lead to a good place to train.

"Ok!" Naruto yelled excitedly, following after the giant.

And so the journey begins, for Zaraki Kenpachi and his grandson, the Kyuubi jinchuuriki…numerous people suddenly felt a chill go down their spines.

End Chapter

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