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Chapter 1

"You worthless no good for anything harlot!" Renee's voice cut through me.

It caused more pain that any razor could. I slammed my door shut and collapsed on my bed in tears. She was right. I wasn't good for anything. My cheek burned from the nail marks now embedded under the dripping blood.

What had I done to deserve this hatred? I remembered my mother's answer to the question. "You were born." The salty tears made my cheek throb with pain. I walked to my bathroom and grabbed the razor out of my shower. It was already caked with blood.

"I hate my life. I hate myself. I just wish I would die." Tears blurred my vision. I didn't need to see in order to see the old scares that were there. They had always been there. I pressed the razor to my wrist and slid it across fresh skin. I screamed in pain knowing that no one would care.

You see when your mom is a druggie and your dad is hopelessly oblivious you are the farthest thing from their minds. My dad was a retired police chief. He had retired the day after my 14th birthday. That's the year my mom got hooked. He is hopelessly in love with her so he just looked the other way. They started fighting and when my mom was high she would beat me. Charlie did nothing to stop her. I don't blame him; I'm not worth it.

A couple of months of beatings had gone by. I couldn't take it. I wanted to be in control of my own pain. I started cutting myself. I was only in eight grade yet I already wanted my life to end. We use to be a happy family. I no longer had a good life. I had learned to admit that. I wore hoodies to school to hide the swelling and the cuts on my arms.

You may ask the question, have you told anyone? It's a funny thing. When your dad is a highly respected man in the town, not many people seem to care what you think. I have learned that unless you are at least the age 25 and have a job, no one will take you seriously.

I didn't have many friends around that time. I had two best friends that I told everything. The first one, Sasha was her name. She lived in the house right next to mine. She moved when I was 15. She heard the screaming and she saw the bruises. Our houses were so close to each others that I could climb out my window and jump from my roof to hers. There were many nights that I took refuge in her room. She would dress my wounds while I got away from the constant bickering. She begged me several times to let her tell her parents. I couldn't let her. Part of her understood why. If she told that meant I would be taken away, put in foster care. It would ruin my parent's lives not to mention give them another reason to hate me. Her dad got a big promotion and she moved away to California. She begged them not to leave, but he would get a big raise and it wasn't something they could afford to turn down. I loved Sasha with all my heart. She had endured so much with me. She was an angel in hiding.

My second friend was Jacob. He was always there for me. He grew up with Sasha and me. We were childhood friends. His dad use to go fishing all the time with Charlie. Jacob was always protective over me, like a bigger brother. We were the same age but sometimes it seemed that he was older. The first time Renee beat me she had broken skin on my face. It was bruised. I had crawled over to Sasha's house and she had comforted me. Jacob had come over and flipped. I remembered the night oh so well.

"What the hell Bella, who did this to you." His eyes were full of hatred.

Sasha answered for me. "It was her mother."

He looked at me questioningly. "I'm going to kill her." He turned for the door and I stopped him by calling his name.

"Jake, you can't."

"Why the hell not? I can't let her do this to you." He held me in his arms and I winced at the pain in my ribs.

"Jake, you can't. It won't happen again."

That was something that I couldn't have promised him. I knew all too well. The beatings didn't stop. Jake said he couldn't handle it anymore. He asked me to leave with him. I knew I couldn't. Even if my parents didn't care about me, I knew they would always find me. I couldn't risk Jake getting in trouble. After telling him no he never spoke to me again. Sasha left and I was alone in the world. No one moved into that house. It had been empty for two years.

I replayed my sad story as I pressed a damp towel to my wrist to hinder the blood. Other than Charlie and Renee I didn't have any other family. No one at school bothered to ask about my issues. Some people said I went crazy but I didn't care. No one ever cared about me. I didn't blame them. I had started realizing that I was worthless. No one could ever care about me and I didn't expect them to.

I took a shower and massaged the strawberry shampoo into my scalp. The warm water helped with the tension in my neck. The dried blood turned the water red as I watched it slide down the silver drain. I cleaned my face with the dove soap and prayed silently. The sound of the water drowned out the constant screaming. I turned the water off and stepped back into reality. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and put on my Areopostal hoodie. The warmth engulfed me.

