Well, I was stuck in a bit of a rut with Cessation - so Feilyn gave me a little challenge. To write a IchiRuki prompt fic on the word PANTS that was under 500 words.

Well, at 2.30 a.m I was finally bunnied. Somehow I managed to find a way to work pants into the IchiRuki relationship, and I completed it in 502 words. Not bad for a first drabble.

By the way - if you have the time check out Feilyn and Bellzook's new fic - Ozymandias. It is epic! One of the best crossovers I have seen! Very well detailed and with their brilliant writing style's is sure to go far! You can find the story under Feilyn's profile - there is a link in my favourites to it if you feel lazy and don't want to search...

I feel like I can write again! Yayness! Now I can work on Cess!

When it comes to Ichigo and Rukia, it's hard to tell who wears the pants in their relationship.

Tatsuki thinks that it's Rukia. After all, she does somehow manage to get him to open her juice box for her. If it were anyone else ( save for Orihime because no one can refuse her ) he wouldn't bother. He has a reputation to uphold.

Renji agrees. There is a reason that Ichigo is a moody bastard some mornings, and it certainly isn't because the carrot-top refused to have sex.

Orihime believes it is Ichigo. He's the hero of the group - and she doesn't think that Rukia would be able to sweep him off his feet. He'd be too heavy.

Ishida however, agrees with Renji and Tatsuki (which he never thought could be possible). No one else can make Kurosaki squeak like a little girl.

Chad just shrugs.

Hanatarou wonders why they say that Rukia is wearing the pants. Last time he saw her in the real world, she was definitely in a dress. And Ichigo has to wear pants, he's the male isn't he?

Ukitake (although he wants it made clear that he feels very guilty for betraying his vice-captain and he feels very awkward about this subject) knows that it's Ichigo. No one has ever been able to distract Rukia when she's on a mission, although he could probably do with seeing less tongue.

Byakuya won't comment. "Isn't it enough that I gave my blessing without trying to figure out who will be on who?"

So long as Rukia lets Ichigo off the leash every once in a while to play, Kenpachi doesn't give a damn.

Yumichika believes that they share the pants. Every beautiful relationship needs the man and woman to be equal, doesn't it?

Shunsui wonders if Rukia has a fan. If so, then she definitely wears the pants.

Ikkaku wants to find somewhere to throw up. "Did you see what they were doing in the middle of Fifth?"

Yamamoto is starting to get annoyed with the whole affair. It's distracting two of his higher ranked officers from completing their work on time, (though he has to admit, he still has a few piles of paperwork sitting on his own desk) and Kurosaki-taichou's is terrible already. At least Kuchiki-fukutaichou finishes hers.

Isshin is glad that his son has finally got a girlfriend. Although…."Some man! She walks all over you!"

Yuzu and Karin don't want to know. Karin thinks it's gross, and that Yuzu shouldn't be subjected to it just yet. Though she may need to hit Ichigo a few times to remind him that she can still see them even when they are in shinigami form.

Ichigo could care less what others think about him and Rukia. So long as he gets some, he's not particularly worried. Though pants are considerably more difficult to remove than a skirt.

Rukia also doesn't care. But she won't bother trying to hide the fact that she's rather happy that she's won.

There you have it. I think this is my first fic without real smex in it. I'm creeping myself out here. Hope you enjoyed and have the time to leave a comment!