I decided to do the little bit of homework I had. I didn't consider this particular assignment as homework because I enjoyed it. I didn't feel like hearing the fighting so I stepped out my window and sat on my roof. We had a creative writing assigned and due tomorrow. I loved writing. It felt good to get things out on paper sometimes. I decided to write a modern day fairy tale. A girl who comes from a torn home one day meets a boy. He whisks her away to a far away place. She no longer had to worry about reality. Oh how I wished that girl was me.

And they lived happily ever after; my story quoted the famous ending. "How cliché." I spoke to myself. I shuddered from the chill of the cold. If Sasha were here I would have climbed through her window and slept on her pull out couch tonight. Oh how I wished so much that I could just run away.

I had dreams of becoming a famous author. I knew my attempts were worthless though. If I made it out of high school alive it didn't matter. I didn't have enough money saved up for college. My mother was sure not going to give up the money. I worked Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I worked whenever I could on weekends.

I was interrupted from my thoughts by Sasha's old window sliding open. I looked up and was startled when I met a pair of stunning green eyes. He gasped as his eyes traveled up and down my body. His eyes didn't rest on my reddened cheek as I thought they would. His eyes locked with mine in a fierce battle. He blinked and then smiled at me. I smiled at him and winced as the scab on my face pulled. I reached suddenly to cover it with my hand.

"Hey! We just moved in. I'm Edward." His voice was like honey. I took him in through my eyes.

"I'm, um Bella." He smiled warmly. He had a crooked grin on his face that made me want to laugh. I examined him with my eyes. His face was flawless. His teeth were white. His hair was adorable it was a golden amber haystack.

"Well hello Bella. Pleased to make your acquaintance." I smiled as he leaned out the window to extend his hand.

I reached a little farther and grabbed his hand. I felt a sudden burst of electricity. I pulled my hand away a little shaken from what I felt.

"Are you okay?" I nodded my head not talking. "Do you mind if I join you?"

"Um, no I guess not. Just let me put my homework away." He nodded and I carefully got up to jump through my window.

They were still fighting. There was a loud crash of glass and I was sure Edward could hear the fighting from my open window. He didn't say anything though. I placed my homework in my binder and crawled back through my open window.

I my foot caught on the windowsill and I tripped heading for my fate. I saw my life flash before my eyes. What a sad pathetic life I had. The impact never came. Warm strong arms wrapped around my waist and I was steadied. I winced at the pain from my back. It was still bruised from last week.

"Oh sorry, did I hurt you?" Edward's voice was a little concerned.

"No, I'm sorry. Thanks." The screaming got louder.

I sat next to him on my roof and he pulled his arms away from my waist. This saddened me but I understood. Edward looked me in the face and I blushed.

"So, do you do that often?" He giggled.

"Would you believe me if I said yes?" He laughed.

"Yes, I actually would. I guess I'll just have to be there to catch you." He smiled warmly at me.

A giant head emerged through his window. "Edward? Why are you on the roof?" He stopped and then took a look at me.

"Hey, no fair! I already called this room!" The man's voice turned into a sort of whine.

Edward laughed. "No way Emmett! I got here first."

He looked at me again. "I want the window next to the pretty girl!" I blushed.

"Whom are you talking about?" I figured they were talking about the house on the opposite side of their house.

Emmett looked at me and his jaw dropped. "Why you of course!" I laughed. I wasn't pretty. He must be kidding.

"Huh? I'm not pretty. I'm the exact opposite." Edward tilted his head.

"Bella, you have got to be kidding me. You're beautiful. How could you not think that?" I blushed again. No one ever told me I was pretty. Never.

They thankfully dropped the subject. "Ed, I want this room!" Emmett smiled at me again.

"Sorry Em, it's mine." Emmett glared at Edward and then disappeared through the window.

Edward turned to face me. "Sorry about that. That's my brother Emmett."

"It's okay. You're lucky to have a brother. I don't have any siblings." I paused. "Is he your only one?"

Edward shook his head. "Nope. I have one more. Her name is Alice. She's my age too. Emmett is a year older than me."

"How old are you?" He laughed.

"Seventeen, you?"


The screaming got louder as I heard loud footsteps on the stairs. "You need to leave Edward. Now!" He looked as if her were going to protest. That's when he saw the fear in me eyes. "Leave now, don't pay attention to what you see or hear. Please."

He didn't object to what I told him. He jumped to his roof as I slid through the window. I pulled the shade down and waited for the pain that was sure to would come through my bedroom door.

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